Inter Atlanta FC Blues Newsletter Volume 7 Edition 1 Stay up to date with what Inter Atlanta FC is doing and how we are impacting the youth of Atlanta. INSIDE THE ISSUE: Cleats On The Streets 5K Race Academy Player Profile Recreational Season News 2018 Senior Luncheon 2018 Golf Classic 2018 Fall Family Festival Trees For Tuition 2019 Cleats On The Streets 5K Sponsors 2-3 4-5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Academy Player Profile My favorite part of my job at Inter Atlanta FC are the kids I get to see on a weekly, monthly, and hopefully a multi-year basis... 2 Fall Family Festival October 19th—Oh, what a night! The 2018 Fall Family Festival and Coaches’ Cup, held under the lights at Arizona... 8 Trees For Tuition Grady high school and Inter Atlanta FC alumni Jack Faught and Calder Johnson started selling Christmas trees in 2016... 9 January 2019 Issue

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