Maldden alld a Vol. 33, No. 23 den -FREEYour Local News & Sports Online! Scan & Subscribe Here! AADD CTE OCAT AT www.advocatenews.net Published Every Friday 617-387-2200 E Friday, June 7, 2024 Malden High School graduates 423 with the Class of 2024 Picture-perfect weather graces the day as family and friends celebrate The 423 members of the Malden High Class of 2024 toss their caps in traditional fashion following the 180th Commencement Exercises at Macdonald Stadium last Sunday. (Advocate photo by Henry Huang) By Steve Freker T hey surely do not make many better days than the one that graced Macdonald Stadium on Sunday for the 180th Malden High School Commencement Exercises. Sunny skies and comfortable temperatures in the high 70s provided a picturesque backdrop to the afternoon with family and friends packing the stands as 423 members of this year’s Senior Class of 2024 were awarded their diplomas. This year’s senior class was one that withstood lots of adversity and challenges, including being freshmen when the oncein-a-100-years COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and caused them to spend basically their entire freshman year of high school at home in remote learning. Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo touched on this theme in his remarks to the Class of 2024 citing his only regret. “The regret that I [have], it was because I only had 3 years with you instead of 4. I missed an entire year [of in-person learning] with this exceptional group,” Mastrangelo told the seniors Sunday. “Imagine how much more I could have learned from you. Imagine how the entire MHS community would have grown from another year with you.” The Class of 2024 persevered, however, and rolled to Sunday’s “finish line” in strong fashion, the Malden High principal acknowledged. “[Today] is where my regret turns to joy. The next stage of your life is fi lled with excitement and uncertainty. You will face challenges, but you are ready. You will face loss, but you are ready. You will face great success and you are ready. You will face the world and you are ready,” Mastrangelo said. “I am excited for the world to meet you and realize what we already know. I just hope that the places you go and the people you meet get more time with you than I did,” he added, just before offi cially beginning the distribution of diplomas. Earlier in the ceremony, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, addressing graduates at his 13th MHS Commencement in the city’s top elected post, made it a festive greeting, replete with a noisemaker and donning a “Happy Birthday” party hat and passing out others to his stage mates – Mastrangelo and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ligia Noriega Murphy – before congratulating the Class of 2024. Mayor Christenson used a historical theme, tying the Class of 2024’s commencement into the city’s real-time 375th celebration of Malden’s founding. “Our community is making history this year with our 375th anniversary, and this year’s senior class of 2024 is part of it as the graduating class from Malden High School,” Mayor Christenson said. “Everyone here is part of the celebration and part of making history.” Superintendent Dr. Noriega Murphy also congratulated the graduating seniors. “This is an amazing class and you are all on path to great success,” she said on Sunday. “It has been a pleasure for me to get to know so many of you and congratulations on all you have accomplished.” Supt. Noriega Murphy and Principal Mastrangelo both made note of the exceptional academic performance of the Class of 2024. Nearly 100 members of the Class of 2024 are graduating with a Grade Point Average of 4.0 or higher (all A’s), while over 220 have achieved GRADUATES | SEE PAGE 12

Page 2 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 JOHN MACKEY & ASSOCIATES ~ Attorneys at Law ~ * PERSONAL INJURY * REAL ESTATE * FAMILY LAW * PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY * LANDLORD/TENANT DISPUTES 14 Norwood Street Everett, MA 02149 Phone: (617) 387-4900 Fax: (617) 381-1755 WWW.JMACKEYLAW.COM 8 Norwood St. Everett (617) 387-9810 Open Tues. - Sat. at 4:00 PM Closed Sun. & Mon. Announcing our Classic Specials Dine In Only: * FREE Salad with purchase of Entree, Tuesdays & Wednesdays * Cheese Pizza - Only $10 Catch ALL The Live Sports Action On Our Large Screen TV’s Scan & Follow Us on Facebook! Troop 603 Leader Rich Boudreau was accompanied by other leaders, Boy Scouts and current Eagle Scouts honoring Madison's achievement. By Joseph Turner I n a fi tting ceremony at Malden City Hall on May 30, 30 friends, relatives, Boy Scouts and Scout leaders came to honor Madison Santos as he was awarded the organization’s highest honor, Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout Award presented to Madison Santos Local teen earns Eagle Scout honor www.810bargrille.com Newly honored Eagle Scout Madison Santos was accompanied by his father, Dennis, mother, Miranda and sister, Stefani. (Photos by Joseph Turner) Mayor Gary Christenson read a proclamation from the City of Malden honoring Madison’s achievement. Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 3 APPRECIATION: Bob Rotondi, the quintessential Maldonian, is already missed, deeply and immeasurably By Steve Freker B ob Rotondi was proud of his longevity, but he never reveled in it. It was not the first words out of his mouth if you came across him around town, at the ballfield or anywhere else you might see him. But he was certainly proud of it and so were all those who became a part of his Malden “friend family” along the years. Let’s face it, nearly 70 years is a long, long time to do anything – as they say – let alone manage a Malden Babe Ruth League. He made the lineup, talked about substitutions with his assistants and then enjoyed the walk-off win over his team’s opponent, the Chiefs. Bob DID enjoy that victory, though. It validated him for another year, another season and another chapter in his life. It was a happy night, even though it took a lot of work for the guys who had spent the past many months helping Bob get around and, quite simply, live his life. Deano, Paul, Andy, miration. It was a two-way street though; just as happy as the folks there to give him the spotlight, Bob dished it out as well. He loved to remember anecdotes, accomplishments and little stories about everyone else, whether they involved him or not. You see, this is why Bob was so beloved in Malden. When you are around as long as he was, you acquire a lot – new friends, new memories, new players... lots of “new.” Bob was a “keeper” and that’s why he was a magnet for a lot that was good in the city. One also loses a lot when you make it to age 85 and Bob certainly had losses as well. The passing of his sister, Diane, in January 2023 was a huge one, and some say he never recovered fully, and they are probably right. But Bob hung on, kept the flame going for Malden Babe Ruth and his circle of “friend family” members. Bob passed away Sunday and while it was not entirely unexpected, considering his poor health for much of the past two or three years, when is the finality of it all ever NOT unexpected? People talk about legacy when people who have “been around forever” leave us. Bob Rotondi does not even have to leave us a legacy. We were blessed and so eminently grateful to have him in that dugout, in that supermarket, at that ballpark for all these years just to be in his presence. That is his legacy. Well, forever is not always forever. Bob has left us and he will not be sitting in that dugout anymore, but he will still be watching the games, keeping score and encouraging all of us to keep the flame going for baseball in the city of Malden. And he will not mind at all if the Knights pull out a few extra victories along the way! Bob Rotondi: You have been loved, you have been admired and valued, you have been respected... and you are already missed, deeply and immeasurably, Rest in peace, Mr. Malden Babe Ruth! Bob Rotondi and Mayor Gary Christenson at Bob’s 85th birthday party at the Malden Moose a few weeks ago. Bob passed away on Sunday at the age of 85. (Advocate Photo) youth baseball team. It was a thrill to see him doing just that only two weeks ago, when Bob was sitting in his customary spot in the dugout of the ballpark that bears his name, down at the end of Maplewood Street. Yes, that is correct. By “hook or by crook,” Bob Rotondi was there at the start of his 60th season as the “Father of the Knights” in the Wayne, a handful of others... the list is long, but the people on it were grateful to help. Another happy day came this past March, late in the month, when the Malden Moose Hall was packed with friends, former players and plenty of others who came to help Bob celebrate his 85th birthday. Bob was all smiles that Saturday, awash in love and adWindow Glass & Screen Repair

Page 4 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Class Orator Ivan Wu’s Speech The following remarks were delivered by Malden High School Class of 2024 Orator Ivan Wu on Graduation Day, June 2, 2024 C ongratulations, Malden High School Graduating Class of 2024! I want to thank families, friends, teachers, staff , alumni, curious onlookers, esteemed guests, crouching tigers, and hidden dragons for coming to celebrate the fi nest class to ever grace the halls of the MHS. As written. I’m no public speaker. I may have a script here but I don’t have a plan. Pretty much sums up my high school experience. Frankly, the ocean of faces staring at me is enough for me to run off stage in tears. Nevertheless, there comes a time in our lives where we must rise to the occasion, and so I have put together the single greatest speech under the heavens. Before anything, I’d fi rst like to thank and honor my parLawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lien * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net ents – my mom and dad – the strongest people I know, who have made incredible sacrifi ces for my education and have supported me in everything I do. In fact, it is their eff orts that have helped me survive four years of high school, from the hopeless freshman locked in quarantine to the graduating senior delivering this speech. I also can’t forget to mention my brat of a little sister, who, for better or for worse, has always been there for me. And as for my friends, my fellow senior-class disciples, for better or for worse, they have been there to share the burden of the Daoist way with me as well. I stand before you here today as your Orator. My job is to bore you for the next few minutes or so with references that no one else understands while I impart advice that a four-year-old could’ve come up with. But rest assured, mortal and immortal cultivators alike can learn from it, and I would not be speaking Celebrating Our 52nd Year Dan - 1972 We Sell Cigars & Accessories! MAJOR BRANDS AT DISCOUNT PRICES! Singles * Tins * Bundles * Boxes * Travel Humidors * Desk Top Humidors * Many Types of Lighters * Ash Trays * Juuls * Vapes * Glass Pipes * Rewards Program * CBD Infused Products * GIFTS UNDER $30 - GIFT CERTIFICATES Don’t Wait! Get What You Smoke NOW! Buy Your Smokes by the Box & SAVE!! Join Our FREE Rewards Program & SAVE Even More! NEW HOURS STARTING JUNE 1ST: OPEN MON. - SAT., 9 AM - 7 PM / SUN., 9 AM - 6 PM Humidor Specials! Starting as LOW as $99. Complete with Accessories R.Y.O. TOBACCO & TUBES ON SALE! Green Label Cigar Sale! Buy 2 Cigars, Get One FREE! A.B.C. CIGAR 170 REVERE ST., REVERE (781) 289-4959 Chris 2024 Ivan Wu Class of 2024 Orator here today if I did not believe in it myself. We all have, or had, diff erent starting points in life. Now that we’re graduating, we will be taking on life starting at diff erent points as well. However, regardless of where you’re starting, whether you struggled through math class or aced calculus, whether you stopped at the qi condensation realm or have breached golden core formation; regardless of where you’ll be going, whether it be the trades, college, the military, or the Shaolin Temple; your efforts will be rewarded in kind. Sorry, that was a bit of a lie. At times, you may fi nd that it requires twice the eff ort for just half the results. Maybe even less. But they are results nonetheless. This deceptively simple advice goes far beyond me just telling you to “never give up;” it is the Daoist way. Although I’m ranked third in the sect now, I have endured weakness in the past, drifting through school without a care in the world. However, one day, enlightenment dawned on me. This was neither profound nor remarkable; I had simply realized what I wanted to do. I was in my sophomore year and that summer I risked qi deviation to break through from Math 3 Honors into AP Calculus BC. I, a mere frog in a well, learned about the sky, and… I yearned to reach it. This turning point in my journey is why I can stand here before you today. I made no shortage of mistakes along the way, and occasionally didn’t try hard enough where it mattered, but my eff orts bore fruit in the end. The point is that any one of you seated here today can take the same path, rife with both successes and failures, and time will show you whether your eff orts were worth it. From experience, you will not be disappointed. It sounds too good to be true, yes. But whether this is true or not, I suppose you’d have to put in the eff ort to fi nd out. With all that said, don’t underestimate what comes your way, fellow Daoists. These days, even with eyes, it can prove hard to recognize Mt. Tai. What I mean is that for every hardship, it’s easy to fall without putting in the equal or greater level of eff ort required. Even for seemingly easy obstacles, a fi tting Chinese idiom exists: “A lion uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit.” This reminds me of the story of a fallen fellow sect disciple from our senior class. I still remember his eager expression as he urged me to enroll in Linear Algebra with him this year. This was a college-level math class, by no means easy but not incredibly challenging either. Of course, by the end of the class, I, with a heavy heart, collected what remained of him into a dustpan and carefully laid him to rest. The very next day, his ghost came to fi nd me, eagerly indicating his intention to enroll in Multivariable Calculus. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If there is anything to take away from this story, it’s that you may fall along the way, with nothing to show for your efforts, but you can always build yourself back up. At this point, some observant hidden masters may have realized what I’ve been saying this entire time. Truth be told, this entire speech could have been boiled down to a mere seven words: “Try your best, and never give up.” If nothing else, please take these words with you to live by. This truly was our Jujutsu Kaisen. Good luck, and thank you. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 orInfo@advocatenews.net

