r i ' ' it ' « M' •¥* mi ' - V$f‘ ?r +,;jr .hS.

The school and community was deeply saddened at the untimely passing of one of our outstanding teachers, coaches, and friends this fall. Roger Freeman grew up in the Mount Vernon area, attended Mount Vernon high school and got his degree from the University of Northern Iowa. He started teaching in Flint, Michigan and came to Prairie in 1962 as head track coach, assistant football coach, and PJE. instructor. Since then, as Prairie’s drivers training instructor, he has also taught many of the students in the community how to drive. Roger died after an injury sustained in a horse - back riding accident following the Homecoming Parade on the 19th of September. After a too short life, which also included a standout record high school and college athlete, he died as he lived a participant and a doer. He will be long remembered and deeply missed by all of us. THE 1976HAWK ISRESPECTFULLY DEDICATED TOTHE MEMORY OF ROGER FREEMAN. as a Betwixt the people you walked A wry smile worn on an upright posture. Strong with your thickset hands and arms You were Betwixt the people you walked A frequent guffaw let us know you as gentle Betwixt the people you walked A teacher and a farmer You were A worker A man of no complaints Your smile influenced the day Betwixt the people you walked Your steady gait I still see You will live on sparking memories of love And betwixt the people you will walk Always ... by Mark Towers l **

nuunnran i STAFF SOPHOMORE PICTURES FALL SPORTS HOMECOMING ORGANIZATIONS AND PLAYS finsmctnrnn -tt 6 -13 14 -19 20 -25 26 -31 32 -40 WHIll MflflfBI «-§§ JUNIOR PICTURES WINTER SPORTS MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS 42 -47 50 -64 68 -76 77 -80 mmm Mtifirii si SENIOR PICTURES SPRING SPORTS AUTOGRAPH PAGE PLAYS MINI COURSES BAND CONTESTS PROM COMMENCEMENT 2 -u« 82 -93 95-111 104-105 112-117 121-123 124-128 131-132 133-135


: Millmmi President Mr. John Anderson Jr . Mr. Milton Chadima — i m % — Mr .Robert Krob Mr. William Boland Jr. Mr. Daryl Hynek Mr. Richard Harger Mar. Arnold Yanacek 4

omnsniTiMr SuperintendentMr. James Bayne Assistant Superintendent-Mr. Robert Bostwick Business Manager - Mr. Glen Selzer Transportation Director-Mr. Cliff Leonard Principal-Mr.Ken Steine Assistant Principal - Mr. Robert Jennings 5

fKSKf Mr. Frank Young Ind. Social Studies Mr. Charles Worsfold Shop Mr. John Williams Ind. Science Mr. Russell Werning Business Education Mr. Mark Towers Social Studies Mrs. Roxanne Schreiber Spanish Mrs. Susan Saucer English 6

Mr. Ronald Rohlena Business Education Mr. William Rieniets Science, Geometry Diane Reed Library Mr. Russel Price Music Mrs. Dot Pospischil Social Studies Mr. John Osland Biology Mr. John Oertel Social Studies 7

Miss Elaine Mulherin English Mr. Michael Mattice P.E . Mr. Alan Maas H.S. Counselor Mr. Gary Leeper P .E. Mrs. Catherine Jones English Mr. Ron James Student Personnel Dir. Miss Linda Hixenbaugh P.E. 8

Mr. Charles Hining Auto Mechanics Mr. William Hierstein Social Studies Mr. Robert Hawkins Art Mr. Robert Gause Ind. English Mr. Ken Fearing Math Mrs. Marlys Everett Home Economics Fran Chihak Drivers Education 9

Mrs. Gloria Canney German Mr. LaVerne Bruns Ind. Math Mr. William Broz English Mr .Darrel Bogner Shop Bonnie Benish English 10

IVPH1T«1» School Nurse-Mrs. Therese Johnson Library- Mis. Marie Hurlbert Library-Mrs. JoCeil Southward Enghsh-Mrs. Donna Foley Home Ec. — Miss Gloria Barta Home Ec.-Mrs. Doris Ruth — Science Mr. Mark Fiala Social Studies-Mrs. Cindy McDade Mathematics-Miss Elise Rose 11

?E Mrs. Holeton. High School Office Secretary-Mrs. Ruth Ann Abdouch High School Attendance SecretaryOffice Workers L-R: Ruth Zach, Patti Nemec, Pat Milke Guidance Office Secretary-Mrs. Mary Ann Serbousek 12

Left-High School Cooks L-R: Mrs. Virgie Wehr, Mrs. Rita Taylor, Mrs. Helen McConaughay, Mrs. Mildred Chopik. Above — Hot Lunch Program Director— Mrs. Lenora Koutny Day Custodians L-R: Mr. Harold Pegump & Mr. Milo Andrle Night Custodians L-R: Eddie Cassina, Janet Berry, Mrs. Pauline Lamphier, Mr. Vern Lamphier Left-Laundresses L-R: Mrs. Margaret Hartin & — School Store— Mrs. Darlene Gibbs Mrs. Dorothy Petrick. Above 13

h i s \ * A 0 ypfcL •> e Bret Zvacek Norman Ziskovsky Janice Ziskovsky Tom Yarbrough Michelle Young Judy Wyman Cindy Wood Joanne Wolf Vicky Wims Tim Wilson Cathy Wilson Tara Willson Judy Wilcox Debbie Wieser Theresa Wiederhole Carel White Kim Whalen Debby Welty David Weber Brenda Walters Bret Walters Julie Wall John Walker Karen Waldrop Chris Voelker Bruce Vanourney Jim Vincent Kevin Villers Sheila Travis LaDonna Townsend Deanne Tomash Chris Thrap Tom Thompson Linda Thiesen Veotis Tate r. L h HE ... r r 4. - I x*» . A v i is ± I a 81 "•' rf U - i 14 L. / / 1 1 \® 3 ]i V* TlTiTI rL I T L Cr - w* c - 5« tV - u<. - c. - 4 ; . JL cv" u. - ’ r fc J ? fc r ' ? ilfllSISIS v t * ^ , * V m[. ... •W 1 ^K V* sv >M :ft • ’ r* - J' 1m?! V*, » .

Arleatha Tate Toni Swarts Wendy Swalley Terry Strain Pat Stevens Randy Sterner Jeff Steichen Linda Steggall Debbie Stearns Lisa Stark Deena Stacy Marilyn Smith Patrice Shramek Tony Shira John Shimek David Sherard Jamie Shelton Dawn Sheely Don Share Steve Serbousek Sandy Schwertfeger Steve Schutte Kurt Schulte Julie Schrader Donna Sheetz Pam Sabin LuAnn Ross JoAnn Ross Gerald Rogen Jodee Rodee David Ritchison Pam Riggs Brian Revers Diane Reid Patty Ratcliff

Amy Pyle Jeff Prunty Jeff Post Audrey Pospisil Jill Porter Mark Pond Brett Pollet Loren Plotz Cathy Peters John Pavlicek Tim Patterson Rusty Patterson Mike Parsons Les Paris Barbara Ogden Debbie Ockenfels Linda Novak Mark Northup Andrea Noeller Jim Neuhaus Una Netolicky Chuck Nejdl Vicky Murphey Pat Morrissey Julie Moore Peg Mitchell Laure Mitchell Mike Minor Charlie Miller Jack Millard Lori Meskimen Kenny Merta Diane McQueen Diane McGurk Teresa McArtor Gayla Martin 16

