Alignment of NCEES Standard III and Core Proposition 2 IIIa. Using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, teachers develop and apply strategies to make the curriculum rigorous and relevant for all students and provide a balanced curriculum that enhances literacy skills. IIIb. Teachers bring a richness and depth of understanding to their classrooms by knowing their subjects beyond the content they are expected to teach and by directing students’ natural curiosity into an interest in learning. IIIc. Teachers know the links and vertical alignment of the grade or subject they teach and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study; how content they teach relates to other disciplines in order to deepen understanding and connect learning for students; and, teachers promote global awareness and its relevance to subjects they teach. IIId. Teachers incorporate 21st century life skills (such as, leadership, accountability, personal responsibility) into their teaching deliberately, strategically, and broadly. Teachers help their students understand the relationship between the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and 21st century content (such as global awareness and civic literacy). *Adapted from NCDPI Evaluation Rubric

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