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Page 6 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 ~ Malden Musings ~ Amerige Park’s Cliff Cioffi By Peter Levine I 50 t is said in “Malden Musings”... Amerige Park’s Cliff CiofEastern Bank Building on Rte. 1S 605 Broadway, #301 * Saugus (781) 233-6844 www.bostonnorthdental.com Dr. Priti Amlani Dr. Bhavisha Patel * Restorative Dentistry * Cosmetic Dentistry * Implant Restoration * Zoom Whitening * Teeth in a Day - All on 6 * Invisalign * CEREC Crowns (Single Visit Crowns) * Root Canal Treatment * Sedation Dentistry ~ Full Mouth Rehabilitation ~ Before After fi – can we talk about his impact on a generation of Maldonians? Without him even knowing it no less!? First off, I kid (yes, kid) about his proclivity for letting the ball fly whenever he got his hands on it (well, almost every time), but let me learn ya, Choff knew better than most how to play the game of hoop. No doubt he took his fair share but most of the time, he was the best player on the court, and you wanted the ball in his hands taking those big shots. He worked hard on and off the court, with his confidence making him a natural born leader. Humble by nature and a charismatic mover and shaker, his impact on our lives – for those lucky enough to know him – has been epic, realized from Devir to Amerige Park for the past five decades, at least. Mentor, argumentative, trendsetter, opinionated, spiritual leader, mishigas and much more, the likes of Choff most likely not to be seen in Malden ever again, whether he realizes it or not. Must be true, you are now reading it in the paper. Did I mention he likes a good argument? Apropos of Cliff, paraphrasing Henry David Thoreau, the way Mr. Big Stuff strutted like a peacock through the first 70+ years: “Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. So live the life you imagined.” • My “1985” piece left Denise Russo Wilson with pleasant memories: “Loved reading this. I grew up in Malden and lived on Rockwell Terrace from about 1968 to about 1978. Then moved to Church Street (right by my Parish, St. Joseph’s) then graduated MHS in 1984. I have Pam Hirtle, Peter Levine, Cliff Cioffi, Dorothy Drago Levine, Rose Ann Tomasello and Barbara Levine Scibelli fond memories of Nelson’s Bakery and I remember my 5-yearold self being AWED by the automatic door at the bottom of the ramp as you left. I remember Candyland, the place I got my cheese filled with peanut butter crackers for snack time in kindergarten at the Maplewood School which became Dragon Island for a good while. I STILL get my hair cut by Claudia Cresco who ran the Intersalon with her sister, where Maplewood Drug once was, now her shop is on Eastern Ave. I can’t remember the name of the place that I believe was next to Nelson’s, that was a sub shop, and had a slush machine - all the kids stopped for slush after school. I remember the Five & Dime? Eventually got turned into storage for Sunnyhurst Farms. How about Ferro’s Supermarket? Which I believe was A&P before that. Remember the Maplewood Branch of the Malden Public Library? I LOVED the librarian, Mrs. Schwartz! I think they eventually turned it into a satellite classroom for the Maplewood School. Great memories, thank you so much!” • A very small Malden “slice of life” brought to you by one of Malden’s best friends, Dana Brown. The passing of his beloved dad (Francis) was felt throughout Malden in each and every Ward. Here is but a snippet from his remembrance: “Dad was a schoolteacher in the Malden Public Schools, spending the majority of his career at the C.W. Holmes School where he worked together with my mother for over 25 years. Their commute from Pratt Street to the Holmes School cemented their marriage it seems. In their younger years Dad and Mom operated a summer camp for Malden youth, Camp Pinecrest. Some legendary Maldonians attended or worked at the camp. As co-director dad would drive the bus, make lunches, and serve as a lifeguard. The charge was $5 per week per youngster. Not a single kid was ever denied enrollment based on the money. Not sure if dad ever made money.” “Malden Musings” Musical Pick of the Week: Lazy mid-May Saturday night on the recliner nursing a cold Schweppes Ginger Ale watching the late ’50s TV show “State Trooper” on YouTube TV. ST was an American crime drama set in the American West of the 1950s. It starred Rod Cameron as Lt. Rod Blake, an officer and chief investigator of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The series aired 104 episodes and was in syndication from 1956 to 1959. If you dig these 1950s crime shows (lots of scenes shot in Vegas and Reno), you will dig this one for sure. Awesome special guests popped up from time to time during the series run, including Malden’s very own Jack Albertson, Amanda (Kitty from “Gunsmoke”) Blake, Frank De Vol, (a very young) Angie Dickinson as well as Michael Landon, Vito Scotti and (of course) Burt Mustin. Anyway, it’s the December 1957 episode “The Dancing Dowager” and the action takes place in Vegas. The plot goes like this... Sheriff Elder spots a beautiful blonde matching the description of a notorious con artist who preys on businessmen throughout the country. Blake goes undercover to gather evidence against the grifter, but his plans hit a snag when one of the woman’s former marks shows MUSINGS| SEE PAGE 20

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 7 Malden High Valedictorian Colby Parkey Graduation Speech Thank you! I would like to begin today by The following remarks were delivered by Malden High School Class of 2024 Valedictorian Colby Parker — the #1-ranked student— on Graduation Day, June 2, 2024 fi rst time. acknowledging everyone who has taken the time to be here today. Thank you for your continued support and for everything you have done over the years that has enabled us all to become the people we are today. If you will indulge me for just a few moments, I’d also like to acknowledge a few people here today that have made a profound impact on our class. To Mayor Christenson, thank you for being here and for your ongoing support of Malden High School. To Principal Mastrangelo, thank you for setting the tone for our school. Your eff orts on a daily basis have not only created a positive learning environment for all, but an unbreakable bond that brings and holds our school together. To our class advisors, Ms. Kirby, Ms. Webber and Ms. Votaw. Your tireless support on this journey is appreciated more than we can ever express. On a more personal note, I would also like to thank Coach Copithorne, Mr. Marques, Ms. Campbell, and Ms. Jones. If it were not for these four amazing individuals, I don’t believe I would be up here speaking in front of you all today. They have always been there for me and I could not imagine high school without them. Finally, to my own parents and family, thank you for your continued guidance and motivation throughout the years. It is your unwavering support that has allowed me to reach this point and that will guide me in the years to come. This time of year, High Schools all across the country are gathering just like we are today to recognize their graduates and send them out into the world. Many of the speeches given at these ceremonies will focus on the theme of changing the world. This will not be one of those speeches. Instead, I would like to refl ect on our past four years here at Malden High. To acknowledge the tireless efforts we have all endured to get to this day and talk about the invaluable lessons we have learned along the way. In Malden, our motto is “Strong Past, Proud Future.” This can mean something different to everyone, but in my view, this speaks to the character of our school, our community, and more specifi cally, our class as a whole. accountable. It was a metaphor for life. Insert any meaningful term and it continues to hold true. Your choices are your responsibility; Your success is your responsibility; Your happiness is your responsibility The point being, in life, the important decisions and their consequences are up to you. Don’t allow someone else to Colby Parker Valedictorian Malden High School Class of 2024 We sit here today as the fi rst graduating class to begin high school under the confi nes of a global pandemic. For more than a year, we sat behind computer screens, attending classes virtually while teachers scrambled to create and administer classes that resembled the in-class experience. Many of us were unable to even recognize our classmates in the absence of a mask well into our sophomore year. Yet, here we sit four years later, more than 450 strong, having accomplished many great things in the classroom, on the athletic fi elds, in theater and music and across countless other community organizations and extracurricular activities. If that doesn’t speak to perseverance, and a class that is determined to get the job done then I’m not sure what does. This did not happen by accident. Our time at Malden High did more than teach us the curriculum, it instilled in us a work ethic and a sense of character that will continue to pave the way for our success in the years to come. We were provided more than an education, we were given ownership over our futures. This concept was initially introduced to me the very first day of my freshman year when Mr.Marques cited a quote to our class that encapsulates everything that our high school years are about. He said, and I quote, “Your Education is Your Responsibility.” The first time I heard these words, I honestly didn’t think much of it. I thought this was his way of making students take accountability and to set clear expectations for his class. Yet, over the last four years I began to realize that it was much more than a throwaway quote with a goal of making a bunch of high school students more determine your own personal outcomes. We should be taking control of our own lives and all that comes with it. This isn’t always an easy evolution. Going from our lives being largely dictated to us by family and school to being responsible for our futures can be overwhelming. However, I’m confi dent that the last four years have prepared us well for this transition. During the past few months I’m sure there has been no shortage of advice given to you as to what you should do next after graduation. And while I’m sure you’ve all had your fi ll of advice for now, if you will allow me, I’d like to off er up one fi nal piece before we depart today as graduates. My advice is this. Don’t be afraid to get in the game and give it your best eff ort. You may not always succeed and that’s okay. Through failure you will improve. You will learn what is most important to you and you will fi ght for it. As Albert Einstein once said, “if you have never failed, you have never tried anything new.” History is littered with the failures of great people who went on to do amazing things. And they all had these things in common. They never let doubt or fear overcome them. They never allowed naysayers to stand in their way and most importantly, they never gave up. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric lightbulb, once said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." In life, we will all have our own version of the lightbulb. The question is, what will you do when you fi nd it? When we leave here today, we will head in the directions of our callings. For some of us, that may mean service in the military or learning a trade. For others, it means attending a college or university and moving away from home for the 425r Broadway, Saugus Located adjacent to Kohls Plaza Route 1 South in Saugus at the intersection of Walnut Street We are on MBTA Bus Route 429 781-231-1111 We are a Skating Rink with Bowling Alleys, Arcade and two TV’s where the ball games are always on! PUBLIC SKATING SCHEDULE 12-7 p.m. Sunday Monday Tuesday $9.00 Price includes Roller Skates Rollerblades/inline skates $3.00 additional cost Private Parties 7:30-11 p.m. Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday $10.00 Price includes Roller Skates Adult Night 18+ Only Private Parties Private Parties 4-8 p.m. $10.00 8:30-11 p.m. $11. 18+ Adults Only After 7 PM 12-9 p.m. $9.00 Everyone must pay admission after 6 p.m. Sorry No Checks - ATM on site Roller skate rentals included in all prices Inline Skate Rentals $3.00 additional BIRTHDAY & PRIVATE PARTIES AVAILABLE www.roller-world.com But no matter which direction we head or how far we travel, we will always share an unbreakable bond. We are members of the Malden community and part of the Malden High School class of 2024. So no matter where our lives take us, we’ll always have a place to call home. Thank you again and congratulations to everyone who is graduating today! I know you will all do great things! RON’S OIL Call For PRICE MELROSE, MA 02176 NEW CUSTOMER’S WELCOME ACCEPTING VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER (781) 397-1930 OR (781) 662-8884 100 GALLON MINIMUM