II \ an — i •V . I / t 4« T K? - •* - I P * » « er* P r * , • - " l' * « T# - . V - w i - 4 4 - • l A 17 Patty Herman Jan Hensley Barb Heller Cathy Hanes f 'L - ' V «U4 * M j i ISK - 4 * v / tt I m T l" Kim Hofmaster Randy Hill Terry Hildenbrand Lance Higby Denell Hyke Randy Hurlbert John Hunter Craig Hahensee r 4 - - 4. / Jerry Kleinmeyer Rick Klein Kelly Klein Jo-Ellen Klein * - - 4 L V & k ^ -. M 1 Nancy Kuda Theresa Krahmer Vicki Konicek Rory Knapp , 4 Lyle Ludvicek Richard Lorimer Lisa Lins Steve Kurth i ~c- f -4 < xL Linda Malik Tony Madden Laurie Machacek Shelia Lynch 4 Tom Kemmerer Tim Kemmerer Pam Jones Julie Johnson Jane Johnson Susan Jilek Marcia Jensen Debbie Jansa

David Hartman Scott Hamilton Jeff Hacker David Gromman Kevin Grinder Wendy Gorkow Annette Goetsch t - Jeff Gibney Brad Gallagher Kathy Franks Kelly Flood Susan Floyd Eric Fisher Tammy Fenton Kevin Furler Anthony Fairlie Becky Exline Pam Escher Steve Erenberger Donna Erenberger Teresa Elsbury Dianna Edmunds Roger Dupler Vickie Dudley Rich Dudley Theresa Dubishar Colleen Doughterty Mark Dohnalek Ray Deskin Julie Dean Brian Davis Nancy Croy Gene Croy Rita Cross Don Cleaves - Jk, 4L. / h : z 9 f a / SET i \ * «• & % X V - 4 \ r - 9 i . * - c L ' — 4 - Got a nickel for a bag of grass? How would you like to find THIS under your bed ! Talk about a jock full! 18 — - -

n r ; L— > r - * < A Vicki Baumgartner Paul Baker Laura Lee Banes Dennis Anderson Sandra Addison Deanna Bogner David Blake Tyrone Bennett Denise Benish Jim Bell Allan Broussard Brad Britcher Kathy Bowler Cathy Bottoms Tim Boots c fA US VD Mark Calkins Sherrie Burt Thomas Bunnell Ron Borwn Calvin Brown - Cindy Clark Bill Christensen Craig Christensen Mike Chalder Jane Castek Sophomores Not Pictured Joe Baker Morris Bryant Scott Clark Brian Fruendt Sally Hepker Marcia Hicks Scott Higgins Garry Huffer Steve Klein Julie Lathrup Jeanette Merta Jim Paris Michelle Parks Lori Potter Iris Riley Kevin VanHouten Becky Whitters Carla Williams This picture has a lot ot SOUL! ~\> wr - I spell relief, R-O-L-A-I-D-S!! I 19

The second Prairie High School Hawkette softball season proved to be 5-record. The 4 in 10 innings .Post season honors - highly successful. The young varsity team with only one senior compiled a fine 17-7 summer record. The first fall season ended with a 6 highlight of both seasons waswinning the Central City Softball Tournament by defeating an excellent Norway team 5 went to four girls. Chosen to first team all-metro were, Julie Jansa, Cathy Zalesky, Shiela Lynch, and Teresa McArtor. The 1976 season looks promising with the return of14 letter winners and a fine group of junior varsity players. Varsity, Row 1 from left Karen Waldrep, Julie John - son , Kelli McArtor, Patty Herman, Teresa McArtor, Kelly Flood. Row 2 from left - lena, Deanna Bogner , Brenda McGurk, Pat Zalesky , Becky Whitters, Jill Brase, Cathy Zalesky, Tina Pulver , Donna Teeters, Sheila Lynch, Fall Assist - ant Coach Jerry Hightshoe. Head Coach Ron RohCoach Rohlena and wife Rob. Junior Varsity, Row 1 from left-Sherrie Burt, Kathy Juhl , Renae Lee, Grace Ludvicek, Dawn Becicka , Kathleen Nutt , Laurie Merta , Sheryl Pitts. Row 2 from left-Kim Long, Beth Fisher, Sherrie McGurk, Tina Pulver , Debbie Kuhn, Denell Hyke , Jodee Rodee, Diane Mc Gurk, Diane Reid. - 1st all Metro Team-Julie Jansa-infield ; Cathy Zalesky-outfield; Theresa McArtor-outfield; Sheila Lynch , -pitcher. 20

The fall of 1975 was the first year Prairie has had a girls cross-country team. The team consisted of six girls with at least one person representing each of the four grades. At times they were found running in the rain, around cars, through parks and even down the interstate. The competition was tough because the city teams had more experience but they finished the season with 2-10 record. left to right . mu mm — Andi Noeller, LeeAnne Calkins, Deanna Scheetz, Anna Cisar, Denese Buresh, Peggy Mitchell, Mrs. Sharon ColeCoach As LeeAnne strolls in . hast finish Coach Bob Hawkins. The Hawks ended up with a final win/loss record of 2-9. Even though the record doesn’t sound too impressive. Brian Fruendt, Steve Shebetka, Lyle Ziskovsky, Tim Carson, Dave Gromman, and Lenny Zalesky all qualified to run in the state meet which was held on October 18th. This year’s cross-country team didn’t do as well as expected by Junior Varsity, left to right-Tim Carson, Tom Schwab, Dick Lorimer, Tom Bunnell. Varsity, left to right-Lennie Zalesky, Steve Shebetka, Ken Elias, Brian Bruendt, Tim Carson, Lyle Ziskovsky, Dave Gromman, Coach Bob Hawkins. and they’re off! Tim !!!

fKISH fill!! P jLin ATW Jl ' t - ^ / D iLR , kfO >7 Above: left to right -Row 1: Tim Moore, Jeff Westrom, Larry Holland, Ralph Becicka, Mark Redman, Bruce Slycord , Pat Milke, Jeff Wilson, Doug Olson, Mark Fetter , Rick Hurlbert , Pat Malatek , Jim Janaszak. Row 2: Mr. Tursi, Bob Hinton , Bryon Stolba, Dan Whitters, Dale Richmond , Steve Martin, Jim Terpkosh , Randy Wall, Jim Prince, Scott Daly, Gene Matthess, Don Hartman, Jim Johnson. Row 3: Mr. Ocrtel, A 1Soukup, Steve Wilson , Larry White, Kevin Buol, Terry Knight, Jim Velky, Mr. Leeper. Not Pictured: Duane Lowe, Roger Becker. Coach -from left to right are John Oertel, backfield At right Coach. The 1975 Prairie football team ended their season with eight losses and one win. The Hawks experienced a difficult season with in - juries and inexperience taking it’s toll but the team was a dedicated group that never gave up. The captains Don Hartman, Rick Hurlbert and Bruce Slycord led the Hawks into play with some of the leading teams in the state. Two opponents ended in the state-play-offs; Cedar Rapids Regis and Linn-Mar. Seven juniors often started on offense and defense and provided depth for the seniors. Post season honors were high-lighted by the all -metro selection of linebacker Rick Hurlbert and center Dale Richmond. ; Garl Leeper, Head Coach ; and Jim Tursi, Line 22

Hawks Hustling Against Beckman Tri CaptainsHurlbert Bruce Slycord, Don Hartman, Rick “ I Don’t Think It Will Work” “ OOPPSS” All Metro Team -Left Rick Hurlbert, Linebacker, and Dale Richmond, Center. “ Break It Mark” 23

Above left to right row —1: Tim Kcmmerer, Veotis Tate, Steve Scrbousek, Randy Hurlbert , Mike Parsons, Charlie Miller, Scott Griffith , Jack Millard , Mark Calkins, Bill Christensen , Jeff Prunty, Randy Hill. Row 2: Mr. Mohs, Tim Boots, Gene Croy , Chuck Nejdl, Jerry Rogen, Norman Ziskousky, Scott Hamilton, Mark Pond, Brad Britcher, Kevin Villers, Mark Dohnalek. Roger Dupler, Lyle Ludvicek, Jamie Shelton, Mr. Fearing. On the right from the left are Head Coach Milt Mohs and Assistant Coach Ken Fearing. 24

“ Let The Clock Run!” “ Let’s Go!!!” “ All Right!” 25


SPIRITWE Homecoming this year was a lot of fun. Along with the traditional queen candidates and their escorts we had a week of activities. The week previous to Homecoming we had a Farmer’s Day, Spirit Day , Dress-up Day and a 50’s Day which ended with a sock-hop. The Homecoming Queen candidates and escorts were: Roni Ross — Roger Fruendt, Debbie Burt-Rick DeCoster, Julie Holets-Dave Neuhaus, Brenda Walters— Tom Kemmerer and Sandy Brecht— Kevin Pitama. Diane Waid, excorted by Bill Schrader was elected Queen. The candidates rode around the field in antique cars this year instead of the traditional Corvettes. Time to go home and milk the cows!!!! “ Wanna Wrestle Up A Hamburger? “ What Do You Mean Keep On Smiling? YOUR BREAKING MY BACK!!!!!!”

