Inter Atlanta FC Blues Newsletter Volume 7 Edition 1 Stay up to date with what Inter Atlanta FC is doing and how we are impacting the youth of Atlanta. INSIDE THE ISSUE: Cleats On The Streets 5K Race Academy Player Profile Recreational Season News 2018 Senior Luncheon 2018 Golf Classic 2018 Fall Family Festival Trees For Tuition 2019 Cleats On The Streets 5K Sponsors 2-3 4-5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Academy Player Profile My favorite part of my job at Inter Atlanta FC are the kids I get to see on a weekly, monthly, and hopefully a multi-year basis... 2 Fall Family Festival October 19th—Oh, what a night! The 2018 Fall Family Festival and Coaches’ Cup, held under the lights at Arizona... 8 Trees For Tuition Grady high school and Inter Atlanta FC alumni Jack Faught and Calder Johnson started selling Christmas trees in 2016... 9 January 2019 Issue

Academy Player Profile Player Profile – Miles Bransford #61, 2006B Premier By John Downey My favorite part of my job at Inter Atlanta FC are the kids I get to see on a weekly, monthly, and hopefully a multi-year basis. In the last 10 years with IAFC’s Academy, I’ve managed roughly 4,500 children that have come through the program. I’ve been lucky to get to know a good portion of these players, and not simply as soccer players, as they continue on through the program and into our Select league. Even some that graduated from our Select league and are now off to college. Not all of them are still playing soccer competitively, but I’m fortunate to have relationships with them to keep in touch. While my job is focused on kids’ soccer, I’m grateful to get to watch your kids develop into people. Miles Bransford is a 12 year old student at Renfroe Middle School and a current Inter Atlanta FC player. He is a respectful and humble kid, able to hold conversation as if he’s already an adult. He plays for Coach Ryan McConnell’s 2006B Premier team, in our Select/Jr’s Program. Miles was in the Academy for two years and is currently in his first year of Select (13U) 11v11 play. I have gotten to know him a bit over his time at the club and look forward to continuing watching him develop both on and off the field. In 2014, Miles tried out for our 9U Academy, but did not make it into any of the 5 teams in his age group. In 2015, Miles tried out for 10U, but again, was not offered a roster spot into any of the 5 teams in his age group. It’s hard enough to make cut calls to anyone, much less to the same player two years in a row. I remember dreading making the phone calls to pass on this information to his parents, Steve and Amy. While I am sure they were disappointed, neither parent questioned the tryouts process, demanded a meet, nor argued the final decisions. They were extremely supportive, accepting, and respectful. In 2016, Miles tried out for 11U. This time, Miles was offered a roster spot in IAFC’s 2006B Silver (5th) team, while his younger brother, Rocco, was offered a spot into our 8U/2009B age group. Miles trains hard to improve his skills. I remember seeing him at a State Cup game in June 2017, watching his friends play, while practicing juggling his soccer ball. I’ve seen him at the fields on his off days, practicing on his own. Each of his coaches have remarked how great a player he is to coach, because of his work ethic as a team player, his attitude towards learning, and his determination to improve. Over the course of the next two years, Miles was promoted from Silver to Gold (4th), then from Gold to Excel (3rd), and then again from Excel to Premier (2nd). In 2018, Miles also tried out for and was accepted to the Georgia Soccer 2006 Boys Olympic Development Program (ODP). With still many years to play and develop, who knows where Miles will end up as a footballer! Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 2