Page 8 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo’s Graduation Speech Following is the speech delivered by Malden High School seventh-year Principal Chris Mastrangelo on Graduation Day, June 2, 2024 N ow it is my turn. I promise that it won’t be long as I know you are all excited to receive your diplomas. As I was pondering on a potential topic for my address I Gerry D’Ambrosio Attorney-at-Law Is Your Estate in Order? Do you have an update Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney? If Not, Please Call for a Free Consultation. 14 Proctor Avenue, Revere (781) 284-5657 somehow kept coming back to regret. Weird, I know. I struggled to understand why, on such a joyous occasion, my mind was stuck on regret. To be honest, it really bothered me. With all that the Class of 2024 has been through, the challenges that they faced (personally and as a group), the accomplishments that they earned. Why am I stuck with regret? Together this group faced a pandemic, individually many dealt with personal loss and self-doubt. Sure, there was the expected anxiety of entering high school. But this was different. Slowly this group started to figure it out. They began to find themselves, discover who they were, and to chart their own path. But still…regret. The Class of 2024 showed their Tornado Pride by getting involved with class activities. They started new MHS traditions, such as the Sophomore Soiree and the BTS Fest. They raised so much money that their prom, cap and gowns, and other events were the most affordable in years. They stood up for what they believed to be right and pushed Chris Mastrangelo Malden High School Principal back when they saw inequity. I witnessed a student correct a DJ when he asked for all the “mothers and fathers” to join in with a group dance. Abby reminded the DJ that all families do not have mothers and fathers and they should not be excluded. I watched friends comfort their friend when she had lost a loved one. I had students walk into my office to protest a decision that I had made as they felt that student voice was not accounted for…and they were right. I have seen them show up for games, concerts, plays, extra help sessions, retirement gatherings for their favorite teachers. I even welcomed them to my own home as part of an epic Senior Prank played on me when Sammie, Gisselle, Erikah, and Ashley somehow made it to my house, with the help of my daughter, to make it appear that they had slept on the couches in my living room. Now as if this isn’t enough, I live 30 miles north and they were there when I came downstairs at 5:30 in the morning. I am so lucky to have gotten to know so many of you. Your stories are inspiring. Your passion is infectious. Your empathy for others is humbling. Your willingness to challenge yourself, face your fears, and grow is unmatched. Then it started to become clear to me. The regret that I was feeling. It was because I only had 3 years with you instead of 4. I missed an entire year with this exceptional group. Imagine how much more I could have learned from you. Imagine how the entire MHS community would have grown from another year with you. But this is where my regret turns to joy. The next stage of your life is filled with excitement and uncertainty. You will face challenges, but you are ready. You will face loss, but you are ready. You will face great success and you are ready. You will face the world and you are ready. I am excited for the world to meet you and realize what we already know. I just hope that the places you go and the people you meet get more time with you than I did. No matter where your path takes you, remember where the journey began. Remember the people that helped you. Remember the places you have been. Remember that you left a mark on MHS in 3 years that most did not leave in 4. Also remember that the people whose lives you have touched love you and care for you. I love you all and leave you with one final piece of advice… take on the world with confidence and strength and leave the regret behind. Class of 2024…Do well, Be well. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 9 Friends of the Malden Public Library Wine Tasting Gala Fundraiser June 21 T he Friends of the Malden Public Library is hosting a Wine Tasting Gala fundraiser to benefi t the Malden Public Library on Friday, June 21 from 7–9 p.m., in the historic Converse Library and Art Galleries at 36 Salem St. in Malden. Enjoy a variety of wines, food selections from Malden’s fi nest establishments, live piano music, a silent raffl e and a VIP tour of the art galleries starting at 6:30 p.m. The Friends’ Wine Tasting has been a tremendously popular event – fi rst held in 2002 – selling out annually until the pandemic interrupted all in-person gatherings. This year, in coordination with the City of Malden’s 375th anniversary celebration and Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits (746 Main St. in Malden), the Friends are reviving this tradition. The theme for this year’s gala is Dressing through the Decades, and attendees are enWineEvents.com. Tickets for the fundraiser are $50 per person, and $75 per person for the VIP early entrance, which includes a tour of the Art Galleries – our hidden treasure! This is a 21+ event. Call the Library at 781-324-0218 for more information. The Friends of the MPL is a volunteer, fundraising organization – working with our diverse community to benefi t the Library – and is always looking for new members! Law Offices of JOSEPH D. CATALDO, P.C. “ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW” Friends of the Malden Public Library Wine Tasting Gala Fundraiser couraged to dress in the style of their favorite decade. The Friends are hoping to bring back the Wine Tasting Gala as a yearly event. Tickets are on sale at the Malden Public Library (cash or checks only, please) or can be purchased online at Local• ESTATE/MEDICAID PLANNING • WILLS/TRUSTS/ESTATES • INCOME TAX PREPARATION • WEALTH MANAGEMENT • RETIREMENT PLANNING • ELDER LAW 369 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 (617)381-9600 JOSEPH D. CATALDO, CPA, CFP, MST, ESQUIRE. AICPA Personal Financial Specialist Designee

Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Malden High Class of 2024 Seniors receive a new record of just over $124,000 on Scholarship Night Some 83 scholarship providers present 223 scholarships to over 150 worthy recipients on May 26 By Steve Freker O ne truth that each new crop of Malden High School seniors learn year in and year out is that the generosity of those who have come before them knows few bounds. This fact manifests itself on an annual basis on Malden High School Senior Scholarship Night held the week leading up the Graduation Day. This year the Scholarship Night was held once again in the Thornton Jenkins Auditorium on May 26. A sizable crowd of proud families and friends joined with seniors and scholarship presenters for what turned out to be another record-setting evening of financial enhancement for the newest Malden High School graduating class. On stage with the Senior Class members of the Student Council were third-year Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy, seventh-year Malden High Principal Chris Mastrangelo, Master of Ceremonies and MHS Jenkins House Principal Jayson Payeur as well as Senior Scholarship Co-Coordinators Jeanne Marquardo and Arlene Goldstein Ceppetelli. Marquardo and Ceppetelli spend countless hours all year round working on this specific evening. Over 220 scholarships were presented to over 150 Class of 2024 seniors, who hauled in just over $124,000 in scholarship awards presented to them from 83 individuals or named groups and organizations. Several top seniors – #1-ranked Valedictorian Colby Parker, Chloe Chen, Alina Dao, Ryan Coggswell and others – were multiple scholarship award recipients. Presenters included such well-known Malden service and community clubs as the Malden Lions, Kiwanis and Zonta Clubs, as well as the Malden Education Association (MEA) and Malden Alumni Association. The Malden Golden Tornado Club, the booster club for Malden High School Athletics, presented some $11,000 in scholarships, including $1,000 presentations to the top Female (Abilgail Morrison) and Male (Ryan Coggswell) Student-Athletes, GPA-wise, from the Class of 2024. Over 60 students received $500 scholarships from the Malden Municipal Association. On a poignant note, the Robert and Diane Rotondi Scholarship, which has been presented GIANNA T ASSIO SCHOLARSHIP: Recipients of the Andrea Giannattasio Scholarship, as presented by the late Malden High alumnus’ sister Christine Giannattasio Mader, were Jessica Li, Justina Lim and Larissa Retamero Granja. (Advocate Photos) MALDEN STUDENT-ATHLETE AWARD WINNERS: recipients Abigail Morrison, Chloe Chen, Victoria “Tori” Gammon, Ezechiel “Zeke” Noelsaint, Ryan Coggswell, Jerrell Calixte and Aaron Al-Marayati and others. MALDEN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Charlie Conefrey addresses the audience and thanks them for their support. ARLENE GOLDSTEIN CEPPETELLI SCHOLARSHIP: From left: Arlene Goldstein Ceppetelli, recipient Alina Dao and Paul Murphy. annually for over 35 years, was awarded to John “Jacky” Summers on Tuesday night, just days before Bob Rotondi – a Malden Babe Ruth icon – passed away after a lingering illness on June 2 at the age of 85. Summers is the son of Deano and Janelle Summers, the latter who serves as Field Director of Malden Babe Ruth. Following is a complete listing of all the scholarships that were presented on Malden Class of 2024 Senior Scholarship Night, all the recipients and the amounts they received. The Honorable Jeffrey Abber Memorial Scholarship Abigail Morrison – $1,000 The Robert K. Adams Media Award Beatriz Sousa Santos – $200 The Joseph G. Amelio Scholarship MALDEN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIPS: Recipients included Arsaima Asnake; Nicholas Duggan (Sager Family Foundation – A Student Going on to Study Business); Arya Shah (Sager Foundation, Education – In Memory of Nancy Finkelstein); Makeila Scott (Friends and Family of Nancy Finkelstein); Alina Dao (Dr. George Holland Memorial Scholarship); Meklit Abel (Joanne Iovino Memorial Scholarship); Ryan Coggswell (In Memory of Diane Lind); Tern Pierre Rene (Malden Police Patrolmen’s Association); Arnibush Ray (In Memory of Ralph Epstein, Class of ’57); and Colby Parker (In Memory of Mary Anne Gray, Class of 1981). COPSON SCHOLARSHIP: B r ayan Ar eva l o R i va s received the Copson Building Services Scholarship from the members of the Copson Family. The John Benotti Memorial Scholarship Vivian Onejiaka – $500 Barry Black Memorial Scholarship Ryan Coggswell – $1,000 Arthur P. and Margaret Boyle Scholarship Veqi Bai – $250 Boston Pearl Foundation and Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Scholarship Makeila Scott The Clarke R. Brookes ScholMALDEN VALEDICTORIAN: The #1-ranked student in the Class of 2024, Colby Parker, received one his several scholarship awards, this one in Memory of Mary Anne Gray, Class of 1981. Jackson Gordon – $150 The Domenic C. Antonucci Memorial Scholarship Felipe Sauthier – $150 MICHAEL LUU MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Class of 2024 senior Jerrell Calixte was presented the Michael Luu Memorial Scholarship by Luu family friend and longtime Malden High School educator James Valente. The Gordie Barbrick–James A. Tringali Memorial Scholarship Ryan Coggswell – $250, Ezechiel Noelsaint – $250 arship Adam Mayyalou – $200 The Brunelli Family Scholarship Yonglin Chen – $200 The Sean Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund Alina Dao – $500 The Copson Building Services Scholarship Brayan Arevalo Rivas – $500 The Thomas F. Cosgrove Memorial Scholarship Fund RECORD | SEE PAGE 17

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 11 Congratulations MHS Class of 2024 Graduates! State Representative Steven Ultrino Mayor Gary Christenson & The Citizens of Malden Jason Lewis State Senator Councillor-At-Large Craig Spadafora Councillor President Stephen Winslow Councillor-At-Large Karen Colón Hayes Paul J. Donato State Representative Ward 2 School Committee Rob McCarthy Ward 7 Councillor Chris Simonelli Malden Trans / Malden Taxi 781-322-5050 Lester, Peggy & David Morovitz