50 s DAY

Above Left-“ Think So, Huh!” Sandy Brecht and Escort Kevin Pidima. Above Right-“ Look At The Chick In That Car!” Roni Ross and Escort Roger Fruendt ' . Above Left-“ Hows About One More Ride Around The Track Sweetie?” Brenda Walters and Escort Tom Kemmerer. Above Right-“ Oh You Say The Funniest Things!” Julie Holets and Escort Dave Neuhaus. Below Left-“ But I Gotta Go!” Diane Waid and Escort Bill Schrader Below Right-“ Look Over There, How Disgusting!” Debbie Burt and Escort Rick DeCoster.


filfllY emnmiM Above - Rom Ross Below Robin Porazil Left To Right Top Row Robin— Porazil, Julie Holets, Ann Zenisek, Sandy Brecht. Bottom Row - Julie Elliff, Pam Sirowy, Debbie Burt, Diane Lorimer, Roni Ross. Coach Phyllis Britcher 32

I?giggiming Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Front L- R, Lori Meskimen, Wendy Gorkow, Laura Lee Banes. 2ND ROW Carla Williams, Julie Wall. BACK Becky Exline, Julie Lathrop Hope I get a suntan!! Lori’s just camera shy . Never ending energy and enthusiasm seemed to be a characteristic of this year’s JV cheerleaders. Whether on a cold, wet football field or track or in a hot gymnasium, their spirits remained high.Captain this year for football and basketball was Lori Meskimen and wrestling captain was Laura Lee Banes. You guys are always clowning around!! 33

19TIf1USN1TSIWilll Mr. Jennings introducing Varsity football. Coach Oertel and Leeper still proud of their men. Coach Tursi is proud too. Thank you sir!! Smile men football is great!! To a great group of coaches . Sophomore football with two more great coaches, Mohs & Fearing . 35 Here’s to your first year. Varsity cheerleaders get recognized too .

Girls Letter Club FRONT L R-Julie Johnson, Patti Herman, Wendy Gorkow, Debbie Burt ,Cathy Zalesky, Pat Zalesky, Diane Waid, Peggy Mitchell. 2 ND L -RJill Brase , Donna Teeters, Julie Holets, Sherri Burt , GailChaney ,Delores Haman, Caprice Holthaus ,Renee Price, RSponsor Marlys Everett, Ann Zenisek ,Amanda Robinson, KarenWaldrep, Teresa McArtor, - Janice Ziskovsky. 3RD L-R Brenda McGurk ,Cathy Osborne , Deanna Bogner, Lauralee Banes, Kelly Flood ,Shelia Travis, Diane McGurk, Shelia Lynch, Tina Pulver. 4TH L- RLori Hofmaster, Sandi Brecht, Lisa Sirowy, Connie Vondracek, Gayla Martin , Andi Noeller , Kathy Buol , Kim Whalen, Cathy Wilson. 5TH L Leann Calkins, Dee Dee Scheetz. i I * I S Boys Letter Club FRONT L-R Jeff Schulte, Lennie Zalesky, Bart Gibney , Dick Jansa , Steve Shebetka, Steve Juhl Dale Richmond. 2ND Larry Holland, Ralph Becicka, Pat Malatek , Scott Daly, Jim Janazak, Randy Hurlbert, Duane Lowe, Brad Britcher. 3RD ROW L R L R. Scott Ballantyne, Pat Kelsey, A1 Soukup, Roger Fruendt, Doug Olson, Bruce Hruby, Brian Davis, Mark Fetter, John Blaha.STANDING Coach Ron James, Gene Matthes, Lyle Ziskovsky, Randy Metz, Jim Miller, Phil Davis, Jeff Westrom, Bill Randles - 36

m 1 Front L-R Larry Holland, Mark Calkins, Scott Daly, Bill Christensen, Back L-T Diane Buresh, Donna Scheetz, Julie Schrader, Carl Mann, Debbie Burt, Julie Holets, Sponsor Ron James, Ann Zenisek Pam Monroe, Julie Elliff, Sue Wodstrchill . . Not Shown John Blaha, 5 5 O £ Mr. James Trying His Best Pres. Carl Always Gets His Man? Looks Like The Pres. Got The Best of V.P. Zenisek 37

$ > iiitxnun

This year Coffee House ‘75’ went in a different direction. “ West to Prairie Gulch” portrayed life in the old West. Not just in general but regarding the personal lives of some of the towns citizens. Like Wild Cat Kelly’s (Bruce Hruby) escapades with too many girls, or the problem of being swindled by the traveling elixer man (Bill Christenson). Songs and humor of the old West were all mixed in together. Coffee House ‘75’ was a success!

The Prairie Drama Depart- ment presented the ghoulish play, Dracula, shortly before Halloween. The actors and actresses were: Mark Calkins as Count Dracula; Kelly Nel son as Lucy Seward; Mark Fiagle as Dr. Seward; Joyce Faltis as Professor Van Helsing; Matt Gillette as Renfield; Bill Christensen as John Harker; Donna Sheetz as the maid; and Kevin Villers as the attendant. Everyone who attended this production considered it a success. I want to drink your blood! I love you Lucy! What do you think Mr. Price? Please!!! Count Dracula Returns! She is a victim of Dracula!!! 40

JiSftlS Lyle Ziskovsky Ann Zenisek Ruth Zach Dianne Wolfe Steve Wilson Jeff Wilson Tracy Willson Laura Wilford Cindy Whalen Jeff Westrom Arlene Watier Randy Wall Todd VoTroubek Connie Vondracek V « - hr ' V* ' t? - i 4 - r T/ : r Jim Velky Danny Tyler Mark Thompson Tim Terrall Jim Terpkosh Donna Teeters Mark Stratten d.. jw Bryon Stolba Sam Steichen Janine Stallmen Dave Snyder Lisa Sirowy Jeff Simon Sue Sheely K Kris Sheely Sue Shebetka Don Shannon Patti Scott Rick Schwertfeger Debbie Schropp Cathy Schmidt T/ V n L - 42 V< s L ^ - » t ^ — ' fvi * - / B, 5” fc - r= V - n

v I L. W )T ^ * k — v' ao' •• \ m tmm 7» N / A J A • » \ I 4% I r Class C Daly, shown. t m L - n V L 4 - V tj 4-«1 5HT isL- > 1 >t \ c - Bill Randals Vern Prunty Rennee Price Marty Prachar Lisa Potter Robin Porazil Susan Plotz Renee Pityer Amy Pipkin Kevin Pidima Sandy Phillips Morgan Phillipp Rick Petrik Doyle Patterson Bruce Pata Sherri Parson Theresa Olson Cindy Ogden Mary Beth Nutt Sandi Netolicky Dave Neuhaus 43 1 leers: Presidt :retary Julie arry iTc ts, Txea3Ter president Scott fortroe not •• c X Tom Schirm Debra Sheetz Kathy Saucer Connie Sadecky Chuck Sabin Amanda Robinson Dean Roberts Debbie Riggs Karen Rigel Dale Richmond Laura Richardson Delta Richardson Laurie Revers Jennifer Reusch

