Creating Pinatas with our 2020 Spring Summer indigenous Atayal youth in ChingChuan and learning about commodifaction of cultures Photo by Aching Taiwan Ministry of Interior Filing No. 1030234173 Taipei District Court Registry Yr. 103 No.141 Remain Positive! Without a doubt, the start of 2020 has been difficult for not only Taiwan but the world. Bright Side Projects is almost entirely based on face to face interaction with our communities as we believe in a world that’s increasingly online, personal engagement is still one of the key ways to build trust and compassion. Taiwan was on the forefront of recognizing the dangers of COVID-19 and was able to crack down in January. Thus, the country was able to currently slow down COVID-19 but government mandates also limited our ability to conduct creative education with the kids and prepare meals with them. Donations were also down by over 90% but Bright Side Projects adapted as best as we could taking the measures on COVID-19 to product and support the community. Only core staff and members were permitted to provide meals and education; we focused on kids cooking for themselves in the orphanages. Bright https:// docs.goog le.com/ forms/d/ Side staff were required to not have travelled outside of Taiwan and have a clean bill of health for a minimum of 28 days prior to the workshop. We took taking temperatures before workshops and mandating mask wearing in addition to alcohol sterilization. Despite these hurdles we were determined to continue to provide essential services to our youth and even truly kickstart the next level of our Brighter Futures program. In June, we hired one of our youth that have joined our creative education workshops since 2014 as a paid apprentice and will be navigating him through website creation, basic financial management, and writing presentations. Funds will support his future education. We hope that everyone can continue to support each other and especially the youth in these times! Daisy H. Lin / Founder Content Wrap Up P.A.Creative Edu Brighter Futures Seasonal Special Full Hearts Interviews Thank you’s Support kids 2 3-5 6-8 9 10 11-14 15-16 17 Scan the QR code or to sign up for newsletters and updates! 2012-2020 Copyright All Rights Reserved. No material or images can be reproduced without prior written authorisation by Bright Side Projects. http://BrightSide.tw

Our DNA What sets us apart? KITCHEN TABLE Freshly cooked nutritious plant-based meal options from our Kitchen Table at all events, especially during workshops with children. Veering towards local, organic, Indigenous Atayal youth in ChingChuan enjoying plant-based burritos Photo by 1D What we’ve been doing overall… Since the end of 2012, here’s a quick recap of those who have joined us on our journey in face to face interaction in the workshops to make friends: Number of activities: 209 Number of creative edu classes: 173 Number of Community spots: 1825 Number of Big Friend spots: 1516 Big Friend overall return rate: 50% 2020 Friendship Meter While we may spend 60-95 hours for each workshop regardless if it’s half day or full day and could easily execute a 300-500 person event during the same amount of planning, we limit each of our workshop attendance to approximately 15 members in the community and 15 Big Friends. This increases enhance the quality of interaction and depth of engagement, making everyone a memorable individual instead of simply a “volunteer.” 2012 Q4 2015 2018 135 180 45 90 0 Bright Side Creations 2013 2016 2019 2014 2017 2020 SS unprocessed foods. Junk food and candy items are not permitted to be brought by Big Friends. No. of creative edu classes 2020 SS: 12 No. of Plant-based Meals served to Youth and Community: 153 Big Friend Volunteers: 69 Training: 2 sessions / 16 pax Plant-based noodles donated: 510 packs Plans for FW 2020 - Solidify services in providing quarterly plant-based food staples previously hampered by COVID-19 - Expansion in to Taipei City Wanhua District - Inclusion of senior citizens for plantbased nutrition - Continued development Brighter Futures Programs for our 16+ Youth - Continue creative education workshops with focus on fundraising for expansion of services - Office expansion hiring more of our previous Bright Side Youths as paid interns and to do more to give back to communities 500 1000 1500 2000 0 Big Friends Kids SOCIAL AWARENESS Workshops always have a deeper message by trying to raise awareness of different social issues and how our lives are impacted by it. INTERACTIVE & INTIMATE We don’t have just one teacher facing 30 kids. We attempt to bring a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of “Big Friends” to “Kids,” to get more people involved and to enhance engagement. 30 people maximum per workshop. Everyone shares in the task of setting up, sharing food, bringing workshops to fruition, and cleaning up. GENDER EQUALITY We maintain a gender neutral zone and respect so that no one is limited or discriminated of their full potential based on a social construct. CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD (CRC) This sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children. In serving the best interest of the child, this benefits all. Bright Side safe spaces empowers everyone to speak up, abolishing a hierarchal “talking down” mentality.