Page 12 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 GRADUATES | FROM PAGE 1 an Honor Roll GPA of 3.0 or better. Additionally, over 80% of this year’s class is headed to either a four-year college or university, a two-year community college or a certificate granting program. Over 100 seniors received just over $124,000 in scholarships at the recent Senior Awards Night. On Sunday, the Malden High School Scholarship corporation – in existence since 1909 – awarded individual $5,000 scholarships to a total of 30 recipients, another new high mark, as announced by Trustee Greg Lucey. Top-ranked student and Class Valedictorian Colby Parker, who is headed to the University of Florida in the fall, also spoke on the historical aspect of his classmates’ high school experience. “In Malden, our motto is ‘Strong Past, Proud Future.’ This can mean something different to everyone, but in my view, this speaks to the character of our school, our community, and more specifically, our class as a whole,” Parker said, referencing the fact that this 2024 class was the only one in school history that spent most of its freshman year in remote learning, due to the pandemic. “Our time at Malden High did more than teach us the curriculum, it instilled in us a work ethic and a sense of character that will continue to pave the way for our success in the years to come,” Parker added. “We were provided more than an education, we were given ownership over our futures.” Alejandra Fernandez has been in the United States for just three years, but has made a tremendous impact on the Malden community and Malden High School specifically in that brief time. Fernandez will matriculate at Harvard University – frequently ranked at or near the best college or university in the world this fall. She shared a snapshot of her life as an emigrant from Venezuela in her Salutatory Address as the #2-ranked student in the Class of 2024. The MHS Salutatorian had words of praise for her school and those who helped make a welcoming environment. “I would like to thank my classmates, teachers, and administrators for all their work in creating a welcoming environment that embraces diversity at Malden High School,” Fernandez said. She also thanks her parents in her and their native language, Espanol. “Mami y papi, ustedes son la razón por la que estoy aquí hoy dando un discurso. Desde pre-escolar ustedes me han impulsado a seguir mis sueños, a nunca dudar de mi, y me han dado la fuerza para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino.” Fernandez urged her graduating peers to “make a positive change wherever you go.” “Whether your next step in life is attending a four-year or twoyear college or going into the workforce, take advantage of the learning opportunities, be bold, and strive to make a positive change wherever,” Fernandez said. Class Orator Ivan Wu, who is headed to Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT), the #3 collegiate engineering program in the world, in the fall, cited his embrace of the Daoist philosophy as a driving force behind a surge of motivation in his academics that pushed him near the top of his class. “I have endured weakness in the past, drifting through school without a care in the world. However, one day, enlightenment dawned on me. This turning point in my journey is why I can stand here before you today,” Wu told his classmates and the audience. “I made no shortage of mistakes along the way, and occasionally didn’t try hard enough where it mattered, but my efforts bore fruit in the end. The point is that any one of you seated here today can take the same path, rife with both successes and failures, and time will show you whether your efforts were worth it,” Wu added. Malden High Class of 2024 President Meklit Abel, who is headed to Bentley University, one of the top-ranked business schools in the world, in the fall, also serves as the Student Representative to the Malden School Committee. She had praise for the “power of community” she has experienced in her high school years in her remarks. “One of the most incredible things that I personally think the class of 2024 embodies heavily is the power of community. Together, we’ve created a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and included,” Abel said. “We’ve celebrated each other’s successes and lifted each other up in times of need. This sense of community is something I will always cherish and strive to recreate in all aspects of my life,” she added. Following the speeches, a total of 423 members of the Class of 2024 received their diplomas and at the conclusion, when the traditional “cap toss” followed, family and friends streamed onto the Macdonald Stadium field to offer their congratulations to the strains of what now seems to have become the official theme song of Malden High Graduation Day, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.’“ THE SMITHS (not the singing group): Malden High graduates, pictured from left to right: Trinity Smith, Scott Smith and Agambir Singh. MHS BAND PLAYS ON— For their final song on Graduation Day. MESSAGES WITH MEANING: Many Malden High Class of 2024 Graduates adorned the top of their caps with meaningful messages. (Advocate Photos/Henry Huang) EASY AS 1-2-3— The Three top-ranked students (and speakers) for the Class of 2024 in the front row. Valedictorian Colby Parker, Salutatorian Alejandra Fernandez and Orator Ivan Wu. Superintendent Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy. Greg Lucey announces awardees for the Malden High School Inc. Scholarships, 33 scholarships of $5,000 each. ENJOYING THE DAY— Tyler Edmond and Ericah Makaria raise their hands in "victory" as they enjoy the day. Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo presiding over his 7th Commencement Exercises. ONE LAST SONG: Director Todd Cole leads the Malden High senior members and their underclassmen colleagues from the Choral Art Society in one last song together on Graduation Day. VIVA BRAZIL: Malden High senior Felix Junior Da Costa celebrates his Brazilian heritage with the Bandeira Nacional do Brasil (National Flag of Brazil) on Graduation Day. FIRST PIC OF “GRAD TWINS”: Hot off the press was this very first photo of “Twin Grads” Zakaria Mohamed Saleh (left) and Hamza Mohamed Saleh (right). Malden High School's 2024 Class President Meklit Abel.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 13 Meklit Abel Tia Adams Malyk Adrow Catherine Alayane Derick Aldana Aaron Al-Marayati Yara Alves Escobar Maria Luisa Alves Martins Joshua Angulo Hernandez Ana Luiza Antunes De Paula Ernesto Stacy Araujo Da Costa Michael Ardon Gabriel Arevalo Camille Arevalo Ortega Brayan Arevalo Rivas Abigail Arevalo Rodriguez Sandra Argueta Ariza Camilus Aristil Jr. Amy Arrue Maldonado Nicole Arthur Harrison Ashley Arsaima Asnake Jamal Aurelus Yeqi Bai Nathaniel Barber Charlens Barboux Yasmin Barbosa Da Silva Victor Barros Zuleyma Benitez Lopez Nicholas Berciano-Parini Kade Blanchet Bryan Blanco Ramos Yaw Boadi Acheampong Garrett Bolls Lindsay Bordenave Madison Borselli Victoria Boseti Sarah Boucher Mohamed Bouchtout Murillo Brandl Zachary Brennan Andres Brito Gonzalez Matthew Brown Unique Bullock Mckenzi Burke Lillian Cai Jerrell Calixte Yixin Cao Jayden Caplis Luiza Carneiro Passos Leticia Carvalho Allan Carvalho Petrocelli Nayelis Casillas Nayshon Casseus Mario Chacon Stefany Chacon Tejada Ramneet Chahal Brahim Chahid Rayane Chakir Daniel Chan Ashley Charles Christina Charles Dandre Charlot Adin Chen Chloe Chen Ethan Chen Jiaxing Chen Jiongjun Chen Shuyi Chen Yonghao Chen Yonglin Chen Kara Cheung Diana Chivata Sanchez Alyssa Chung Kennedy Clark Paolla Coelho Dos Santos Ryan Coggswell Angelina Colon Mahrianna Comin-Larmie Emilly Cruz Teresa Culbreath-Isles Felix Junior Da Costa Isadora Da Silva Alves Kauan Da Silva Coelho Kauanny Da Silva Santos Alina Dao Kevin Daugherty Marielys De Jesus Collado Paulo De Oliveira Ribeiro Giulia Gabriela De Sousa Nathan Dean Shaun Dearborn Melvin Delgado Melara Emerson Deras Rodriguez Lilleana Desantis-Cail Victor Desouza Giselle Dessert Richardson Devilme Nikolas Diaz Waly Diouf Shane Dixon Brynne Donahue Kayqui Dornello Dutra Kathleen Camily Dos Santos Luana Duarte Almeida Yuliana Duarte Chuva Nicholas Duggan Monay Dupree Tyler Edmond Shawree Edwards Youssef Er-Rafay Karina Escobar Torrez Masa Fahl Qiuting Fang Sydney Faysal Emma Fenelon Alan Feng Angelina Feng Guilherme Fernandes Margon De Oliveira Gustavo Fernandes Margon De Oliveira Alejandra Fernandez Yasmin Ferrari Santos Lorrayne Ferreira Maria Ferreira Siqueira Safiyah Fghani Joey Fils Francisco Flores Landaverde Caio Fonseca Poroca Ana Clara Francisco Nuno Vieira Samuel Francois Clayve Gachette Victoria Gammon Benjamin Garcia De La Cruz Karen Garcia Erazo Alejandro Garza Ramirez Cassandra Gaznick Dina Genene Thomas Ghile Sandhaya Ghimire Tyler Gillespie Abhishek Giri Luiz Henrique Gomes Batista Aniellen Gomes Da Silva Kevin Goncalves Jose Gonzalez Christian Gonzalez Lucero Jackson Gordon Justin Grieder Wing Ching Guan Oumara Ridgy Guerrier Einstein Guillaume Rauf Hassan Edwin Henriquez Dewayne Henry Sarah Henry Thora Henry Mia Hernandez Josue Herrera Nicholas Ho Dang Hoang Helen Hoang Brenna Hoffman Samara Hogan-Sanders Miaoyi Hu Santiago Huamani Rivero Becky Huang Delilah Hudson Gabriella Hukill Saia Hussain Yandel Huynh Lauren Jackson Meritza Jacques Nacheca Jean Bancliph Jean Baptiste Midjina Jean-Pierre Samienjy Jeudy Shane Johnson Aamaya Johnson Damien Josaphat James Dion Jose Clifton Joseph Sophia Rose Josselin Emily Kam Kisten Karanja Amneet Kaur Belinay Kaya Michael Kenney Sanchez Abdullah Khan Praveen Khanna Samantha King Sara Kravitz Saul Kruckenberg Arek Kuan Andrey Kuan Aaryan Kumar Charles La Rosa Marie Laguerre Karl Lange Huimin Lao Gil Antonio Lawson Megan Le Taylor Lee Mohammed-Amine Lhaloui Ada Li Jessica Li Junxian Li Zhiqiang Li Andy Liang Justina Lim Keira Lin Gilberto Linares Maravilla Xenia Liu Antalia Louissaint Salma Lqamar Aiden Luciano Steven Luong Christopher Lyczak Yihao Lyu Xuyuan Ma Sarah Machado Erikah Macharia Joelle Mahoney Natalie Maldonado Posada Hanya Malebranche Jeremiah Mann Shellecy Martineau Alex Martins Aliah Martins Isabella Matos Adam Mayyalou Davian McGuffie Rolando Mejia Josue Mejia Musto Diego Melo Bruan Memeus Jonathan Mena Peralta Ericka Mendoza Vasquez Samrawit Mengesha Carla Michel Redjiline Milfleur Annabella Miller Ahlam Missbah El Idrissi Keza Mitala Hamza Mohamed Saleh Zakaria Mohamed Saleh Gisele Morales Briana Morales Pacheco A’Mayzin Morris-Boyd Abigail Morrison Seth Mukala Zachary Nedell Limya Nesmith Dominic Nesta Jessica Nguyen Johnny Nguyen Linh Nguyen Thuy Kha Nguyen Tran Nguyen Victoria Nguyen Christopher Nguyen Van Nguyen Angelica Nocera Ralph Noel Ezechiel Noelsaint Isiah Normil Rachel Nortelus Julia Nunes Dias Deuel Obdeus Jared O’Brien Aderlin Occean Antonio Odom Nathanael Ofoedu Emanuelle Oliveira Isabella Oliveira Rodrigo Oliveira Ray Oliver Vivian Onyejiaka Emanueli Ortega Kayla Ortiz Daniel O’Toole Archer Ou Racha Oumark Basma Ourich Jiayuan Pang Matthew Paraliticci Castano Colby Parker Scarlett Parlan Kaitlenn Paz-Benitez William Pena Pichardo Yongchao Peng Alyssa Nina Felicia Pereira De Barros Benjamin Perez Hoai Thuong Pham Kaitlynn Pham Tanya Pham Tiffany Pham Jordan Phat Gabriel Philippe Angela Phu Gerardy Pierre Guetternnensje Pierre Rene Charlie Pike Daniel Pineda Nicole Piper Jamal Pomare Eric Portillo Christopher Portillo Flores Sabrina Qranfal Belen Quispe Almendro Isaiah Raimond Julisa Ramirez Jessica Ramotar Arnibish Ray Cherai Reese Micbaelo Rene Larissa Retamero Granja Karen Reyes Martinez Onesty Riguad Felynn Rincon Marianne Rivadeneira Chad Robertson Nicura Robinson-McCaskill Michael Rodenmacher Ashly Rodrigue Alexandra Rodrigues Julia Rodrigues Sofia Rodriguez Ashley Rodriguez Pleitez Jacob Rogers Salma Romero Vazquez Arthur Rosa Marge Rosas Jessica Rufo Milagros Rustrian Carrillo Jamila Said Ann Sainvil Pampam San Joao Victor Santos Jacir Santos Aranda Felipe Sathler Joao Sathler Correia Robert Schulz Makeila Scott Jabir Selouani Soukaina Senoya Grace Sewell Arya Shah Anthony Sierra Janampa Maria Elisa Silva Savion Silva-Clark Debora Simeon Jake Simpson Agambir Singh Scott Smith Trinity Smith Maybeli Solano Pleitez Vanessa Solano Pleitez Jordyn Solimini Andrew Solio Katrina Son James Song Arianna Sosa Beatriz Souza Santos Emma Spignese-Smolinsky Ryan Staskiewicz Julianna Straccia Tanner Stumpf Elias Sultan John Summers Julia Swanson Luisa Tafarel Meira Jelani Tah Jason Tan Sandra Tang Natalie Tarantino Anthony Tessier Vincent Thai Purnima Thapa Nghi Thieu Adriana Ticas Rodas Kettaina Tidor Cyan Tobin Owen Tofuri Nora Toscano Nhu Tran Steven Tran Elizabeth Travers Fnu Tsering Dolkar Addissu Tsige Shelby Urban Emelyn Vaca Lima Rayyan Vahora William Valentim Walter Valle Gabriel Vargas Cardoso Brian Vences Eric Vieira Isabella Vien Woodjenicesky Villard Brenda Vivas Elina Vo Hong Kristen Vu Selam Walle Henry Wallis Liam Walsh Jason Wang Carlos Watson Elise Wong Tsun Wong Donald Anthony Wright Ivan Wu Elina Yang Jarita Yang Ming Kit Yeung Stanley Yip Hadjar Yousfi Joseph Yu Yu Zeng Joyce Zhou Weicong Zhou Yanyang Zhu Shirley Zou Ali Zoulgami

Page 14 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 ~ Celebrating Jewish History Month in Malden ~ Ed Ames, a legendary singer and actor – Part 4 By Inna Babitskaya E d as a soloist singer: hits that were played by heart In 1957, being a member of the Ames Brothers, he, as “Eddie Ames," recorded the single “The Bean Song (Which Way to Boston?).” During the “Daniel Boone” TV show, Ames continued to sing and released such hits as “Try to Remember” (his signature song), “My Cup Runneth Over” (a pop and adult contemporary hit), “Apologize” and “Who Will Answer?” (Pop Top Twenty). Among his adult contemporary hits are “When the Snow is on the Roses,” “Time, Time,” “Pete Raids” and “Timeless Love.” Ames’ incredible performance of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” became a regular radio gift to the audience during the Christmas season. He frequently performed across the country, including concerts with famous conductor Leopold Stokowski, and released over 20 solo albums. On the 2007 PBS special “My Music: The Fifties,” Ed Ames once again charmed the audience with his beautiful voice and great performance. While telling the audience about his artistic life, he said, with a somewhat nostalgic note, “I’ve been very blessed to have had an exciting career. I had a lot of hit records and did a lot of concerts. But it all began long ago.” Ed Ames, a lifelong student Ed began his singing career as a student at Boston Latin School, so as he acknowledges, he had to leave “high school in Boston to go into show business with my brothers when I was 17.” He thought that his self-education in music and literature was not enough: “I got my diploma later through night school, and at that time I made a promise to myself that someday I would go on to college and get my degree.” In 1970, he became a student at UCLA. He studied stage direction and playwriting, with a minor in film direction and writing. As a student, Ames called himself “an open slate, waiting to be written upon," adding that he didn’t “want to impose my experience on them [professors].” In 1975, he received a BA in theater and cinema, graduating with high honors. According to Ed, his college experience was invaluable to him: “By being on the same level with other students, I’ve had an insight into the cultural change that few others of my generation have been afforded.” Ames loved to learn, explaining that “there are so many Ed Ames singing “Old Man River” at the New York Alumni Association’s October 