Trees For Tuition Trees For Tuition Grady high school and Inter Atlanta FC alumni Jack Faught and Calder Johnson started selling Christmas trees in 2016. "Trees for Tuition" began as a small operation in efforts to start saving up for college expenses. Both attending the University of Georgia in Athens, between tuition and living expenses, they knew they had to start planning early. The first and second years of operations, they only offered home delivery. The second year, Calder and Jack's senior year of high school, they sold 60 trees just by delivery, doubling the previous season's sales. However, this year they decided to dive in head first and build a tree lot. They were still in touch with the coaching staff of IAFC and presented the idea to them: a tree lot to benefit the club, its patrons, and the community, while still raising money to go toward Jack and Calder's college tuition. The tree lot was a great success! This season they sold around 200 Christmas trees, far beyond their own expectations. Unfortunately the lot had to close earlier in the season than anticipated because they sold out! The Trees for Tuition lot went extremely well; Jack and Calder are looking forward to next year, promising to be back with more inventory now that they know what to expect. Inter Atlanta FC Newsletter | January 2019 9

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