Kathy Nelson Kelly Nelson Debbie Murphey Frank Murphey Merlyn Morris Duane Moore Deanne Mitchell Jeff Mitchell Tom Misfeldt Vicki Minor Pat Milke Mark Meier Mary McCrea Kelli McArtor Denny Mauck Gene Matthess Steve Martin Diane Malik Pat Malatek Doug Mackey John Lynch Duane Lowe Jerry Loomis Leslie Lockhart Larry Lippmann Sheila Light Lisa Lewis Bob Lewig Mike Leonard Melinda Lauck Dave Lathrop Cheryl Lane Jim Kyle Pam Kuhn Don Kucera 44

' - . Jj Lynnae Kriz Lori Koutny Terry Knight Mary Knapp Mark Klein Paul Kirk Kelynn King Ki - J -y y Dave Kelsey Carol Kazebeer Deanne Kadlec Ron Juhll Terry Jones Jim Johnson Stan Johnston Dewayne Janey Sharon Jandik Garold Jandik Earl Hyke Jenny Hoyt Caprice Holthaus Larry Holland Julie Holets Lori Hofmaster Julie Himmel Dave Hernadez Lynn Hensley Sharon Hendrickson Fran Hauschild ^ 5 * tk *• E Diane Hartsock Cindy Hartman Barb Hartgrave Lori Hansen Dalores Haman Susan Hall Ellen Hall 45

Donna Haas Jennifer Grabe John Goodlove Kim Goetsch Matt Gillette Pam Gibbs Carole Gerard V k Mark George Steve Fults Kevin Freeman Bea Fite Mark Fiagle Lesley Feyerabend D.J. Fairley Patti Erenberger Dorothy Enyart John Elliff Dave Dvorak Pat Dubishar Kathy Dubishar Carol Dougherty Mike Dryden Mike Deskin Warren Davis Anna Cross Rich Coulbourn Anna Cisar Pam Christensen Gail Chaney Dave Chalupsky Tim Clark Duane Carver Scott Carlson Karleen Burr Kathy Buol c ; V « : r = & • - r f* ' > i - 1 1 m * r Y i \ l i A * * L< L - 4» nv• - — J / ti 1 - - 1 v 4 - t 4 / I «5’ - 7. 46

*% Sandi Brecht Jill Berstler Cathy Benn Not Shown Barb Benda Marvin Beltz Randy Benish Ralph Becicka Becky Beason Dan Beadle Debbie Batt Denise Barta Tom Banes Lennie Zalesky Robert Wyman Ben Wright Lael Vogel Tom Thomson Mark Thomson Tom Schwab Rick Ritchison Jim Prince Paula Phelps Martha Pfeifle Judy Novak Julie Nelson Randy Malloy Peggy Miller Terrie Lybarger Lynda Holvenstot Scott Henton Janice Heldt Todd Hansen Mike Grabe Bill Gardner Mike Drafahl Scott Daly David Curfman Kan Coulbourn Bob Camp Vonna Baker Bob Baker Kurt Allen 47

MINIMIS This years childrens theater here at Prairie took a little differ ent turn with the production of Dandelions. The cast not only looked colorful for their young audiences but did an excellent job of entertaining them as well. The cast traveled with their production to two different preschools plus three elementary grade schools. The children who viewed Dandelions seemed to enjoy themselves . CAST Pam Gibbs Kelynn King Jack Millard Tom Misfeldt Sandy Phillips Student Director Cross - Anna — Stage Manager -Joyce Faltis Director -Susan Saucer Dandelions! Dandelions! Mice!Mice! Mice! Mice? iliffifSili Phil-Terry Harnden This years contest play “ Adap - tation” wasa very successful pro - duction. At the district competition the cast earned three Ill’s and the privilege to continue on to the state competition . At the state con - test they also earned three Ill’s and came home joyous. Female Player-Pam Gibbs Male Player -Bob Camp Games Master Tom Misfeldt — The cast of Adaptations “ acting up”!!! 48


Front row; L-R: Cathy Zalesky, Andi Noeller, Pat Zalesky, Jill Brase, Sheila Lynch, Theresa McCarter. Back row; L-R: Cindy Cisar, Kathy McMurrin, Brenda McGurk, Caprice Holthaus, Debbie Scheetz, Bev Harrell, Debbie Schropp, Ann Zenisek. At the close of a season, one looks back on it with the question of whether or not it was a successful season. This squad can be justly proud of their accomplishments and progress. As viewed by many spectators and interested observers, they received many congratulations, none of which tops the feelings of this writer. I am very proud of every member of this squad, for the part they played in the success of this team. The Coach Coaches: Ron Rohlena, Asst. Coach, Marlys Everett, Chaparone, Milt Mohs, Head Coach. The team is in the huddle. 50

•iTISmm % I 7 *7 > » f iy i JI . « P * r . \ b < vWT* - Bren For 2 Pat Showing Her Move — - 1 Another Charity Shot For Johnson Good Defensive Stance 51

491191TiltITT Front Row L-R Anna Cisar, Carol Dougherty , Jane Johnson, Colleen Dougherty , Laurie Machacek, Julie Dean, Peggy Mitchell , Jodee Rodee, Julie Johnson, Patty Herman, Back Row L -R Gayla Martin, Kris Sheely, Joanne Wolf, Janice Ziskovsky , Theresa Kramer, Audrey Pospicil, Deanne Tomash, Theresa Olson, Marilyn Smith, Lisa Sirowy, Lori Hofmaster , Sherri Burt. The JV basketball team had their finest season ever with a 9-9 record. Highlight of the season was a 5149 victory over CR Washington. The girls improved throughout the season and gained valuable experience for future varsity basketball. En - thusiasm and the “ never give up” attitude made it a successful season. Gayla Martin, our faithful manager. Sherri’s famous hook 52 .

mfiimis Where’s the fire!! Good Form!! Moving right along . Two for Who?? i Where’s the ball?? 53

MTSlllllfllli Front row, L-R: Pat Milke, Bart Gibney, Rick Hurlbert, Bruce Hruby, Roger Fruendt , Ralph Becicka , Dick Jansa, Duane Moore, John Goodlove. Back row, L-R: Coach Young, Pat Malatek, Mark Stevens, Randy Wall, John Lynch , Alan Soukup, Dave Hernandez, Coach Bruns . 54

feated Beckman and LaSalle, lost an overtime game at Linn Mar, and after leading I After a slow start, the 1975-76 Varsity boys basketball team de.C. Regina, conference champs and class A state champs, for all but 15 seconds, dropped a thriller on their court. Then there was a 7 point loss to district champ Anamosa and a down to the wire loss to district champ Muscatine, 44-55, a team who a week earlier had defeated C.R. Washington, the Mississippi Valley champ and state contender. This years group was in close contention in every game but two. This was a group of close friends who were striving to help each other for the betterment of their team. They were a typical “ HAWK” squad in that they have hustled on and off the floor. Their hard work and dedication at practice showed their enthusiasm and desire throughout the season. 55

ItflMEMISMiWlltt Front L-R; Chris Voelker, Norman Ziskovsky , Brian Fruendt, Jeff Gibney, Randy Hurlbert , Mark Calkins, Mark Dohnalek, Brad Gallagher, and Steve Kurth. Back L -R; Asst. Coach Fran Chihak, Tom Bunnell, Craig Christensen, Rick Klein, Jack Millard, Pat Stevens, Kevin Furler, Tyrone Bennett, Head Coach Jerry Doyle. The record for the season was 7 -11.

nmuH Ii u m m ii .i Front Row-Left to Right: Anna Cross, Patrice Shramek, Annette Goetsch. . Becky Beason. Back Row; Diane Buresh, Jan Snyder, Mrs. Carol Goinssponsor Our captains hard at work?? Jan Snyder and Diane Buresh Constant supporters of the wrestling squad were the wrestlettes. Among their duties were keeping the official score boards, running time clocks and score boards, and putting up lineups. The girls raised money through taffy apple sales and selling bumper stickers to help pay for their uniforms and their trip to Des Moines for the State wrestling meet. All in all it was a very exciting season. m Coach Ron James Coach James Kimball Coach John Oertel 58