2009 Annual Reunion things that I’m interested in that I never get bored. Learning is a lifelong process; no one ever completes it, and no one ever should.” Ed Ames' role as a humanist, social activist and ecologist Ed Ames was always a multidimensional person. Besides his love for singing and art, he was also an avid ecologist. As he said in 1971, “I’ve been an ecology freak for a long time— before it was even fashionable.” Ed Ames and Dinah Shore singing “Sunrise, Sunset” on The Ed Sullivan Show mother.” Remembering his family struggle with poverty, he considered it his moral responsibility to help people. For more than 15 years, he has performed at the annual charity benefit for the homeless at the Chabad House in Los Angeles. On May 18, 2008, Ed Ames was named a Hero of Conscience by the American Freedom Alliance. Ed Ames in 1969 before his performance in a concert. He also called himself “an outdoor nut—a nature lover, a conservationist,” adding that he hated it "when glass and brick eat up grass and woods.” Though he called himself a secular Jew, he always felt a close connection with the Jewish community and never forgot about his roots. Ed recalled how he “had to learn Yiddish to speak to my grandmother, whom I visited once a week. At the time, I thought she felt it was a duty call on my part, but just before she died, she gave me a beautiful prayer book, and I realized how much my visits really meant to her. I have that book to this day and often open it, read a passage, and remember my grandEd Ames' life story – the embodiment of the American dream The story of Ed Ames’ amazing career shows how a talented and hardworking person can achieve great success. His fame did not fade, and his charming baritone, nearly until his last years, sounded as fresh and youthful as decades ago. In his voice, we can hear joy and sadness, love and drama, romantic notes and courageous motives. He always put deep feelings into songs and acting, creating scenes where captivating performances and real life were closely intertwined. (Inna Babitskaya is a Malden historian; a member of the Malden Historical Commission and author of historical books “From Maldon to Malden”, “Time of Converse” & “Fellsmere Park – Emerald of Malden.”) Tailored for Success, Inc. awarded $60K Cummings Grant Malden nonprofit receives three years of funding from Cummings Foundation T ailored for Success, Inc. (TFS) is one of 150 local nonprofits that will share in $30 million through Cummings Foundation’s major annual grants program. The Malden-based organization was selected from a total of 715 applicants during a competitive review process. It will receive $20,000 over three years. TFS empowers job seekers to become economically self-sufficient by providing resources, skills training and supportive reinforcement. The organization’s vision is that anyone who wants a job or wants to advance their career has the resources and self-confidence to do so. TFS Executive Director Elizabeth Hart stated that “the grant from the Cummings Foundation is a game changer in our ability to expand services to more job seekers through multiple locations.” Funding from the Cummings Foundation will enhance collaboration and growth of TFS through expanding its partnership with MassHire Metro North Career Center by launching a Career Closet in their Cambridge location. The Cummings $30 Million Grant Program primarily supports Massachusetts nonprofits that are based in and serve Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk Counties, plus six communities in Norfolk County. Through this place-based initiative, Cummings Foundation aims to give back in the areas where it owns commercial property. Its buildings are all managed, at no cost to the Foundation, by its affiliate, Cummings Properties. This Woburn-based commercial real estate firm leases and manages 11 million square feet of debt-free space, the majority of which exclusively benefits the Foundation. “Greater Boston is fortunate Tailored for Success, Inc. Executive Director Elizabeth Hart celebrates in the Woburn Career Closet. (Courtesy photo) to have a robust, dedicated, and highly capable nonprofit sector that supports and enhances the community in myriad ways,” said Cummings Foundation Executive Director/Trustee Joyce Vyriotes. “The entire Cummings organization is thankful for their daily work to help all our neighbors thrive.” The majority of the grant decisions were made by nearly 100 community volunteers. They worked across a variety of committees to review and discuss the proposals and then, together, determine which requests would be funded. Among these community volunteers were business and nonprofit leaders, mayors, college presidents and experts in areas such as finance and diversity, equity and inclusion. “We believe strongly that grant decisions will be more equitable when made by a diverse group of community members,” said Vyriotes. “We’re incredibly grateful to the dozens of individuals who participated in our democratized philanthropic process.” The Foundation and volunteers first identified 150 organizations to receive threeyear grants of up to $300,000 each. The winners included first-time recipients as well as nonprofits that had previously received Cummings grants. Twenty-five of this latter group of repeat recipients were then selected by a panel of community volunteers to have their grants elevated to 10-year awards ranging from $300,000 to $1 million each. This year’s grant recipients represent a wide variety of causes, including housing and food insecurity, workforce development, immigrant services, social justice, education and mental health services. The nonprofits are spread across 49 different cities and towns. Cummings Foundation has now awarded $500 million to greater Boston nonprofits. The complete list of this year’s 150 grant winners, plus nearly 2,000 previous recipients, is available at www.CummingsFoundation.org. Additional information about TFS is available at www. tailoredforsuccess.org.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 15 Malden High Class President Meklit Abel’s remarks on Graduation Day The following remarks were delivered by Malden High School Class of 2024 President Meklit Abel on Graduation Day, June 2, 2024 I know we’ve been through a bunch of speeches but I promise I’m one of the last ones. Good evening, graduates, families, friends, faculty, and board of education members. Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming the President of the United States. That grand vision filled my childhood imagination until I discovered the harsh reality that assassinations actually do exist and they’re pretty brutal too. It was then that I decided to adjust my aspirations. Instead of leading a nation, I set my sights on becoming a president in a different capacity – whether it was in my high school class or clubs that I created. I was pretty bossy and some of the Linden kids here can probably agree with that, but I promise that’s just one of the reasons why I’m here today. I truly wanted to make a difference in this school and impact people’s lives. And today, I, Meklit Kahassay Abel, or some of you may know me more popularly by Meki, stand before you as the proud president of the Class of 2024 for the past 3 years now, filled with immense dignity and gratitude. Looking back at our journey together, although it’s hard not to be cliché, I can’t wrap my head around how much we’ve grown. From the nervous, wide-eyed sophomore stepping into Malden High for the first time, to the confident seniors prepared to take on the planet, we’ve come a long way. However, our journey was anything but typical. Our freshman year wasn’t really a freshman year, and for many of us, it felt like we were true freshmen during our sophomore year – the first time we were really in the building, experiencing high school in its full, chaotic glory. Those early days were filled with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. We navigated new classes, met new people, and tried to find our place in this big new world. We missed out on many of the traditional freshman experiences, but that made the time we did have together even more precious. ica, always offering love and comfort when I need it most. To my siblings, Orit, Danayet, Kiru, and Danny Shoo, your constant bickering kept me grounded and reminded me of what truly matters – family. To my friends and other family members, Telae, Eden, Venu, Kidus, Viv, Yaw, Betel, Thomas, the list would go on forever so I’m going to stop there. Your support lifted me up and pushed me to be my best self. A special thank you to my Meklit Able Malden High Class of 2024 President We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst. We’ve pulled all-nighters studying for exams, cheered each other on at countless sports events, spent hours and hours organizing club meetings, and supported one another through personal challenges. These experiences have shaped us into the outgoing, compassionate individuals we are today. I owe so much to the people who have supported me and to thank every single one of them on this stage would probably take two weeks, five days, 16 hours, and around 56 minutes. but I mean, who’s counting. I want to start with someone who I wouldn’t be here without physically and mentally. Mama, your unwavering love and sacrifices working overnight for the past 18 years now to support your 4 children will never fail to amaze me and I will always say you are the strongest person I know. Every achievement, every step forward, is all for you. To my aunt Taetae, thank you for always believing in my dreams, no matter how big or small and childish they may be. To my dad, for your lectures that were filled with wisdom, even when I didn’t want to hear them. Ke Wiste new miwedachoo, hulu neger lenante new maregew. And of course Karen and Neil, for being like the grandparents that I longed to have in Amerclass council, long list of names (Colby, Larissa, Akhan, Erikah, Tyler, Shuyi, and of course Keira) You’ve been by my side whenever I needed it. Whether it was planning events together or just being there to listen, you’ve been my partners in crime and forever will be no matter what distance is between us. Mr. Mayor, thank you for believing in me ever since a sixth-grade tech ed project. Your faith in me has been a constant source of motivation. Shout out to the whole science department because I don’t think there is even one classroom in that part of the building where I haven’t laughed, cried and ate food in. And last but certainly not least to our outstanding outperforming advisors, Miss Webber, Miss Kirby, and Miss Votaw, your dedication and love inspired me to aim higher and achieve more than I ever thought possible. Each of you, in your own way, has shaped my journey and challenged me to dream big and strive for excellence. You guys have also set my standards a little too high, but it’s ok. Now that I’ve gotten all of the thank you’s out of the way, let’s get into more of the sentimental stuff. As we stand on the brink of the future, ready to embark on new adventures, I am filled with a mix of excitement and nostalgia. We’ve shared so many moments – some small, others monumental and life-changing. Our time at Malden High has also been filled with extraordinary events. They are the memories we will carry with us, the stories we will tell for years and years and eventually to our own kids. All of those videos on snap and posts on our insta spams will now just be distant memories that we look back on and laugh at. One of the most incredible things that I personally think the class of 2024 embodies heavily is the power of community. Together, we’ve created a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and included. We’ve celebrated each other’s successes and lifted each other up in times of need. This sense of community is something I will always cherish and strive to recreate in all aspects of my life. I remember the first couple of months of senior year, during homeroom, Mr. Frigo and I started up a conversation. I was complaining about how our school had no school spirit and how seniors might lose the pep rally because of this reason (side note: we didn’t – we’ve been undefeated for two years now, I’m telling you, Class of 2024, we’re just really something different). But I just kept going on and on about how much I thought I WASNT going to miss the school as soon as I graduated. I know, right? That’s crazy to say here on this stage, but it’s true. I know many of you in the crowd have said the same thing. Mr. Frigo would constantly tell me that I was going to miss it, even though I kept arguing that I wouldn’t. I’m here right now telling you all that I will. I’m going to miss the crowded hallways, the trash cans on fire on Boyle second. I’m going to miss the awful smell and aroma of broccoli in the hallways. I’m going to miss Mr. Mastrangelo’s “Do well, be well” at the end of each day, even though it was a little cringy, SORRY MASTRANGELO. I’m going to miss this, and it’s hard to admit it, but Mr. Frigo, you were right. This accomplishment is not just ours but also belongs to our immigrant parents that are in the stands today. They came from different countries, bringing with them dreams of a better future and enduring countless sacrifices to provide us with opportunities they never had. My parents, like many others, left behind their homeland and family in Ethiopia, navigating the challenges of a new country to raise their children with hope and determination. Today, as we celebrate our graduation, we also celebrate their strength and endurance in such a cruel world. Their journey has been filled with hardships and triumphs, all for this moment. So, to all the immigrant parents, including my own, thank you for your sacrifices and love. This achievement is as much yours, as it is ours. You deserve to be celebrated for all you have done to make this day possible. One last thing I want to leave with you guys today is do not let anyone step over you. It’s important to remember that we, the Class of 2024, even though I have a tiny bit of bias, are one of the best classes in history here at Malden High. The last of the high school covid kids which is insane to think about. Our journey has been unique and filled with challenges that we’ve overcome together, proving our determination and power. As we move forward, hold on to the confidence that you don’t need anyone else to dictate your path. Embrace your autonomy, trust in your abilities, and always remember that you are capable of achieving greatness no matter what you decide to do after you leave those gates today. I know many of you are probably wondering how it feels to stand up here for so long and talk in front of all these people without dying of shame. And to answer that question, as President and Founder of our Black Student Union here at our school, I want to leave you with a quote by the late Chadwick Boseman, mainly known for his role as Black Panther: “To be young, gifted, and black.” Thank you so much, and congratulations to Malden High’s Class of 2024. 