2020 January Jia-Xin Gifts and Necessities in Taitung. Woodcraft workshop in ChingChuan and Taichung. Government begins mandating measures to try to stem COVID-19 starting with postponing spring semester for schools. February Brighter Futures training for job interviews at Taoyuan MuHsiang Children’s Home, interview skills with youth also providing plantbased meals supporting Ooh Cha Cha Restaurant. March Volunteer training on Trauma Education, Sexual Harassment, Creativity Impact, LGBTQ tolerance. Welcomed Merck to join our Big Friend volunteer base and quarterly support. April Support plant-based business via Eat for Love, donations of almost to 20 boxes of noodles sent to various Bright Side locations in Taiwan. May Chef Eric Wu from Baganhood utilizing Omnipork and Beyond Meat for a delicious meatball and handmade pasta training session. June Hired our 2014 youth from Taoyuan as part of our Bright Side Brighter Futures program. Wooden Birdhouses We were fortunate to have a woodcraft craftsman head over to both Taichung and ChingChuan with us for the month of January. Kids were able to make a gift for themselves (or to give to others) but one that also provided a safe abode for the wild birds of Taiwan! The workshop took approximately 5 hours but even the youngest child stuck with it - we were able to serve a delicious plant based lunch today so they would have enough energy to complete the task; traditional Taiwanese fried rice with Beyond Meat sausages and the sausages separately with green onion slices, Bafang Dumpling shop’s new Omnipork dumplings, and our usual and must have seasonal fruit salad with coconut milk. LINE Stickers This was a special workshop in creating a series of LINE stickers based off of our Taoyuan Muhsiang Children’s Home drawings. We combined an art therapy and discussion about how to express emotions by playing “draw” bingo. Kids were given sheets of paper with squares and a list of emotions. The center square they would select one of the emotions after hearing a story told by our staff; everyone would create a character and show how the character would react to the same story. This was able to show that for the same situation everyone has a different reaction and chooses to express it in different ways. After filling each of the squares in a variety of ways, images were selected and our LINE stickers are now available in their sticker shop or scan the QR code on the left! For lunch there’s nothing sweeter than having vegan waffles with fresh fruit and coconut whip cream to complete the day on an otherwise heavy subject. Download Kid’s LINE stickers! ART THERAPY SKILLED CRAFTS

Baganhood & Wanhua Honored to be able to join one of Taipei’s top vegan restaurants BAGANHOOD at a new location in Taipei! Wanhua community center serves underprivileged families and having a quick plant-based waffle making and hamburger eating session with them was the perfect way to not only introduce that plant-based is possible, filling, and delicious, but to get to know the community here. Bright Side Projects is elated to continue to grow and include Wanhua community in our list to provide them with resources in the future! Our first official Bright Side workshop will take place this summer, making sushi and icy slushy. We have also included them in our spring summer noodle drive sending over 60 packs of noodles in June. Piñata Creations One of the workshops we love and was finally able to bring to the youth in Chingchuan after a 4 year hiatus as the kids from previous years have all graduated and grown up. Their younger siblings, however, have never had the opportunity to make their own pints or learn about Cinco de Mayo in the origins, commodification, or to try a hand at making their own California style burrito! The burrito was was hit with the kids as was smashing one of the pinatas! Kids know that each time they come to a Bright Side Projects workshop they will not only have a great time learning something new and getting their hands on arts and crafts, but eat meals from a different culture they may never have the chance to experience. The only downside was since there seemed to be an avocado shortage we were not able to introduce the rarely seen fruit or make guacamole with them this time. We hoped to get a chance later this year. CUISINE & CULTURE CUISINE