Academy Player Profile Player Profile – Miles Bransford #61, 2006B Premier Continued Many will say that IAFC simply got it wrong the first couple tryouts when evaluating Miles. I’ll be the first to admit that it is difficult to rate and compare young players completely in a short tryout window. It can also be difficult for players to stand out amongst so many of their peers in the younger ages. Every summer I have at least a few meetings with parents who don’t agree with our evaluations or our placement of players. I’ve been hung up on, screamed at, cursed at, cried to, and begged for a higher team placement for a child, for one reason or another. I’ve had several parents decline their child’s offer and instead move to a competing club or stop playing altogether, due to a disagreement on placement. Nothing upsets me more than this. I love being proved wrong, watching kids earn their own placements and promotions through their work on the field. I am very happy that IAFC no longer has a limit to how many teams can form, so that we can develop all players that want to play. I share Miles’ story for a couple reasons. First, because I really have respect for him, even for being a young kid. I think he can be an inspiration to many players. And second, IAFC now has eight teams in some Academy age groups. It is a joy to get to see so many kids wanting to play this great game. Sometimes I get the question “why do we have so many teams?”. Each young player should have an opportunity to play, progress, and develop his or her own skills at the Academy level if they want it. Kids develop skills through experience playing the game at young ages, so that as they get older, they’ll be able to show their qualities on the 11v11 field. Eventually players do get cut, but it should not be during the learning years. Miles Bransford is not the only young player to go through something painful like being cut completely from a team… twice… and still get back out to try again. There are several other players I could spotlight here. However, he is one of many great examples of getting knocked down and getting back up. He and his family are a great example of trusting the process and allowing for failure, something every person will go through at some point. Miles may not be a soccer player for his entire life, but I’m certain he will be a successful and well-prepared adult because of his character and how he handles these difficult situations. I have a ton of respect for Miles and his family, and look forward to the next player to remind me how much I love my job, coaching kids soccer. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 3

Recreational Program News Fall Season In Review By Amy Feigl Our Recreational Program just recently finished up our Fall Season. Inter Atlanta had 1300 children and 150 teams participating in our program this fall. All these players and teams were undergirded by our wonderful community of volunteers - over 250 of them! We thank all our volunteer coaches and parents that made this season possible, and we are thrilled to get to provide soccer to so many families in our area of town every year. Winter Training Options Let’s keep our Rec kids healthy, active, and having fun over the winter months in between seasons! Our winter training options are designed to do just that, while also keeping in mind that players DO need a time of rest and some time of unstructured activities to be just what they are - kids. Our trainings are designed so that healthy activity and fun is achieved but that overuse doesn’t become an issue, since the Spring Season will be here before you know it. Our Winter Evening sessions will be played indoors this year! No winter weather to battle against. Our 3v3 Mini Season tough will still be played outdoors. Players can register for either weeks of our Winter Training and/or for our 3v3 Mini Season. More information on both of these options are available under our Camps/Clinics tab of the website. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 4

Spring Season is Here!!! Fall Season In Review By Amy Feigl Spring Season is Here (some updates to note) Registration for the Spring Season is here! Early bird discount ($25 off regular registration upon checkout) is in effect for the entire month of December, so register early. We need many volunteers each season, so please consider helping in some capacity. Volunteer links are under the Programs/Recreational Program/Coaches tab. Rec Registrar Jane Florkowski is no longer filling this role for us. I, along with another staff coach in training, will be handling all registrar related questions, so please be patient with us. 4U Division Structure Our 4Us will be dropping from 30 minute practices prior to their 30 minute games, to 20 minute practices prior to their 20 minute games. A detailed description of how this will be fleshed out will be reviewed during our pre-season coaches meeting in February to all 4U coaches. 10U Division Structure Our 10Us will be dropping from two, weekly, 1.5 hour practice session to one, weekly, 1.5 hour practice sessions. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 5

2018 Senior Luncheon 2018 - 2nd Annual Senior Luncheon By Brian Stoddart Sunday Dec 9, Inter Atlanta hosted its 2nd annual seniors luncheon with great success. The event highlighted 30 seniors and allowed their families to come together and celebrate the players achievements in soccer. The players and their families also had the unique opportunity to hear from our guest speaker, Jay Miller, an icon in US Soccer. Jay’s message was one of hope and optimism for the next phase of their journey. His message focused on how one gets to the next level. As our Seniors listened closely, one could see their level of enthusiasm and excitement for what lies ahead. Our Honorees were then presented with gifts from the Inter Atlanta staff to thank them for their loyalty and commitment to the club. Following the program, everyone enjoyed a reception catered by The Matador. This years event recognized our largest graduating class with several of our seniors having already committed to playing on the collegiate level. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 6