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Page 16 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 The following remarks were delivered on Graduation Day by the #2-ranked student in the Class of 2024, Salutatorian Alejandra Fernandez S taff, Mayor Gary Christenson, students, families, and friends, welcome to the 2024 Malden High School Commencement Ceremony. Thank you all for being with us on this momentous afternoon as we celebrate our graduates and their accomplishments. Good afternoon, my name is Alejandra Fernandez, and I am from Venezuela, honored here today as a salutatorian of the class of 2024. Before I begin, I would like to thank my classmates, teachers, and administrators for all their work in creating a welcoming environment that embraces diversity at Malden High School. Thank you to all the teachers who have supported me in this journey, especially Ms. Clapp, Mr. Marques, Ms. Haskell, Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Grillon, and Mr. Scheer. I’m forever grateful for all the help and advice they have given me. I would also like to thank my parents, who are the reason I stand here today. I will make a quick switch to Spanish to thank them: Mami y papi, ustedes son la razón por la que estoy aquí hoy dando un discurso. Desde darme la mejor educación a mi y a mis hermanos. A mis hermanos, Adriana y Jose, gracias por siempre apoyarme y por ser un ejemplo para mi. Los amo mucho, y todo mi esfuerzo y dedicación es gracias a ustedes. Three years ago, when I arAlejandra Fernandez Malden High School Class of 2024 Salutatorian de pre-escolar ustedes me han impulsado a seguir mis sueños, a nunca dudar de mi, y me han dado la fuerza para superar cualquier obstáculo en el camino. Mami, gracias a ti por darme la valentía e impulsarme a alcanzar todo lo que me proponga. Papi, gracias a ti no solo por todas las loncheras que preparabas para mí a las cinco de la mañana, sino también porque me has enseñado el valor de la amabilidad y siempre te has asegurado rived in the United States, I felt a huge emptiness due to leaving my community in Venezuela behind. I felt isolated and lost, as if I were in the middle of the ocean. But soon, books became my best friends as I strived to ensure my parents’ decision to move here was worth it, and that I could find ways to one day give back to my community. Coming to the United States opened the doors to many opportunities through education. In Venezuela, millions of people are prevented from learning, and even having access to a notebook or a pencil can be impossible. What we might take for granted, like having an air conditioner in a classroom, is what millions dream of. I experienced how my home country came apart as education was taken away from many people, meaning that their dreams to become nurses, engineers, or teachers were shut down in exchange for working to survive in a humanitarian crisis. In many parts of the world, injustices and inequalities continue happening every day, and dreams are shut down every second. As I stand here today, I urge you all to please don’t forget about these issues happening in the world. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Whether your next step in life is attending a four-year or two-year college or going into the workforce, take advantage of the learning opportunities, be bold, and strive to make a positive change wherever you go. Use education as a tool to make a change for those who don’t have a voice. Beyond education, collaboration is essential in opening new channels for learning and building communities. I’m proud to be part of a diverse community in Malden, where the friends I have made along the way are also why I stand here today. If it weren’t for Yuxin Zeng and Belen Quispe for helping me learn the comparison test in my calculus class, Hadjar Yousfi for helping me figure out the error in my code, Jessica Li and Susila Wong, who did hundreds of peer edits in my research paper to make sure I wasn’t unintentionally plagiarizing anything, Tiffany Pham, who reminded me of our psychology tests, and my other friends who have been incredibly supportive, I wouldn’t be here today. All of them have shown me that together, we can make a positive change and anything is possible. Now that we have passed the challenges of high school like seeing a trash can on fire or walking up four flights of stairs without getting tired (although I still get tired), it is time to move on to our next chapter. Ahead of us stand the dreams we will realize; ahead of us stands life. Don’t forget to always believe in yourself; can we all say together, “We are ready!”Congratulations to the Class of 2024! I love you all. Malden residents recognized for their commitment to assist newcomers during immigration spike V olunteers from throughout Greater Boston were honored by Malden’s The Immigrant Learning Center (The ILC) on Friday, May 31, 2024. The recent spike in newcomers to Massachusetts has put enormous pressure on free programs at places like The ILC that help immigrants and refugees learn English and job search and life skills so they can become productive members of Greater Boston communities. The waiting list for classes is expected to surpass 2,000 people this summer for the first time in The ILC’s 31year history. These volunteers are crucial supports for The ILC teachers trying to ensure all students’ needs are met. The ILC Executive Director Vince Rivers explained the importance of volunteers and some of the recent changes: “Over the course of the last nine months we’ve made some significant changes to be able to help more students. We serve Volunteers from throughout Greater Boston were honored by Malden’s The Immigrant Learning Center. Pictured from left to right: Seated: Nancy Free, Elise Fahey, Marsha Atler and Joan Doyle; middle row: Sandy Perkins, Kim Addison, Charlene Calahan, Andy Koppel, Lisa Grollman and John and Joanne Harney; back row: Trish Micheli, Jerry O’Connell, Mike Kiewra, Ellen Vargyas, Paul Jackson, Perry Cottrelle and Gene Moulton. (Courtesy photo) over 400 students today versus we were serving slightly over 300 in September. There are not 400 students in this building without you guys.” Once placed with a teacher, weekly volunteers spend up to three hours helping students learn grammar, reading, writing, communication, technology and work force development skills in English as well as prepare them for the U.S. citizenship exam and increase their understanding of American culture. Malden residents honored on Friday included Nancy Free, who has been a volunteer since 2015, Perry Cottrelle, since 2017, Joan Doyle and Kim Addison, who both joined in 2022, and Trish Micheli, who retired from The ILC in 2022 and volunteers as a substitute teacher. The ILC volunteers help students with a range of skills, from low literacy in their first languages to those with advanced degrees, to learn English and achieve goals, such as finding a job, getting an education or becoming a U.S. citizen. As a result, immigrants and refugees are able to contribute more effectively to their new communities through economic, civic and cultural engagement. New volunteers are always welcome. For more information about the volunteer program, contact Laura Straub at lstraub@ ilctr.org or 781-322-9777. About The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. The ILC of Malden, Mass., is a nonprofit organization that gives immigrants a voice in three ways. The English Language Program provides free, year-round English for Speakers of Other Languages classes to help immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Boston become successful workers, parents and community members. The Public Education Institute informs Americans about immigrants and immigration in the United States, and the Institute for Immigration Research, a joint venture with George Mason University, produces valid, reliable and objective multidisciplinary research on immigrants and immigration to the United States.For more info, visit the website http://www.ilctr.org.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 17 FUN-damental Basketball Camp open to boys and girls in local area T he FUN-damental Basketball Camp, which is open to boys and girls in local area cities and towns, will be held from July 22 to July 26, 2024, at the Immaculate Conception Parish Center (59 Summer St. in Everett). The camp will be held between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for boys RECORD | FROM PAGE 10 Araisma Asnake – $150 Student Athletes of the Year Female: Abigail Morrison – $1,000; Male: Ryan Coggswell – $1,000 The Michael P. Byrne Leadership Scholarships Female: Chloe Chen – $1,000; Male: Ezechiel Noelsaint – $1,000 The Frankie DeCandia Memorial Scholarship Sarah Henry – $500, Keira Lin – $500, Nethanuel Ofoedu – $500, Arya Shah – $500, Jelani Tah – $500 The Donna Froio De Lena Memorial Scholarship Fund Marianne Rivadeneira – $1,000, Jacir Santos Aranda – $1,000 The John A. DeMarco Memorial Scholarship Alyssa Mini – $500, Abigail Morrison – $500 Danny Dorazio Memorial Scholarship – “Love of Football” Jerrell Calixte – $1,000 The Brendan and Elaine Duffy Collegiate Scholarship Arya Shah – $1,000 The Hollis E. Durgin Memorial Scholarship Award Brayan Arevalo Rivas – $500 James Richard Durlin Memorial Scholarship Alyssa Pereira de Barros – $500 East Cambridge Savings Bank Scholarship Samienjy “Sami” Jeudy – $1,500, Nicura Robinson-McCaskil – $1,500 The Donald Favorat Scholarship Zachary Nedell – $100 Councillor Eileen M. Fay Memorial Scholarship Meklit Abel – $500, Isabella Oliveira – $500 Class of 1986 – Lynn Murphy Finn Scholarship Teresa Culbreath-Isles – $1,000 The Paul D. Finn Scholarship – Class of ’91 Meklit Abel – $1,000, Davian McGuffie – $1,000 First Church in Malden Congregational Scholarship Brayan Arevalo Rivas – $2,500, Waly Diouf – $2,500, Adin Chen – $2,500, Belen Quispe Almendero – $2,500 Forestdale School P.T.O. Scholarship and girls entering grades 3 thru 8 as of September 2024. The cost of the camp is $125. Tony Ferullo, boys’ varsity basketball coach at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, will be the Director of the camp. The purpose of the camp is: • To provide all campers with D’Andre Charlot – $400, Nathan Dean – $400, Jackson Gordon – $400, Makeila Scott – $400 Lisa Freisner Spirit Award Isabella Oliveira – $1,000 The James F. Gaffey Scholarship Aaron Al-Mayarati – $500 The Carl Gordon-Garland Memorial Scholarship Makeila Scott – $500, Nicholas Duggan – $500 Alexander Gentile Memorial Scholarship Chloe Chen – $1,000, Angelina Colon – $1,000, Sarah Henry – $1,000 Gary Gillan Memorial Scholarship Natalie Maldonado Posada – $2,000 The Major John Patrick “Pat” Gillen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award Salma Romero Vasquez – $300 The Andrea Giannattasio Memorial Scholarship Fund Jessica Li – $500, Justina Lim – $500, Larissa Retamero Granja – $500 George A. Hanna, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Giselle Dessert – $500 The William A. Hampton Scholarship – Football Lineman Jerrell Calixte – $400 Honey Dew Donut Scholarship Nicholas Duggan – $500 Doris and Joseph Kelly Memorial Scholarship James Song – $100 The Thomas King Athletic Scholarship Aaron Al-Mayarati – $500, Victoria “Tori” Gammon – $500 The Ralph Lindstrom Memorial Scholarship Natalie Maldonado Posada – $100 “Live Like Becca” Scholarship Sarah Henry – $1,000, Arnibush Ray – $1,000, Jlia Swanson – $1,000 The Lord Family Scholarship Gabriel Philippe – $100 The Lucey Family Scholarship Emma Spignese-Smolinsky – $500 Michael Luu Memorial Scholarship Jerrell Calixte – $200 Malden High School Alumni Scholarship Academic Award Arsaima Asnake – $1,000 the fundamental tools to help them become better basketball players • To create a positive atmosphere where the camper will learn and have fun at the same time • To instill the spirit of the game into all campers and inThe Sager Family Foundation – Field of Business Scholarship Nicholas Duggan – $1,000 The Sager Family Foundation – Field of Education Scholarship – In Memory of Nancy Finklestein Arya Shah – $1,000 Friends and Family of Nancy Finklestein Scholarship Makeila Scott – $1,000 Dr. George Holland Memorial Scholarship Alina Dao – $1,000 Joanne Iovino Memorial Scholarship Meklit Abel – $1,000 In Memory of Diane Lind Ryan Coggswell – $1,000 Malden Police Patrolman Association Tern Pierre Rene – $1,000 In Memory of Dr. Ralph Epstein – Class of ’57 Arnibush Ray – $1,000 In Memory of Mary Anne Gray – Class of ’81 Colby Parker – $1,000 Malden Chamber of Commerce – Class of ’82 – Arlene Goldstein Ceppetelli Scholarship Alina Dao – $1,000 Malden Firefighters – Local 902 Scholarship Colby Parker – $500, Arnibush Ray – $500, Yu Zeng – $500 Malden Federal Credit Union Scholarship Award Emily Parker – $500 Malden Grange #354 