The 1975-76 wrestling season ended with a final tally of 9 wins, 3 losses and a conference championship. Graduation will take its toll of several fine wrestlers and they will surely be missed. Although the challenge of next year’s schedule proves to be one of the toughest ever, the younger “ Hawks” stand ready to meet that challenge HEAD ON! Five wrestlers qualified for district competition; they were: Steve Juhl, Steve Shebetka, Jeff Schulte, James and Lennie Zalesky. men. After the tough, two day affair had ended only two stood ready to make the trip to Des Moines, they were Lennie and James Zalesky, with Lennie garnering a 6th place finish in the state tournament. This WRESTLING TEAM overcame some pretty difficult times to post a fine season. We are very proud to say, “ These were our

TilSITT 19-Steve Juhl, Sr. 98 District-1, ECIC Champ -3 Qualifier 98-Mike Hofmaster, Soph. 1-1 105-Dale Crozier, Frosh 4-4 -1 105-Doug Penrod, Frosh. 2-3 . 112 Captain-Lennie Zalesky, Jr. District Champ 6th in State Tourney 119-Steve Shebetka, Sr. Captain-20 126-Jim Zalesky, Frosh. 21 Qualifier District Qualifier-5, ECIC Champ State-9, ECIC Champ 13 -Jeff Schulte, Sr. 132 District-1-9 60 Qualifier 24-3 ECIC Champ

StVii 138-Bill Qiristensen, Soph 3-11 . 145-Jim Miller , Sr. 2-6 145-Brian Stolba, Jr. 4-7 155-Scott Daly, Jr. 6-6 155-Marty Prachar, Jr. 0-3 167-Bill Randles, Jr. 6-14 185-Lyle Ludvicek, Soph 6-11 . HWT-Duane Lowe, Jr. 13 -7 61

JV WRESTLING Front L-R: Steve Erenberger, Tony Fairlie, Mike Hotmaster, Jett Prunty, Pat Kelsey, Gary Schwab Back L-R: Ron Juhl, Scott Carlson, Tim Kemmerer, John Pavlicek, Paul Baker, Harry St. John, Tom Kemmerer, Tom Schwab, Marty Prachar, Kevin Villers, Roger Dupler, Duane Carver Prairie’s Frosh-Soph team wrestled their way to a 4-3 dual meet record and a second place finish in the conference. Prairie also competed in the Washington and Jefferson soph invitational meets and Finished second in both. The team consisted mainly of freshman as most sophomores wrestled on either varsity or junior varsity teams. FROSH-SOPH L-R: Brad Luther, Jerry Bennett , Jim Bennett, Jim Zalesky, Dale Crozier, Tony Hartin, Paul Randles, Dennis Heintz, Bob Lockhart, Scott Hall, Rick Murphy, Doug Penrod, Mike Scott 62

cmiinnicnti She Fhes Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!! Up & Over!! The gymnastic season started with 21 girls reporting for practice. No trampoline scores could be counted but with 7 returning letter winners it had to be a winning season. The team dropped to 9 people due to injuries and other commitments. Needless to say the team was very discouraged. But then the captain said, “ We can do it!” Sue Wodstrchill, a 4 year letter winner inspired everyone. Without her there would have been no team. Her leadership encouraged the team to do their best. Girls who had never competed before came through for Prairie. We all learned that what your won and loss record shows is not important, but what these young ladies gained in becoming good citizens is far more important. Front L-R: Laura Lee Banes, Jill Roder, Carolyn Voss. Back L . -R: Terri Jilek, Jean Batt, Captain Sue Wodstrchill, Coach Phylis Britcher, Ellen Highley. Not shown, Becky Exline Don’t fall Sue!! Tumbling to a Victory . 63

xnvsmuiwin«jicn Joyce Chesley and her dream house. State Industrial Arts Contest First Place Winner Bill Schrader Outside Inside QyaljM SUSS

1 rammnc This is the dedicated group of weight lifters for the 1975 76- . Iowa contest and was voted the 1st place trophy for best arms. Front row: L-R, Scott Hamilton, Tim Moore. Middle row; L-R, Dale Richmond, Corky Croy, Steve Martin, Dirk Ammala, Mark Pond. Back row: L-R, Denny Mauck, Scott Daly, Jeff Westrom , Coach Hawkins, Chuck Nadel school year. Work outs started at 6:30 a.m., three days a week bottom right, front row, placed 5th place in the teenage Mr . . Tim Moore, I I I 1 Tim doing a Tri-cep. Scott doing the preacher curl 66 .

TtUlflftU Rohlena’s Rallies, the undefeated champs. Denny Mauck, Duane Lowe, Steve Martin, John Lynch, Pat Malatek, Ron Rohlena; homeroom teacher, Pat Milke, Randy Malloy. Not shown: Terry Lybarger and Kelli McArthor . Another point for the champs .

L-R; Captain Patrice Shramek, Linda Malik, Lisa Lins, Annette Goetsch, Pam Lscher, Denise Bemsh, and Peggy Mitchell. The first Flag Team was organized in the fall of 1974 . The girls marched in parades and halftime shows with the band. They also performed at a basketball game this year. When the band traveled to South Dakota, the flag girls went also. At the end of each year tryouts are held for the next year’s team. This year a former Prairie graduate Jenny Og den Rowry helped the girls create their routines. Caught you girls loafing!! The Baton Twirlers have always been a tradition at Prairie and this year it was carried on. Although there were only two girls, they still did a job worth watching. The twirlers made up their own routines and faithfully marched with the band at the school’s football games. And since both of them were also a part of the concert band they were kept quite busy all year long. L-R; Cindy Cisar & Jan Snyder - .

Front L-R; Vicki Murphy, Loretta Dennis, Joyce Faltis, Patti Scott, Arleatha Tate, Cathy Wilson. Back L-R; Beverly Dennis, Cathy Bottoms, JoEllen Klein, Pam Gibbs, Diane Malik, Captain Diane Buresh, Debbie Welty. rection of Mrs. Gary King. The girls made up their own routines for halftime shows at both football and basketball games, using a variety of things besides their pom poms, such as; hats and canes, and basketballs. Parades are also down their alley, as they add to the pazazz of the band. Diane, our hard working captain, loving every minute of practice! 69 Participants in 1976 East Iowa Band Festival-Winners of the “ Best Auxiliary Unit Trophy” . Front L -R; Joyce Faltis, Arleatha Tate, and Patti Scott. Back L-R; JoEllen Klein, Diane Malik, Loretta Dennis, and Diane Buresh. Not Shown Kim Hofmaster, Cathy Bottoms, Debbie Welty .

iratinmminnun Contest Sextet, L-R Laurie Machacek, Denise Deetz, Sandi Brecht, Ann Zenisek, Pam Riggs, Diane Waid. Somebody better tie my tie! Contest Solo Number One rating, Diane Waid. Piano Contest Number One rating, State — 70 Kellyn King Piano Contest Number One rating, Peg Miller

Louder girls, I can’t hear you. Do you think Mr. Price will like it? We could make beautiful music . .. No, no, Mr. Price don’t beat us!! 71

ROW 1 L-R: Kelly Nelson, Diane Waid, Diane Hartsock, Janet Snyder, Donna Erenberger, Julie Dean, Karen Rigel, Jill Brase. 2ND ROW L-R: Jennifer Brenda McGurk, Cindy Cisar. 3RD ROW L-R: Betsy Lehner, Mary McCrea, Lisa Sirowy, Laura Lee Banes, Craig Hohensee, Laurie Machacek, Bill RanColleen Dougherty, Lori Lynch. 4TH ROW L-R: Kelynn King, Donna Sheetz, Cathy Mathews, Mark Dohnalek, Sherri Burt, Dave Krivanek, Jerry Loom - dies, Dick Jansa, Kevin Meskemen, Randy Benish, Vern Prunty, Pat Stevens, Chris Voelker. BACK ROW L-R: Dave Ollinger, Mark Stevens, Dick Lori72