Southeast Asia - Thai Cuisine While we have often introduced foreign cuisine, sometimes we reach far outside of Asia so decided this time to bring the deliciousness of Thai cuisine to the kids! Some of the delicious items include our own must order favorites in pad thai, green curry, and the must have mango sticky rice. We were also able to source Thai ice tea from Baganhood, made with delicious cashew mylk. Interestingly enough for us, some of our own staff and Big Friend volunteers have never heard of or had mango sticky rice - we were also glad to have to introduced them to one of our favorite desserts and hope we did it justice! Afternoon Tea (English / Indian / Japanese A spot of tea anyone? This time we got our thinking hats on and prepared another treat for the indigenous youth of ChingChuan. Since we could not make food with them we prepped an extravagant afternoon tea from three difference cultures which we introduced to them. This included mocha strawberries and matcha tea from Japan, silver tinned foil treats and chai lattes from India, and our favorite that being the most decadent a mixture of English and United States tea time sins. Waffles with coconut whip cream, fresh strawberries, grapes, blueberries, small bite size sandwiches and gluten free blueberry muffins catered by Ooh Cha Cha, quiches from JiangShan eatery. We would love to replicate this to our other locations so more kids can experience a similarly decadent afternoon. CUISINE & CULTURE

BRIGHTER FUTURES Bright Side Brighter Futures Our Brighter Futures program caters to our youth and young adults. Bright Side Youth are empowered via paid apprenticeship and educational support for a brighter future. This is phase three part of our lifelong journey in providing skills and a support system at each point in a person’s life. As our association has grown over the years, so have our children. We now hope this phase provides educational support and offers a 3-6 month paid apprenticeship teaching and strengthening the skill sets and guided mentorship to them. During COVID-19, we were able to focus on the program specifically at Taoyuan MuHsiang Children’s Home as it supported smaller class sizes and we were able to combined plant-based meal sessions to those in orphanages by having the kids create the meals themselves for those who were interested in culinary as a future career. This resulted in having a certified chef, Eric Wu, come to share his experiences with our kids at Taoyuan. Several other mini workshops were also hosted that half focused on resume polishing, interview skills, and meal creations in which all youth were able to help make.

Certified Chef Course Beyond Meat Pasta We were honored to have Eric Wu, one of the head chefs of Taipei’s Baganhood Restaurant, join us at MuHsiang. He shared professional knowledge and answered questions on how to get started on a culinary career and the process of certification. For lunch we had amazing Omnipork and Beyond Burger based meatballs, handmade pasta, baguettes with Vegan Taipei herb butter spread, Vegan Taipei mozzarella with tomato slices. These were all prepped with the children. Ooh Cha Cha Banh Mi with Mac N Cheese In the middle of our grueling CV polishing and mock “interview” day, we were able to take a break and have kids assemble lunch for themselves and also for us! On the menu was Ooh Cha Cha tofu banh mi and creamy cashew cheese mac and cheese. An odd but somehow perfect pairing for the day so that we could continue with our training!

Fruit Pancake Weekday Brunch We hosted consecutive Bright Side Brighter Futures workshops at MuHsiang Children’s Home. However, the program targeted an age group that was getting ready for university or job interviews. Having all the kids involved still remain one of our priorities so we had younger kids make fresh fruit pancakes for the entire children’s home. The pancakes may have gotten a bit stuck to the pan but the flavor was exceptional and the kids really enjoyed making the brunch for their peers.