Patrons of Husbandry Xenia Liu – $500 Malden High School Scholarship Grace Sewell – $500 Malden Kiwanis Club Scholarship Taylor Lee – $500, Nicholas Duggan – $1,000 Malden Lions Club Scholarship Chloe Chen – $500, Jessica Li – $500, Fnu Tsering Dolkar – $500, Joyce Zhou – $500 Malden Public Schools Educational Scholarships Mia Hernandez – $750, Justina Lin – $750, Walter Valle – $750, Alexandra Rodrigues – $750 Malden Education Association (MEA) Louise DeMeo Scholarships Jackson Gordon – $100, Abigail Morrison – $100, Zachary Nedell – $100, Daniel O’Toole – spire them to continue playing the game either competitively or just for fun Each camper, who will receive a T-shirt and certificate, will participate in various drills, scrimmages and individual contests. Special guests will speak and share their personal basketball $100, Julia Swanson – $100 Malden Education Association (MEA) Donald Brunelli, Jr. Scholarship Arya Shah – $500 Malden Zonta Club Scholarship Makeila Scott – $1,000, Beatriz Souza Santos – $1,000, Elise Wong – $1,000 The Cora Neidner Scholarship Tern Pierre Rene – $300 The Thomas O’Donnell Scholarship Fund Arya Shah – $500 The Sandra O’Neill Scholarship Fund Abigail Morrison – $500 The Joseph “Joey” Pisapia Scholarship Katrina Son – $150 The Robert and Diane Rotondi Scholarship John “Jacky” Summers – $400 The Jacob Ruderman Memorial Scholarship Fund Garrett Bolls – $100 The Anthony Sestito Memorial Scholarship Joyce Zhou – $100 The Barbara E. Daniels Sherman Memorial Scholarship Sarah Kravitz – $1,000 The Russell Smith Scholarship Award – Class of 1972 Female: Shuyi Chen – $400; Male: Jerrell Calixte – $400 Dr. Louis Solomon Memorial Scholarship Teresa Culbreath-Isles – $100 The Carmella Spadafora Memorial Scholarship Redjiline Milfleur – $200 The Randal S. Sprague Scholarship Fund Ezechiel Noelsaint – $100 The Muriel Swimm First Baptist Church Scholarship Angela Phu – $1,000 The Pamela Perry Wickwire Scholarship Fund Arya Shah – $3,000 Malden Municipal Scholarships Yara Alves – $500; Joshua Angulo Hernandez – $500; Amy Arrue Maldonado – $500; Yaw Boadi Acheampong – $500; Mohammed Bouchtout – $500; Lillian Cai – $500; Leticia Calvalho – $500; Nayelis Casillas – $500; Rayane Chakir – $500; Daniel Chan – $500; Christina Charles – $500; Ethan Chen – $500; Jinsing Chen – $500;Yonghao tips. An awards ceremony will take place on the last day of the camp, and parents and friends are welcome to attend. For more information about the FUN-damental Basketball Camp, please contact Camp Director Tony Ferullo: 857-3127002 or tferullo@suffolk.edu. Chen – $500; Kara Cheung – $500;Kennedy Clark – $500; Lilieana DeSantis-Call – $500; Victor Desouza – $500; Shane Dixon – $500; Tyler Edmond – $500; Angelina Feng – $500; Alejandro Garza Ramirez – $500; Dina Genene – $500; Sandhaya Ghimire – $500; Wing Ching Guan – $500; Miaoyi Hu – $500; Deliliah Hudson – $500; Saia Hussain – $500; Midjina Jean-Pierre – $500; Kisten Karanja – $500; Michael Kenney Sanchez – $500; Abdullah Khan – $500; Aaryan Kumar – $500; Marie LaGuerre – $500; Huimin Lao – $500; Megan Le – $500; Ada Li – $500; Junxian Li – $500; Andy Liang – $500; Gilberto Linares Maravilla – $500; Aiden Luciano – $500; Steven Luong – $500; Sarah Machado – $500; Samrawit Mengesha – $500; Hamza Mohamed Saleh – $500; Zakaria Mohamed Saleh – $500; A’Mayzin Morris-Boyd – $500; Johnny Nguyen – $500; Tran Nguyen – $500; Ray Oliver – $500; Basma Ourich – $500; Jiayuan Pang – $500; Kaitlenn Paz-Benitez – $500; Benjamin Perez – $500; Hoai Thuong Pham – $500; Tiffany Pham – $500; Daniel Pineda Pineda – $500; Chad Robertson – $500; Ashly Rodrigue – $500; Marge Rosas – $500; Pampam San – $500; Agambir Singh – $500; Sandrs Tang – $500; Vincent Thai – $500; Adrianna Ticas Rodas – $500; Nhu Tran – $500; Steven Tran – $500; Elizabeth Travers – $500; Isabella Vien – $500; Elina VoHong – $500; Kristen Vu – $500; Tsun Wong – $500; Ivan Wu – $500; Elina Yang – $500; Jarita Yang – $500; Hadjar Yousfi – $500; Yanyang Zhu – $500 **** SPIRIT & PRIDE AWARDS President – Meklit Abel Vice-President – Colby Parker Secretary – Abdullah Khan Treasurer – Larissa Retamero Granja Events Coordinator – Tyler Edmond Events Coordinator – Erikah Macharia Social Media Coordinator – Shuyi Chen Social Media Coordinator – Keira Lin

Page 18 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Call The Advocate: 617-387-2200 MASSACHUSETTS ANTI-LAPSE STATUTE the subject. It is better practice in draftW hen it comes to a well-drafted Last Will and Testament, the drafter should always specify whether a legacy will lapse if the beneficiary does not survive the testator, and whether there is an alternate beneficiary in default. It is also a very good idea to have contingent beneficiaries on your IRA, 401(k), life insurance policy, annuity policies, etc. Under Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 190B, Section 2-603, commonly known as the “anti-lapse” statute, if a legacy is to a grandparent or a lineal decedent of a grandparent of the testator, and that beneficiary predeceases the testator, the issue (i.e. children or grandchildren) of the deceased beneficiary will take the legacy. If they are all of the same degree of kinship, then they will all take equally. If they are not all of the same degree of kinship, those of the more remote degree take by right of representation. Lineal descendants of a grandparent include adopted children. If a beneficiary is “not” related by blood or adoption to the testator, and there is no alternate taker in default, the legacy will “lapse” and fall into the residue of the estate. Wellman v. Carter, 286 Mass. 237, 255 (1934). Under MGL Chapter 190B, Section 2-604(b), if a residuary gift to a residuary beneficiary fails, then such share will pass to the other residuary beneficiaries proportionally. As is usually the case with statutory presumptions, the statutory presumptions found in the anti-lapse statute are designed to approximate what the legislature believes the testator’s intent most likely would have been if the testator had specifically addressed ing a Will to specify, for each gift, whether the gift is to pass to the beneficiary’s issue if the beneficiary does not survive the testator, or whether the gift is to be only “if he or she survives me”. Issue would include children and grandchildren. For example, “I give the sum of $100,000 to Davie Crocket, if he survives me”. If Davie does not survive the testator, the $100,000 legacy will lapse. The testator could also include the following provision: “I give the sum of $100,000 to Davie Crocket, if he survives me. If Davie Crocket is not living at the time of my death, I give the sum of $100,000 to his children who survive me, the issue of any deceased child to take their parent’s share by right of representation”. If Davie does not survive the testator, and has one son living at the time of his death, his son will receive the $100,000 legacy. If both Davie Crocket and his son are not living at the time of the testator’s death, but Davie’s grandson is living, his grandson will receive the $100,000 legacy. In this instance the gift will not lapse and fall into the residuary estate. The residuary estate is that part of the testator’s estate that is not specifically bequeathed or devised to an individual or entity or that part of the testator’s estate that includes bequests or devises to individuals or entities that have “lapsed”. Right of representation (or “per stirpes” as the two phrases are used interchangeably) means that each “branch” of your descendants will share equally. For example, if you die having had three children, with one child having 2 children, one child having 3 children and the third child having 4 children, but one child had predeceased you, your estate will still be divided equally among 3 “branches” or “stalks”. If the child who predeceased you was the one with 4 children, his 4 children will share equally in 1/3 of the estate. Joseph D. Cataldo is an estate planning/elder law attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, AICPA Personal Financial Specialist and holds a master’s degree in taxation. Hearts, Hugs & Hope: an Alzheimer’s Support Group at Forestdale Park Senior Living June 25, 5:00 p.m. A support group for caregivers meets in person at Forestdale Park Assisted Living and Memory Care Community (341 Forest St., Malden). Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia isn’t easy, so it is helpful to share your concerns and personal experiences with others who completely understand what you’re going through. You will also learn about proven strategies to help you better care for your family member. RSVP to 781333-8903 or reception@forestdalepark.com. Forestdale Park Senior Living is a project of the nonprofit Volunteers of America Massachusetts, which has supported local seniors with specialized services for over 75 years. Friends of the MPL delight patrons with “Coffee and a Book – the perfect blend” partnership with New England Coffee Company F or the second year, the Friends of the Malden Public Library dazzled members and the general public with an innovative approach to the Spring Book Sale. The Friends offered a Members-Only preview sale on Friday evening, May 5, giving Friends members the opportunity to be the first to sample the collection of secondhand books that are lovingly sorted, cleaned and shelved by a small group of volunteers, led by Devra, Book Room coordinator. The second part of the formula for success was the Saturday Book Sale, open to the general public, which was paired with the “Coffee and a Book – the Perfect Blend” fundraiser, in collaboration with New England Coffee Co., a Malden-based coffee roaster and vendor. Who has not perceived the warm, toasty aroma of NECC beans being roasted in the evenings in Malden Square? The Friends of the MPL is the volunteer, fundraising arm of the Library, hosting fun, cultural events during the year to help fund the Library’s numerous community events and activities. Friends President Mary Ellen - LEGAL NOTICE - City of Malden Massachusetts Board of Appeal 215 Pleasant Street Malden, Massachusetts 02148 Telephone 781-397-7000 x2103 MALDEN BOARD OF APPEAL PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Board of Appeal will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 6:30 pm at Malden City Hall, 215 Pleasant St, Room #106 Herbert L. Jackson Council Chambers, Malden, MA on Petition 24-006 by Barbara Chiuve seeking to amend a variance of Petition of Florence Joy for a variance of Section 800.6.2.22 Chapter 12, of the revised ordinances of 1991 as amended of the City of Malden to allow a 2nd kitchen in a single family dwelling granted for 19 George Street, Malden, MA on August 21, 2014 by striking conditions 1(a) and 1(b) Namely: The 2nd kitchen shall be removed should: 1(a) Either the petitioner and/or the petitioner’s daughter vacate the premises known and numbered as 19 George Street, Malden, MA 1(b) Prior to renting, listing and/or conveying the property know and numbered 19 George Street, Malden, MA Property known as and numbered 19 George Street, Malden, MA and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID #143-668-803 Additional information, Petitions & plans available for public review in the Office of Inspectional Services, 215 Pleasant St., 3rd floor, Malden, MA or online at www.cityofmalden.org or https://maldenma-energovweb.tylerhost.net/apps/SelfService#/home. Search Records by Permit Application # and view Attachments. Nathaniel Cramer, Chair June 7, 14, 2024 O’Meara has identified a mutually beneficial opportunity in partnering with local businesses and has been working toward that objective.“The New England Coffee Co. has been wonderful. They sent over the Coffee truck, all coffee was donated to the Friends. Patrons had the chance to taste the NECC blends and give whatever they could for the beverage consumed. The people in the truck were pleasant and efficient, our patrons were overjoyed to be offered a delicious coffee, roasted and brewed in Malden, at the entrance to the Library! Everyone gave what they could, some patrons were very generous, and all proceeds went toward funding the programs the Library organizes.” O’Meara pointed out that Malden was recently recognized as one of the most diverse cities in the Commonwealth and that the Friends was seeking to reach out to all cultural and age groups in Malden to reflect that diversity in membership. “We are looking for new members and new ideas. Everyone is welcome in the Friends as long as you love books and share our desire to serve the Library and the Community! The secret to success is getting everyone involved and incorporating the younger generations to keep up with the times,” she stated. Meetings for the friends are the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Library. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@ advocatenews.net