Grabe, Chris Thrap, Diane McGurk, Debbie Jansa, Denese Buresh, Julie Lathrop, Sandy Brecht, Mindy Lauck, Connie Vondracek, Deanne Tomash, dies, Joanne Wolf, Anna Cisar, Carl Mann, Pat Zalesky, Dennis Anderson, Ron Brown, Dean Roberts, Iris Riley , Pam Riggs, Brenda Walters, Julie Wall, is, Marty Prachar, Ken Elias, Mark Calkins, Mark Fiagle, LaDonna Townsend, Linda Thiesen, Audrey Pospisil, Jeff Westrom, Bret Zvacek, Pete Ranmer, Steve Serbousek, John Elliff, Tony Fairlie, Brian Revers, Matt Gillette, & Mr. King. 73

K8MHill m I A 11 m 1 i w Front row L Krammer, Debbie Stearns, Cindy Wood, Joanne Wolfe, Mindy Lauck, Cindy Ogden, Patti Scott. 2nd row: Denise Benish, Lisa Lins, Kelly Nelson, Dawn Scheely, Cathy Mathews, Cliff Voelker, Don Shannan, Jack Millard, Tom Misfeldt, Bob Camp, Deanne Tomash, Pam Riggs, Andrey Pospisil, Vonna Baker, Pam Esher. 3rd row: Marilyn Smith, Ann Zenisek, Amanda Robinsen, Diane McQueen, Chris Voelker, Dennis Anderson, Tom Yarbough, Bryon Stolba, Randy Hill, Mike Deskin, Terry Chalupsky, Kelynn King, Sandi Netolicky, Sandi Brecht, Laurie Machacek. Back row: Becky Beason, Anna Cisar, Sheila Travis, Peg Miller, Cindy Dohnalek, Jim Kyle, Carl Mann, Mark Calkins, Mark Fiagle, Kevin Villers, Bill Christinsen, Donna Teeters, Donna Scheetz, Colleen Dougherty, Pam Kuhn, & Brenda McClelland. -R: Sue Shebetka, Theresa Olson, Sandy Phillips, Iris Riley, Rita Cross, Lisa Lewis, Anna Cross, Linda Malik , Theresa The choir out on the trail . Vocal Ensemble Front row L-R: Cindy Ogden, Joanne Wolfe, Marcia Jensen, Theresa Krammer, Cindy Wood, Iris Riley, Kim Hofmaster. 2nd row: Anna Cross, Vonna Baker, Amanada Robinson, Terry Chalupsky, Dianne McQueen, Lisa Lins, Sue Jilek, LaDonna Townsend. Back row: Sheila Travis, Dennis Anderson, Don Shannon, Mark Fiagle, Mike Deskin, Chris Voelker, Becky Beason. 74

Choir Club FRONT L-R: Jack Millard, Sandi Netolicky, Sheila Travis, Carl Mann. 2ND ROW: Kelly Nelson, Ann Zenisek, Kelynn King, Donna Scheetz, Theresa Kramer. 3RD ROW: Amanda Robinson, Lisa Lewis, Anna Cisar, Iris Riley, Mindy Lauck, Bob Camp, Lisa Lins, Cliff Voelker Deskin, Audrey Pospisil, Dawn Sheely, Diane McQueen, Cindy Ogden, Linda Malik, Deanne Tomash, Laurie Machacek. BACK: Diane Waid , Jim Kyle, Bill Christensen, Kevin Villers, Mark Fiagle, Sandy Phillips, Tom Misfeldt, Donna Teeters, Pam Riggs, Peggy Mitchell . . 4TH ROW: Mike Don’t fall over you guys. % fcJ Practice makes perfect. Coalition Singers LEFT SIDE BACK-FRONT: Lisa Lins, Bill Christensen, Ann Zenisek, Carl Mann, Anna Cisar, Jack Millard, Diane Waid, Bob Camp. MIDDLE B Phillips, Tom Misfeldt, Mindy Lauck. RIGHT SIDE B-F: Mark Fiagle, Donna Sheetz, Kelly Nelson, Mark Stevens, Sandi Brecht, Kevin Meskimen, Pam Riggs, Cliff Voelker. Not shown: Mark Calkins, Denise Deetz, John Blaha, Pete Randles . -F: Kelynn King, Bruce Hruby, Sandy 75

Coalition Dancers L-R: Arleatha Tate, Brenda McClelland, Sandi Netolicky, Chris Thrapp. Coalition Lighter — Iris Riley . Coalition Band L-R: Lori Koutny, Peg Miller , Laurie Machacek, Mark Stevens. Absent: Dave Ollinger, Ken Elias. Traveling Sextet L-R: Diane Waid, Ann Zenisek, Laurie Machacek, Donna Sheetz, Sandi Brecht, Pam Riggs. Come on Laurie open wide . 76

§< > <D Fellowship of Christian Athletes members were Front L-R: Deanne Bogner, Andi Noller, Sheila Lynch, Mike Hoffmas - ter. Back row L-R: Mick Mattiace, Jeff Gibney, Jerry Rogen, Jeff Prunty , Bill Christensen, Kevin Villers, Tony Fairlie, Dave Hernandez. Not shown: John Lynch, Chris Trap, Laurie Machacek, Brian Fruendt, Julie Dean, and Jane Johnson. The members of the health club were front row L Linda Malik. 2nd row L - -R: Lisa Lewis, Cathy Nelson, -R: Gale Vin cent, Theresa Johnson-sponsor, Cathy Benn, Debbie Leonard . 3rd row L-R: Jodee Rodee, Terry Chalupsky. Back row L-R: Deanne Bogner, Deanne Tomash, Marcia Jensen, Sheila Travis. 77

mmtinSTIR First semester newspaper class, Seated L-R: Steve Uthoff, Terry Hamden, Shelly McNabb, Jim Velky. 2nd row L -R: Tom Bane, Renee Pityer, Deb Batt, Dave Neuhaus, Mark Redman, Delta Richardson. Back row L-R: Ralph Becicka , Dave Hernandez, Terry Knight, spon sor Bonnie Benesh, Doyle Patterson, Tim Moore, Todd Votroubek, Patti Dubishar. - A new format started the 1975-76 year for the Hawk Talk newspaper staff. The Hawk Talk staff and editors produce the newspaper about every three weeks for the student body. The advisor for the newspaper this year was Bonnie Benesh and Editor in Chief was Barb Vanourney. Last year the Hawk Talk staff received the Quill and Scroll International First Place Award for distinctive achievements in scholastic journalism. Second semester editors were Renee Pityer, Jim Velky, Pat Dubishar, Deb Batt, Steve Uthoff, Mark Redman, Don Hartman, Editor-in-chief was Terry Harnden. First semester editors L-R: Jeff Schulte, Ms. Benesh, Barb Vanourney (editor chief) and Caroline Wolfe. Not shown Bill Hepker. -in - 78

w 79

srxntimmcmi ClIiTIRFillTJtB. Looks like more fun than work! Such concentration! Hard at Work. Eaves dropping again Anna! Looks like I missed a spot! 80

Dirk Ammala Judy Bedell Karen Auman John Blaha Scott Ballantyne Jill Brase Marlene Barta Mike Brecht Roger Becker Cindy Britcher 82

Cathy Brust Kelly Butcher Kevin Buol Scott Carlson Diane Buresh Tim Carson Denese Buresh Donna Carver Debbie Burt Teresa Chalupsky 83

CUSS Stffti fig 111Hi SMVCIT 11 fill fill, Sllil Sill Ill ISlilf FDD iff Julie Elliff Debbie Exline Audrey Fairlie Joyce Faltis Mark Fetter 85