SEASONAL SPECIAL GRADUATION Taoshan Elementary School Graduation Ceremony Bright Side Projects first visited ChingChuan in 2011 and shortly thereafter, began our regular creative education workshops with the children there. This is our seventh year joining Taoshan Elementary School’s graduation ceremonies and the third year we have been printing individual photo albums for each graduating youth, gathered from each and every workshop they have joined. In our workshops children learn socialization, learn through play, and build trust and bonds with amongst themselves and with others. We got up bright and early to make the 2 hour drive to the school in time for the ceremonies and performances. We also were there when the children said goodbye to two more of their teachers - one had been with the school for seven years. When Teacher Lin invited us to the front to make a similar speech, we modestly declined as it was not our time - we did not want to steal the spotlight away from the hardworking teachers but also noted Bright Side was not going anywhere and we will still be there for Taoshan kids this summer continue into the new school year and into the future.

FULL HEARTS FULFILLMENT Staple Goods Noodles Delivery Noodles are a staple of Taiwanese diet. We were fortunate to work with a Miaoli based company that created healthy dried noodles and have these delivered to three locations in Taiwan for a total of 510 packs. We are very fortunate Miaoli Yu-An Shelter for the Disabled Youth and Adults Taichung Chang Hsiu Chuan Foundation, a halfway house for youth in the foster care program Wanhua HsinAn District Youth and Families, underserved community based in the Wanhua district of Taipei City. We also purchased additional noodle to be able to cook meals for some of our creative education workshops and send children home with packages to prep for their families.

INTERVIEW Jessie Wang “�” We were very fortunate to have our Malaysian intern Jessie onboard through the summer. She exudes absolute love through her dedication to work and her interaction with the kids. The children and us will miss her smile but know that she will always be on the lookout for us! Daisy: How and when did you find out about Bright Side Projects and what made you want to become an intern? Jessie: I first found out about Bright Side Projects when they were recruiting interns on Indeed website.They briefly depicted their core values, that would teach their principles of an inclusive and eco-friendly world to children through creative arts programs. This piqued my curiosity since arts and environmental issues have always been my interests. After browsing their website, I was attracted by their events and concepts, thus decided to send in my resume. D: What do you think are unique characteristics to Bright Side Projects from other organizations? J: BSP often emphasizes the children’s autonomy and are willing to listen to the children’s voices. They don’t treat the children as “customers” but actually have kids tasks to independently complete.For example, children were asked to wash the tablewares by themselves, and should help restore spaces after workshops. Bright Side also practices their motto, which is caring for the environment, from zero-plastic to vegan meals. I am happy to realize that I have become a friendlier earth citizen too after these three months of short term internship! D: Any memorable moments in the workshops with the children? J: Some children would reach out to me out of their curiosity after learning I am from Malaysia. Some of them requested me to teach them Malay, some of them show me the Malaysian Youtubers they have on their subscribed list. It is my pleasure getting this chance to engage in a mini cultural exchange with them.On the last Chingchuan I went to, a child asked, while locked arm in arm with me, “You were here with us for our graduation at the sprinkler party right?”It feels so good to be remembered by the children. I suppose adults sometimes need to make some younger friends to remind themselves of their innocence, perhaps! D: Has this internship or moments in interacting with children through Bright Side Projects brought about any changes in how you approach issues/kids in the future? J: This is for sure! For example, I was in a children camp recently, and watched the kids climb up the hill with their huge luggage. Previously I would instantly give a hand to them yet this time I choose to stay and watch from behind. I would reward them words of affirmation if they made it on their own. I have learned that the ability of children is so much more beyond our imagination from the way Bright Side get along with their children. All we need to do is to let go, make sure they have the chance and space to go through the ups and downs of life on their own, because only then they will grow stronger. Yes of course, after face-to-face interaction with the children and becoming more familiar with them, we made amendments on our events and our routine according to their actual needs. Other than that, seeing them enjoyed so much during the events would make me feel that the efforts and time paid were worth it!

