The miracle of birth in the time of COVID-19 You offered lifesaving care, comfort and hope for Audrey Nicodemus during her high-risk pregnancy A high-risk pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic could feel overwhelming. But Audrey and Taylor Nicodemus say you gave them new hope, new friends, and, best of all, a sweet new baby boy named Lawson. “At first, my pregnancy felt very nerve-wracking. I think I cried every other day!” Audrey said. “But Regional One Health made it as easy and stress-free as possible. After my first visit, I was able to start feeling excited.” Audrey had a condition called Rh sensitization, where a mother with Rh-negative blood is carrying a baby with Rh-positive blood. Antibodies in the mother’s blood attack the baby’s red blood cells, causing anemia, jaundice, and other complications. Audrey wanted to give Lawson his best chance at a healthy start, so she asked her obstetrician in Union City for a referral to Regional One Health’s MaternalFetal Medicine practice. Donors like you have built a service at Regional One Health that stands alone in the Mid-South in terms of technology and expertise. “I researched online, and I could see they had a lot of knowledge and experience. At 12 weeks, I went for the first time, and I immediately felt comfortable,” she said. Dr. Molly Houser walked Audrey through the steps they’d take to help Lawson thrive. “She had a plan, she was very positive, and she was very proactive. I automatically relaxed and felt more confidence,” Audrey said. Dr. Molly Houser regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 11

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