Key Components of an Effective Lesson · Objective--Have a clear objective of what you want your students to learn. · Standards--Understand the content you teach. Unpack standards and concepts that should be taught. · Engagement--Know your students. Create activities that will engage all learners on different academic levels. Before Lesson · Vocabulary--Look for key vocabulary students should master. · Assessment--Plan ahead how to assess students to understand if they understand the content being covered. · Gather Data--Depending on the lesson being taught, a pre-assessment might be beneficial to help in planning instruction based on the prior knowledge students have. · Introduction-Plan how students will be actively engaged in the lesson from the beginning. · Materials-Know what instructional materials will be needed to successfully execute the lesson. · Keep students actively engaged in the lesson. Use multiple strategies during the lesson to reach all learning styles. · Be mobile. Circulate around classroom to make sure all students are engaged in the lesson. During Lesson · Use multiple learning strategies to engage all students. · Check for understanding. Informally assess students throughout the lesson to see if they are understanding the concepts and standards being taught. · Encourage class discourse about the topic being covered. This will allow for student engagement as well as a chance to assess student understanding. · Allow time for students to collaborate and work together during the lesson. This gives teachers time to facilitate around the classroom. · Reflect on the lesson. Review how the lesson went and what concepts were mastered and what concepts need to be retaught. After Lesson · Create an assessment: Ticket out the Door, multiple choice, short answer, etc. This will help in understanding which parts of the lesson students understood and which parts need to be readdressed. · Revise the following lesson plan based on assessment results. · Find ways to reteach concepts in future lessons. Summary: Accomplished educators are always reflecting and modifying their lessons to meet the needs of their students. Teachers know the content they are teaching and find multiple strategies to teach these concepts to their students. The key points to remember when creating a lesson is to understand the standards and create a clear objective. Accomplished teachers also create lessons that allow for student engagement and practice. Throughout the lesson, teachers are checking for understanding and completing both formal and informal assessments to make sure all students are learning the content.

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