INTERVIEW Jessie Wang “�” D: You were one of the first interns to participate in our Brighter Futures program providing much needed dedicated one on one mentorship and guidance to our youth in their apprenticeship. What are your thoughts on the program and it’s impact to the youth? J: Brighter Futures is a program that has really only taken off recently and during my internship I was fortunate enough to have become a part of the process from planning, preparing, and cultivating a visionary apprenticeship for children. The time was relatively short, however, so not much can be taught to someone in this amount of time so we had to focus on the training that the individual child needed the most. This would be based on each child’s situation and characteristics thus could only be implemented after slowly understanding their real needs; developing tailored content took half the time. However, the step is still crucial as we need to permit the child to be able to try and then assess where they might have had failure or success and understand the abilities they lack they need that will help the during their career. D: How has it been working in the office as an intern and being able to tie that in with the importance of the work Bright Side does with the children when you see their faces? J: Yes of course, after face-to-face interaction with the children and becoming more familiar with them, we made amendments on our events and our routine according to their actual needs. Other than that, seeing them enjoyed so much during the events would make me feel that the efforts and time paid were worth it! D: What are your hopes for the children or what you can do? J: Hopefully they are courageous enough to have a more comprehensive view in life, have faith in themselves as they can do so much more than what they can imagine. Someday they may become one of us shining a light onto others, since the world will never stop deteriorating, only we can keep holding tight and make things better by our ability to love.

� �   � We loved having Rosa as one of our new Big Friend volunteers this year! From getting to know us in our Taipei Create for Love event, she made the effort to get to know and eventually, fall in love with our Bright Side kids through Taiwan. Rosa’s Self Introduction My name is Rosa. I’m an international student from Peru who graduated from NTUT. I’m tenacious, proactive and enthusiastic. I’m fond of acting, singing and dancing ballet. Even though I’m quite shy, I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone. My mantra is, 'to infinity and beyond!' Daisy: How and when did you find out about Bright Side Projects and what made you want to get involved? Rosa: I found out about Bright Side Projects during the Christmas season in 2019. Since it was the holiday season, I decided to search for some cultural activities, volunteering services or any interesting events that I can join during the winter break. When I was looking through my Facebook news feed and scrolling the timeline, I came across with the event ��������� �Create for Love: Christmas Gingerbread Party in Taipei. As soon as I read the content of the Gingerbread Party, I found it really interesting because I was excited to make a gingerbread cookie for the first time and experience the holiday season in Taiwan. Even though I’m not a pro at cooking, I was able to create unique masterpieces with the children. All of our cookies were made with all our love and affection. Christmas is the perfect time to express our feelings and love to our beloved ones, friends and family. We have so much love to give, and the more we give, the more we receive. D: How do you feel your interaction with the children has changed over the time you have been joining our workshops? R: From the first workshop ����������I could observe and learn how to communicate with the children. Since I need to use either English or Chinese in the creative education sessions, the language barrier is a downside for me. However, I can still use other methods such as body language to deliver my messages to them. From the second workshop ��Miniature Birdhouses in ChingChuan, I had the chance to interact with the children from Taoshan Elementary school. They’re truly adorable, gentle and so hilarious. This workshop was the most challenging I’ve ever been to. Trying to be a woodcraft artisan for a day was a completely new experience. I not only learned about wood carving, but also, I learned about Taiwanese local birds with talented kids. From the third workshop LINE����� ���� creating LINE stickers through art therapyI have to say that the children have borderless imagination. I was quite amused and delighted by their creations. They created wonderful LINE stickers; their drawings expressed different people’s emotions and feelings in a unique way. The last workshop���� Pinata Celebrationwas such a big celebration, I had a great time with the children sharing with them a Piñata song and assisting them making the Piñata toy. It’s all about spending time together and getting to know each other better, so we can build a real friendship.