1»fitsiii Roger Fruendt Lynda Hauschild Gary Hovey Bruce Hruby 86 Barb Gaddis Rick Hurlbert Bart Gibney Terry Hutchins Beverly Harrell James Janaszak Don Hartman Dick Jansa

Renae Jin lrich Patrick Kelsey Theresa Lamb Betsey Lehner Steve Juhl David Krivanek Diane S. Lane Debra Leonard Dianne Lorimer Freda Ludwig Lori Lynch 87

Brenda McClelland Dawn Marvin Tammy McCormick Cathy Mathews Pamela McFall Rai Ann Merta Rick McGrew Kathy McMurrin Tim Madden Susan Merta 88 Brenda McGurk Michelle McNabb Carl Mann Kevin Meskimen

ii Q&0AS Doug Olson John Pansegrau Rebecca Reddick Rondena Ross Donna Schmitz Bill Schrader Linda Schrader

mm . Cherryl Sovers Harry St. John Patti Steggall Mark Stevens 92 Roger Thompson Debra Tilton Steve Uthoff Barbara Vanourney Gale Vincent

ICiTS FBMICT L-R: John Williams, Julie Holets, Dave Lathrop, Laura Wilford, Mark Towers, Eric Netherton. On October 19 & 29, 1976, two instructors and four students attended an orientation at Camp IO-DIS -ECA, sponsored by the Dept, of Public Instruction, investigating environmental issues. Several issues were introduced and the Prairie group chose one on Land Use. Preliminary and regional meetings were held and then on to the state conference in Des Moines. 94

IBMCfUP This year’s girls’ golf team was made up of L -R: Lisa Lins soph., Shiela Travis soph., Cathy Osborne sr., Amanda Robinson jr., Kelli Nelson jr. & Coach Ruth Hatcher. As the season progressed the young team made many improvements. B0Y8fi0UF Our golf team was very inexperienced this past spring . . Jeff Simon was the only letterman returning, the team had 2 juniors and 6 freshmen. L-R: Scott Grabe, Jeff Simon, Doug Hofmaster, Chuck Reid, Todd Carlson, John Vogt , John Elliff, Coach Bubon 95

SUMnun The ’76 girls tennis team consisted of Front row L-R: Brenda Millard, Barb Benda, Rita Cross, Joanne Wolf. 2nd row: Coach Linda Hixenbaugh, Anna Cisar no. 6, Kris Sheely no. 5, Delores Haman no. 4, Lisa Sirowy no. 3, De anne Bogner no. 2, and Julie Holets no. 1. The squad ended up with a 5-7 record over all. - What power! 96

s«f§rain Members of the ’76 tennis team were L-R: Roger Thompson, John Pansegrau, Scott Ballantyne, Jim Miller, Dave Snyder, Andy Buresh, Coach Bogner. The boys tennis team missed the services of Jim Miller their fine no. 1 man. Jim was out with a knee injury, other seniors filled in, doing a fine job! 97

Varsity Track Squad L-R: Beverely Dennis, Diane Waid, Sue Wodstrchill, Brenda McGurk, Loretta Dennis, Pat Zalesky, Jill Brase, Besty Lehner, Denise Buresh. 2nd row 1-r: Denell Hyke, Diane McGurk, Peggy Mitchell, Tina Pulver, Nancy Croy, manager , Dawn Becicka, Joanne Snyder, Chris Thrap, Janice Ziskovsky , Cathy Zalesky. 3rd row 1 -r: Coach Cole, Eva Reed, Judy Wilcox, Cathy Wilson, LuElla Womochil, Linda No - vak-manager, Debbie Whillis, Liz Peterka, Sherri McGurk, Jean Batt, Tracy Camp, Renee Price, Cheryl Lane, Sheila Lynch, Sherri Burt, Andi Noeller-Asst. Coach Hierstein. 98

There were 8 girls that went to state this year, a new record in itself. L-R: Cathy Zalesky, Debbie Burt, Sheila Lynch, Sue Wodstrchill, Pat Zalesky, Beverly Dennis, Andi Noeller, and Jill Brase. The shuttle hurdle team had the 15th best time of 56 teams. The distance medley relay team was in the top half, as was Beverly Dennis in the 220 and Cathy Zalesky made the top third in the long jump. Injuries were minimal this year and the team enjoyed the most successful season ever. The outstanding part of the season was the peak reached for the District meet and the Comanche Relays, with 11 of the 19 school records being set this year. All in all it was a very satisfying season. 99 -

iffSflies Varsity Boys Track L-R: Steve Uthoff, Dave Chalupsky, Bruce Hruby, Jeff Westrom, Randy Hurlbert , Larry Holland , Mark Calkins, Jack Mallard, Veotis Tate. 2ND ROW: Scott Hamilton, Brad Britcher, Pat Malatek, Terry Knight, Kevin Pidima , Norman Ziskovsky, Brian Stolba, Corky Croy, Kevin Villers. 3RD ROW: Pat Milke, Scott Daly, Lyle Ziskovsky, Ralph Becicka, Mark Dohnalek, Chuck Nadel, Brian Fruendt. Head Coach Gary Leeper Fresh-Soph team L-R: Kenny Fetter, Tony Hartin, Lee Pavlicek, George Zach, Dennis Heintz. 2nd row: Brian Daly, Bob Boots, Trent Ross, Bob McClelland, Rick Hartford, Ron Lamprik, Bob Benda, Coach Oertel.

The ’76 track season was highlighted by 1st place at the Vinton Relays, 2nd place at Grinnel and 4th place finish at the Prairie Relays. They were undefeated in dual and triangular meets. Sprint relay teams highlighted the season achieving several 1st and 2nd places in large meets. 101

g?Ifg«1lllfiSIS BEGINNING OF THE END The boys track team qualified 6 for state. Steve Uthoff established a new school record in the pole vault at 14 feet Vi in. Steve placed third in state with that vault. Bruce Hruby also qualified in the low hurdles with an outstanding performance. A sprint relay team also made the trip. The 880 relay team consisted of Randy Hurlbert, Kevin Pidima, Jeff Westrom, and Veotis Tate. 102

flingIBiilfg 1976 Prairie Relays Queen Debbie Burt. 75 Relays Queen Peggy Davis crowning the new queen. The court this year consisted of 1975 Relay Queen Peggy Davis and escort Dick Jansa, 1976 Queen Debbie Burt and escort Rick Hurlbert, Jr. Sandy Brecht and escort Bart Gibney, Soph. Brenda Walters and escort Steve Shebetka, Fresh. Jill Roder and escort Bill Schrader. The Roger Freeman Memorial Scholarship is to be awarded annually to a Prairie senior athlete. The criteria for selection of the scholarship is based on; may be a senior boy or girl, must have been an athlete in at least one sport but not of “ star-status,” shall attend college and participate in athletics, and shall possess good citizenship and sportsmanship qualities. The recipient of the scholarship will be selected by a committee of Prairie High School faculty members. Presenting the award this year was Roger Freeman’s oldest son Scott. This ' year’s recipient was Rick Hurlbert and alternate Cathy Zalesky. 103

msusniu Varsity Baseball Team Front L-R: Pat Milke, Pat Malatek, Mark George, Bart Gibney, Bill Schrader, Jeff Schulte, Mark Fetter. Back L-R: Asst. Coach Yuza, Alan Brussard, Harry St. John , Jeff Gibney , Dave Hernandez, Ralph Becicka, Rick Hulbert, Randy Wall, Dick Jansa, Roger Becker, Phil Davis, Scott Daly, Head Coach Mattice, The ’76 baseball team had nine seniors. The pitching staff included Jeff Schulte, Mark Fetter, Duane Moore, Ralph Becicka , Jeff Gibney, and Randy Wall . Julie Schrader has been our official score keeper and bat girl . 106