2018 Inter Atlanta FC Golf Classic 2018 Inter Atlanta FC Golf Tournament By Matt Busch For 2018, Inter Atlanta FC teamed up with Smoke Rise Golf and Country Club to host our annual golf fundraiser. Thank you Josh Deal and his staff at Smoke Rise for taking such good care of us. This year we had 18 foursomes and over 14 key sponsors for the event. The event brought together, Inter members, coaches, staff and business owners for a beautiful day of golf, networking, fundraising, food and beverages. The weather was perfect, the course was in great shape and the foursomes were scoring low which is a perfect recipe for not only a great day on the course but a great day for club support. This year we added some games within the round of golf to go along with our normal hole in one, closest to the pin and longest drive. Wells Fargo Financial Advisors used the 10th fairway for the “Hit the Hoops” game. If a golfer was able to hit their drive into one of the five hoops on the fairway, Wells Fargo would donate $1500 each time. On the par 4 8th hole, we had the “Pro’s drive”. Thank you Karen Paolozzi for volunteering your time and hitting some great shots for us. For this game on the 8th, Karen would hit your foursome’s drives from the ladies tee, which made the tee to green shot only about 210 yards. Most foursomes took advantage of this game and Karen hit some very nice shots to get some foursomes putting for Eagle. Overall the event was a huge success and our goal of netting $15,000 from the event (used for scholarship and operations) was exceeded. Thank you again to everyone who sponsored, played and supported the event. We are looking forward to next year’s golf tournament which will be held in September. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 7

2018 Fall Family Festival Fall Family Festival and Coaches’ Cup 2018 By Anne Henn October 19th—Oh, what a night! The 2018 Fall Family Festival and Coaches’ Cup, held under the lights at Arizona, was our best ever—most money raised (over $32,000, which topped our goal for the night), most families in attendance, and the most coaches participating in our Coaches’ Cup round-robin tournament. A special congrats to the Grey Team, who took home the trophy, and to all the coaches who showed off their skills (and didn’t walk away with a permanent injury). We loved watching you all play. Many thanks to dole out. First, to all the volunteers who came out and worked extra hard from set-up to clean-up and especially those brave souls who managed the bouncy house, we are very grateful. The evening ran smoothly because of you, and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you! To all the families who supported the club by sponsoring their coaches, and by buying beer, wine, and food at the event, your generosity is so appreciated. Thank you especially for being patient with the longer than usual food lines—as the event has grown, we have learned many lessons, and hope that next year will be even better. Finally, a special shout-out to Lara Geller Church, who offered hours of help, words of wisdom, and event planning expertise—thank you. We hope you’ll join us next year on the pitch at Arizona for our Fourth Annual Fall Family Festival and Coaches’ Cup—a fall tradition not to be missed. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 8

Trees For Tuition Trees For Tuition Grady high school and Inter Atlanta FC alumni Jack Faught and Calder Johnson started selling Christmas trees in 2016. "Trees for Tuition" began as a small operation in efforts to start saving up for college expenses. Both attending the University of Georgia in Athens, between tuition and living expenses, they knew they had to start planning early. The first and second years of operations, they only offered home delivery. The second year, Calder and Jack's senior year of high school, they sold 60 trees just by delivery, doubling the previous season's sales. However, this year they decided to dive in head first and build a tree lot. They were still in touch with the coaching staff of IAFC and presented the idea to them: a tree lot to benefit the club, its patrons, and the community, while still raising money to go toward Jack and Calder's college tuition. The tree lot was a great success! This season they sold around 200 Christmas trees, far beyond their own expectations. Unfortunately the lot had to close earlier in the season than anticipated because they sold out! The Trees for Tuition lot went extremely well; Jack and Calder are looking forward to next year, promising to be back with more inventory now that they know what to expect. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 9

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