� �    � D:What has been your favorite workshop and why? R: This is a tough question because all the workshops I have been to were amazing! From my point of view, Piñata Celebration in ChingChuan was the most exciting and amusing workshop so far. Piñata is a decorated figure containing small toys and sweets that is suspended from a height and broken open by blindfolded children. In my country, Peru, we use the Piñata to celebrate children’s birthday party, so it brought backl memories of my childhood. I did love watching the children how they created their own Piñatas and how cheerful they were trying to break the Piñata in one hit. I also introduced the traditional song “Rompe la Piñata” while they were hitting the Piñata. We had a blast! D: Are there any memorable moments you can share with us? R: I think the workshop Create for Love: Christmas Gingerbread Party was so lovely and magical! Even though I’m not good at cooking, I did enjoy making gingerbread with the children. I tried my best to make the most beautiful gingerbread, however it ended up looking pretty ugly and quite scary. But n matter how ugly my gingerbread was, it was incredibly sweet inside because I put all my love and effort into it. Moreover, I designed a heart shape Christmas card for the children and I wrote down my thoughts and feelings about this meaningful holiday. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for caring, sharing and giving love to each other. So, last Christmas, I gave the children my heart. D: Why have you decided to continue to join our workshops? R: Foremost, I’m passionate to get involved in different cultural activities/programs such as creative education sessions, volunteering services, summer camps and so forth. Without doubt, Bright Side Projects’ workshops are incredible! They have amazing ideas about craftivities, they do come up with cool ideas for preparing tasty plant-based meals, as well as they make their workshops truly fun so there's no time to be bored! The main reason I decided to continue to join their workshops is due to I aim to potential my cultural awareness and language skills. Moreover, I want to be able to adapt myself to a variety of new environments, and have the chance to mingle with people from different mindsets. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so why not try something you haven’t done before? As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained! D: What are your hopes for the children or what you can do? R : I truly hope the children stay healthy, safe and be grateful for the little things in life. Since no one knows what the future has in store for us, let’s try to build a better future for all of us; a future of growth, opportunity, and security, anchored by the values of people whose heart is good. Overall, having the chance to be involved in Taiwanese communities and building bonds with amazing people were priceless! I may not be the most powerful and rich person to make a big impact in the whole world, but I'm glad to make a positive impact in THEIR world. Thank you so much! ¡Muchas gracias! ! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

 COMMUNITY SPONSORS & SUPPORT KeepingArt ���Suiis��� | Uniqlo Taiwan���� shine shine���������� |  | Santa Jia-Xin����������� � ���  2020 �� ������ ����� | MERCK ��� NUTTEA � BaganHood ������� ��Ooh Cha Cha�Amy Liu | � Lone Pine Legend�James Teng �+ � TEACHERS & KITCHEN TABLE CHEFS �� ���Yu-An�� Eric Wu1D | � | Daisy Lin �� CORE PHOTOGRAPHERS DaisyKen WangJed ChenYu-An�JessieAching  BIG FRIENDS �������Yu-AnRosa Carolina���Ken WangDaisy1D ����Sara Chien | Jed ChenJason Lin��JoyceAlanJessie ��Aching�� ���� GRAPHIC DESIGNERS �, Haichen Hsu, Carl Nyman (Sixten)