Stretch Another Home Run! Watch this one fly! Better get back there Rick . Missed again. Well Guys, now what? Beat it out Dave! 107

tinsstrain, Varsity Team Front row 1-r: Diane McGurk, Karen Waldrep, Sherri Burt, Sheila Lynch, Kelli Flood, Kelli McArtor, Andi Noeller, Tina Pulver. 2nd row 1 Brase, Pat Zalesky, Brenda McGurk. -r: Sherri McGurk, Theresa McArtor, Deanne Bogner, Julie Johnson, Cathy Zalesky, Patti Herman, Donna Teeters, Jill J.V. Team Front row 1-r: Gayla Martin-manager, Ron Rohlena-Head Coach, Dory Marsh. 2nd row 1 Diane McGurk, Sherri Burt, Sherri McGurk, Kim Long, Kathy Juhl, Dawn Becicka, Lori Merta. Not Shown Asst. Coach Rob Rohlena. 108 -r: Diane Reed,

Strike um out Sheila! Come to me. The hawkette softball is on its 3rd season. The team consisting of 4 seniors, 2 juniors, 10 sophomores and 2 freshman. Last year’s varsity team posted a 17-7 record and J.V. was 10-9. With these previous records the ’76 season promises to be a good one. Where in the heck is the ball? 109


This year’s musical ‘Camelot’ was a tremendous success, thanks to all the hard work contributed by the students and directors. Camelot had a supporting cast of thirty students, plus four students who worked on the backstage crew. The story of Camelot was set in the mid- evil era of Old England. The plot was based on the all but obvious love triangle between Arthur, Lancelot, and Guenevere; and how the wicked, evil, illegitimate, child of King Arthur, Mordred, came to Camelot to stir up trouble in hopes of capturing Arthurs throne. Ihe Stake I’ve been out hunting the beast Mi’Lady! What!This is King Arthur? Candy? Candy! 113


Back to the drawing board! IT STINKS! No thank you, I don’t care for any taxes! It just won’t work . Shall we dance? Isn’t she cute! Enter and step to the rear please! 115


flllgffSItV This year’s Variety show was written and directed by Mrs. Nancy Camp and Mrs. Darlene Gibbs. The Show was a BiCentennial farce. The characters were a wide selection of different heroic figures from America’s past and present. DON’T TOUCH ME YOU BRUTE TA DAA! MARK SPITZ? EVIL KNIEVEL? I WONDER WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING AT? LEM’ME OUT LEM’ME OUT! HE’S GOT LEGS? THE CAST??? 117

18!»19?« From May 29 to June 9 the H.S. Spanish and choir students made a trip to Mexico. The Spanish students learned many things of Mexican culture and the choir gave concerts along the way. Three chartered buses took the students to Laredo and San Antonio Texas and the Mexican cities of Monterrey, Acapulco, Taxco and Mexico City. All of the students enjoyed them - selves and learned a great deal. Fly Little White Dove, Fly! Back up crew Brave isn’t he? American music to enjoy . .. Shopping in the market. Acapulco cliffs Visiting the Aztec ruins 118 Anyone for a dip?

ifiiiii groins niff ifsa®i Sf MW§ AILIBOH iianru aID11198717» fSltlSf v/mxi-stcrm^sc aePtM‘ourtOAto ne 'SgSgfig&tmri


SOIf«11811 The mini course program at Prairie has all in all been very successful. The teachers seem to enjoy themselves as much as most of the students. This program is designed to give students a chance to learn things that they wouldn’t normally learn during the school year. Some of the mini courses were; Archery Backpacking Boating & Canoeing Bowling Card Games Conservation and Land Use Dance Dog Obedience Football Horsebackriding Natural High Needlecraft Outdoor cooking Tennis Travel Swimming Archery Archery Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking 121

Tennis Tennis Boating and Canoeing Boating and Canoeing Needle Craft 122

Horseback Riding Football Photography 1ravel

All State Band & Iowa Honor Band: L-R Julie Dean, Mark Fiagle, Kelynn King, Ken Elias, Bret Zvacek, John Elliff. Chosen for Coe Honor Band: L Buresh, Laurie Machacek -R Mark Calkins, Denese I Chosen for Northeast Iowa Bandmaster’s Honor Band: L-R Mark Calkins, Bill Christen sen, Brian Revers, Joanne Wolfe, Janet Snyder, Kelly Nelson, Mary McCrea, Deanne To mash. - - Number one rating on trombone trio: L-R Jeff Westrom, Bret Zvacek, Randy Benish. The band seniors after Mr. King has just yelled at them! L-R Cindy Cisar, Denese Buresh, Janet Snyder , Brenda McGurk, Jill Brase, Carl Mann, Diane Waid (front), Mark Stevens, Pat Zalesky, Ken Elias 124 Number one rating on woodwind trio: L-R Julie Dean, Janet Snyder, Kelly Nelson

Number one rating trumpet quartet: L -R Jerry LoomNumber one rating woodwind quintet: L-R Denese Buresh, Carl Mann, Janet Snyder, Kelly is Marty Prachar, Ken Elias. Not Shown David Ollinger Nelson, Cindy Cisar Number one rating saxophone quartet: L lek, Colleen Dougherty, Laurie Machacek-R Kelynn King, Mark Dohna - Number one rating clarinet quartet: L-R Brenda McGurk, Julie Dean, Karen Rigel, Deanne Tomash Number one rating Oboe solo, Denese Buresh. Number one rating trumpet solo, Ken Elias. Number one rating trumpet solo, Bill Christensen. 125

Number one rating saxophone solo Mary Mar garet McCrea - Number one rating saxophone solo Kelynn King Number one rating saxophone solo Laurie Macha^ Number one rating flute solo Kelly Nelson Number one rating clarinet solo Julie Dean Number one rating trombone solo Bret Zvacek Number one rating tuba solo Mark Fiagle Number one rating drum solo Steve Serbousek Number one rating drum solo John Elliff 126

Grand Marsha! - Mr.King with Grand Marshal Paul Lavalle, McDonalds All American Band Director.

infillmmJUSUBIT ‘ Prairie Award of Honor Front L Bill Christensen, Roger Dupler, Deanna Bogner, Tom Kemmerer, Mike Hofmaster, Jeff Prunty ky, Cindy Cisar, Patti Nemec, Diane Buresh, A1 Soukup, Rick Hurlbert. -R: Deanne Tomash, Julie Schrader, Julie Dean, Laurie Machacek, Paul Baker, . 2nd Row L-R: Ann Zenisek, Delores Haman, Amanda Robinson, Tom Misfeldt, Julie Holets, Sandy Philips, Kelynn King, Mary McCrea, Anna Cisar. Back L -R: Denese Buresh, Jan Snyder, Diane Waid, Steve Uthoff, Joyce Faltis, Cathy Zales - Daughters of American Revolution-Citizenship, Gale Vincent. Kiwanis-Citizenship Award, Terry Harnden & Cherrie Sovers. Bar Assoc. Citizenship Award, Patti Nemec. Senior Athletic Award, Cathy Zalesky. ' Betty Crocker Award, Diane Buresh. Best Actress Award, Joyce Faltis. Best Supporting Actor Award, Mark Fiagle. State of Iowa Scholars: L-R Patti Nemec, Cindy Cisar, Joyce Faltis, Diane Buresh. Not shown-Eric Netherton. Outstanding Home Ec. Students: L-R Stusan Plotz, Beverly Dennis, Tom Mis feldt. Not shown-Freda Ludwig 129 -

Striving for the tape. tain in all three sports. Congratu lations Rick!! 130 Heavy traffic ahead. -

if \i * * v 1 • f TJ1y 7r . « \ IL *? # * i i / • V •' Lk i a * ! « t A4 y H . i > r <il 132 rivP i ' . v* Of 7 - , > ,14, * < 1 > N * -

ggiwissitimi i Just Standin’ Around, Cool As Cucumbers!! Smile Pat, it’ll be over soon. These guys are more nervous than the graduates!! We re almost there. Here we go folks . .. Something in your throat Phil? Let’s sit down!! 133 —

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