� GENEROUS SOULS � | � | Amy Liu | �� | �� | ���� | � | � | Anon | Sarah Milne | ��Anon Anon�Anon���������Ishi LinAnon���� ��Joanne���Angela Lin�����Anon� ��YuRi’s������������HSIA YI WEI������ �����Anon�O� MERCK ����� � |  | � |  | � | �� |  | �� | ���� | � |  | �� | ��� | �� | ��� | � | � | 3417� | 1017� | � | �� |  | � | �� |  | � | � |   | ������1020PlantsHelenHu|Square JaoLily LinPlants���BaganHood VeganTaipeiNice CreamLulu ChandlerVivaVegan����������� Jed Chen�������� Cool VegHouseInternational Women's Club ������SUIIS ������ChristieMakoto HamadaMai BachIven B DieterJoey LiuPaula PerryFrank ChenNancy LeeChen Yin-JuTAS Orphanage ClubHsu Rui YongMaria TingChen,yachiStella YangLi LinHsiu Chuan Lin David CarilletJiachi SuJanet LinKaren YangYang pei kaiCheng Mei YaCarl NymanFeng Ting TsouShu-min Coolidge Lynn ChenWan Taiwan TraveLin I YUZahara WignotJon BurkeAndy Wei HsiaDebbie LiuJenna CodyHsiao Ling PaiOlga KondukovaRhys JamesJennifer HoMelissa DahlinCrystal McClure��Wei Chu Hsu��62503417 ����Kaitlin YoungMila YoungXX����� �����������Rosa��Hawk�� 40301121�(BE51)�����(BE51)�Jason LinFamily1stLLC(BE51) Irene Liu(BE51)����Kathy Kuo(BE51)����Global GivingJacky Hou(BE51) �(BE51)��|(BE51)��(BE51)��(BE51)00028692���(BE51)�(BE51)�� �������������BE51����Vegan CTC� �����BE51�����()���� �����Yuri's���chacha icecream��Tim ����� Zero living���BE51�������()������ Carmelo Tsai�����Hsiao Fen84474�6185605��J��� ����������BE517522�8710��� �38059�������������038����� 3591��6197��1672��������1271��3798������ �������08997100�24134241� ��2107�����NUTTEA�PLANTS��������� Yuri�Q���������OrganicB��������� ��������������������� �Claire ChenNCCU IMBA Oath Club����������312 ��Liz��������Chieni McCulloughKelly Lin�23129������������s

Big Friend Jason Lin with our ChingChuan kids DONATE: Scan the QR Code or head to http://brightside.tw/ donate A/C Name: ������ Post GIRO Account: 50315811 PayPal: BrightSide.tw@gmail.com JOIN US! We would love to have more Friends who have an interest in leading our courses. Many of our Teachers previously had little to no prior experience in leading courses or working with children - we can make this a possibility. Big Friends to join the workshops are SPONSOR US! By sponsoring a dream in the always welcomed but remember to sign up early in advance as most of the limited spots fill up within 72 hours! We also need skilled volunteers for the following: translation from English to Mandarin, project assistants for events, video editors, fundraising, and basic database entry. If you have a skill and time to contribute, let us know! We would love to have you on board and to join in our Neighborhood! Neighborhood, it brings us closer to knowing our targeted communities. We can achieve the dreams of workshop creations from start to finish. We urgently need funding to keep things at the quality they are now and to move forward. From pre-event tasks in sourcing teachers, meetings, rundowns, call-outs for volunteers, venues, transportation logistics, course materials, Kitchen Table ingredients and preparation, post reports, each event requires 60-95 hours of work. This is an accumulated average of 15,337 hours. This is calculated for just one person and not inclusive of the tasks behind the scene in grant application, fundraising, administrative tasks, volunteer management, website creation, member and benefactor relations, project planning, accounting, and more. This is why our administrative team is so important - they even take on the task of teaching in critical moments. Workshops are conducted at a threadbare minimum with attention paid to the quality of fresh nutritious food and striving to enhance interaction and fun for all. We want to do better and we want to do more. Please support us with a one-time transfer or regular monthly donation and we can issue with a tax-deductible receipt for your generosity. Bank Name: Fubon Bank Bank Code: 012 Account: 4901 0202 2421 Swift Code: TPBKTWTP Bank Address: 389 RenAi Road, Section 4. Taipei City, DaAn District BSP Tax Code: 3863 4481 Please email donate@brightside.tw when you fund us and advise on the amount and last 5 digits of transferring bank account. If you need a tax deductible receipt please include either your name (Surname/First) or Company name, phone number, mailing address, and your ID or company number. Official receipts will be processed within 45 days upon receiving payment and full contact information. Edu Workshops Logistics/Admin Operations Website 32% FIND US ### W ### # ## ## 2012-2020 Copyright All Rights Reserved. No material or images can be reproduced without prior written authorisation by Bright Side Projects. Logo design: Sixten http://BrightSide.tw

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