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 19 MBTA to run “The Lucky Express” Commuter Rail service between Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station on Sunday evening in support of Celtics playoffs M BTA also adding additional Green Line service to North Station on Thursday and Sunday evening to support Championship Games 1 and 2. Riders are reminded that all Haverhill Commuter Rail Line trips are fare-free between Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station all weekend. Regular fares should be purchased beyond Oak Grove. Recently the MBTA announced it will operate a special event train – dubbed the “The Lucky Express” – between Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station on Sunday, June 9, in support of the Celtics playoff s game. The special train will depart Oak Grove at 6:42 p.m., depart Malden Center at 6:45 p.m., and arrive at North Station at 7 p.m. “The excitement surrounding the Celtics playoff run and being in the championship fi nals adds so much to the vibrancy of Boston. We’re committed to getting fans to the game conveniently, and the Lucky Express off ers a solution to helping fans arrive at North Station to cheer on the Celtics,” said MBTA General Manager/CEO Phillip Eng. “We’re also enhancing Green Line service and off ering free rides on the Haverhill Line to make sure fans have alternative options throughout the entire championship weekend.” CLASSIFIED Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net Riders are reminded of this weekend’s Orange Line service suspension between North Station and Oak Grove beginning at approximately 8:45 p.m. on Friday, June 7, and continuing through the weekend of June 8-9. Free and accessible shuttle buses will make all stops between North Station and Oak Grove. Riders are highly encouraged to utilize this special free Lucky Express Commuter Rail train on Sunday evening. Riders are also reminded that all Haverhill Commuter Rail Line trips are fare-free between Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station all weekend. Regular fares should be purchased beyond Oak Grove. The Orange Line service change is in place to allow crews to perform critical signal upgrade work. The MBTA is also adding additional Green Line service, including three additional twocar trains, to support the Celtics Championship Games 1 and 2 with added service to North Station on Thursday and Sunday evening. This includes the extension of C branch service, which will provide a one-seat connection to North Station. Paid parking is in place at Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station throughout the weekend. For more information on how to get to TD Garden by public transportation, visit mbta.com/ TDGarden, visit mbta.com/OrangeLine for more information on the Orange Line or connect with the MBTA on X (formerly Twitter) @MBTA and @MBTA_ CR, on Facebook at /TheMBTA, on Instagram @theMBTA or on TikTok @thembta. Your Hometown News Delivered! EVERETT ADVOCATE MALDEN ADVOCATE REVERE ADVOCATE SAUGUS ADVOCATE One year subscription to The Advocate of your choice: $175 per paper in-town per year or $225 per paper out-of-town per year. ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS BUYER1 CLAVNER, MICHAL LIN, MENGZHEN MATHUR, DEEPTI VIOLA, ANTONIO VIOLA, ANTONIO BUYER2 GAO, MEILIAN MATHUR, PRAVEEN SELLER1 PSALLIDAS, JENNIFER L MT VERNON STREET RT MCDEVITT, RENEE M WERLIN, PHYLLIS D CHASE, ROBERT P CHASE, ROBERT P SELLER2 Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City_______________ State_______ Zip ____________ CC# _______________________________ Exp. _____ Sec. code____ Advocate (City):___________________ Clip & Mail Coupon with Credit Card, Check or Money Order to: Advocate Newspapers Inc. PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149 Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. ADDRESS 29 MCCORMACK ST CITY MALDEN 59-61 MOUNT VERNON ST MALDEN 44 LOOMIS ST #112A 6 PERKINS AVE #8 6 PERKINS AVE #9 MALDEN MALDEN MALDEN DATE 05.15.24 05.13.24 05.13.24 05.16.24 05.16.24 PRICE 821000 913000 392000 12000 12000 REVERE AMERICAN LEGION POST #61 Is reopening soon! We are happy to announce that we have begun taking reservations for our function hall at 249 Broadway, Revere for events after May 20, 2024 For information, please call 781-284-9511 Leave your name and telephone number. ANNOUNCEMENT

Page 20 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 avvya yavvy eniiooravvy S iorn or v y io Surviving Spouses Dear Savvy Senior, I understand that the Veterans Administration has a benefi t that can help veterans and spouses with long-term care costs. We recently had to move my elderly father into an assisted living memory care facility, and my mother will probably need care too in the near future. What can you tell me? Searching for Aid Dear Searching, The Veterans Administration (VA) does indeed have an underutilized benefi t that can help wartime veterans and their surviving spouses pay for a variety of long-term care costs. This benefi t, called “Aid and Attendance,” is a special pension that’s paid on top of existing VA pensions for eligible veterans and surviving spouses. In 2024, it pays a maximum of $2,727 a month to married veterans; $2,300 a month to single veterans; or $1,478 a month to a surviving spouse. The money is tax free, and can be used to pay for assisted living, memory care, nursing home or inhome care services. Currently, around 156,000 veterans and survivors are receiving the Aid and Attendance benefi t, but many thousands more are eligible who either don’t know about it or don’t think they qualify. Eligibility Requirements To qualify, your dad must have served at least 90 days of active military service with at least one day of service during a period of war, and not have been discharged dishonorably. Single surviving spouses of wartime vets are eligible if their marriage ended due to death. In addition, your dad will also have to meet certain thresholds for medical and fi nancial need to be eligible. To qualify medically he must be either disabled, or over the age of 65 and need help performing basic everyday living tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing or going to the bathroom. Being blind or in a nursing home due to disability or receiving Social Security Disability or SSI also qualifi es him. Single surviving spouses have no age restrictions, but they must require help with basic everyday living tasks to be eligible. To qualify fi nancially your parents “net worth,” which includes assets and annual income combined, must be below $155,356 in 2024. To calculate this, add up your parent’s assets, which includes their personal property (like investments, real estate, etc.) excluding their primary home and vehicles. And tally up their income over the past year (including Social Security, pensions, interest income from investments, annuities, etc.), minus any out-of-pocket medical expenses, prescription drugs, insurance premiums and long-term care costs over that same period of time. The VA also has a three-year lookback to determine if your parents transferred any assets to ensure they would qualify for benefi ts. If so, they may be subject to a penalty period of up to 5 years. How to Apply To apply for Aid and Attendance, you’ll need to fi ll out VA Form 21-2680 and mail it to the Pension Management Center (PMC) for your dad’s state. You’ll need to have your dad’s doctor fi ll out the examination information section. Or you can also apply in person at a VA regional offi ce near your parents. For more information or to download application forms see VA.gov/pension/aid-attendance-housebound. You can also call the VA at 800–827–1000 if you have questions. If you need some help, you can appoint a Veteran Service Offi - cer (VSO), a VA-accredited attorney or claims agent to represent your dad. See VA.gov/ogc/apps/accreditation/index.asp to locate someone. If your dad is eligible, it can take months for his application to be processed, so be patient. You should also know that if your dad’s Aid and Attendance application is approved, the VA will send a lump sum retroactive payment covering the time from the day you fi led the application until the day it was approved. Then your dad receives monthly payments going forward. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. iori by Jim Miller Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans and Judith A. Taylor A longtime resident of Malden, passed away suddenly on Monday, March 4, in her home. Judy was born in 1952, the daughter of John and Marion Taylor. She was raised and educated in Malden, graduating from Malden High School with the Class of 1970. She went on to work for “Ma Bell” as a telephone operator, retiring in 1994 after 20 years with the company. Judy was dedicated to the Colonial Chorus in Reading, MA. She started there in 1984 as a performer, then also worked with the set and props design for which she won several awards! She served as a President of the theater company, taught in their summer drama kids program, and volunteered for years on their board of directors. She was still active in the props departMUSINGS | FROM PAGE 6 up in Las Vegas with plans of renewing their acquaintance. But I digress... much to my delight Malden’s very own Ames Brothers appear midway through the episode. Rod Cameron’s character Lt. Blake walks through the Theatre Restaurant in the Tropicana Lounge and bafangool, Suff olk Square represented! There starts one minute 58 seconds of pure bliss as the black tuxedo clad Joe, Ed, Vic and Gene Ames bust out into the old African American Spiritual “Who Built the Ark?” A little cultural appropriation entails but, what the heck, it was the ’50s (insert smiley face but – disclaimer – smiley face not meant to condone cultural appropriation). The boys are as smooth as silk, cool as cucumbers, just killing this number with some of the sweetest four-part vocal harmonies you will ever hear. Second-best Ed Ames TV appearance right behind the 1965 Johnny Carson spot where, teaching Carson how to throw a tomahawk, Ed makes like a mohel for one of the longest laughs from a studio audience ever recorded on television. Must watch TV. Speaking of the Ames Brothers... little known fact dept.: former State Rep., Mayor of Malden, City Councillor, insurance mogul and rotating host of MATV’s “02148” Ed Lucey once lived at 13 Trayes Ave. after the Ames family moved out in (I believe) 1929. Holy Cow! So much greatness on little ole Trayes Ave.! Kudos to Inna Babitskaya for the really nice job she is doing on these pages chronicling the Ames Brothers’ greatness and their Malden connection. The year 1975 was also a very good year... as reported by the Malden Evening News on Janment. OBITUARIES Judy loved the arts in general, and was herself a skilled artist, who also loved music and theater. Judy had a beautiful singing voice and sang with the Reading Community Singers for many years. In addition, she was a huge lover of cats and treasured each one of her fur babies. She survived by her sister, Jill K. Taylor-Russo and husband James of Maine, her lifelong friend Beth Gorsun Mosier and her husband Al of Reading, and her godsons, Jeff rey S. Mosier of Wilton Manors, FL, and Brian D. Mosier of Somerville, MA, and many dear longtime friends. In addition to her parents, Judy was preceded in death by her sister June Taylor. A memorial service for Judy will be held on June 12th, at 10 AM in the Weir – MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home, 144 Salem St., Malden, with interment following in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Donations in Judy's memory may be made to: Colonial uary 6: • Senator Edward M. Kennedy received a warm welcome at the Irish American Club on West St. as he spoke to the Chamber of Commerce about the economy, price stability, unemployment and his opposition to covert U.S. activity in Angola. • New Mayor Pledges “Open Door Policy” – James J Conway (67 Gilbert St.) took the oath of office as mayor of the City of Malden with the Honorable Louis H Glaser presiding. • The Medford Public Library’s Frank Lavine (my uncle and one of the founders of the State of Israel as a sailor on the ship Exodus) and Robert Cipriani were elected to serve on the Civic Advisory Board at the New England Memorial Hospital by C.A.B. and the board of trustees. • Jon Crannell (son of Mr. and Mrs. John Crannell of 378 Lebanon St.) recently earned his football “numerals” at Norwich University in Northfi eld, Vermont. Jon is now retired from the Malden Police Department, is a really good guy, and gave up his football “numerals” many years ago. • Malden High School Alumni Hall of Famer (inducted in 2015) Stanton Sherman helped MHS defeat Medford HS in track, 6125, by beating Medford’s Mike Linnane in a “spectacular” race in the 1000, with a time of 2:29. Malden upped their record to 3-0. • Ruderman’s Furniture at 42 Ferry St. is looking for a Customer Service/Offi ce Clerk. It’s a part-time position and the perfect candidate “must be mature.” As Peter Falk’s iconic TV character Columbo would say, “Just one more thing, sir” – who says Maldonians don’t have a sense of humor?! Our nickname “The City That Fun Forgot?” is ill-advised to say the least; not a kernel of truth to it, I say! With that Chorus Players Inc. P.O. Box 443, Reading, MA 01867. Paula J. (Willcox) James A lifelong resident of Malden, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in Salem. Paula was born in Malden in 1951, the daughter of William and Ruth Willcox. She was raised and educated in Malden, graduating from Malden High School with the Class of 1970. She went on to become an Administrative Assistant, working for a few diff erent fi rms, most notably Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Boston. After marrying her sweetheart, Dennis R. James, the two settled down toOBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 21 said I bring to you this week’s edition of “See Click Fix Can Be Fun to Read.” In the spirit of full disclosure, the protagonist in this little yarn is a friend of mine who I simply adore. Kevin Alkins is the original woofa goofa mamma toofa & one great googly moogly who takes his job as City of Malden Animal Control Offi cer so seriously that he brings it home each night to bed with him. Serious! I fi nd him to be an honorable, hardworking and outstanding Maldonian (what a memory on this guy!) who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Some call him the hardest working man in show biz; I simply call him friend. With that said, take it away, No Name Given: “There is a poor deceased kitty in the street against the curb on Wadsworth St. Called hours ago and Kevin Alcon and animal control are nowhere to be found. This poor cat has no dignity in death. Animal control/ Kevin Alcon needs to do the job he is paid to do instead of getting his nails done on city time.” Just for the record, as far as the nails getting done on the city’s dime, that accusation has only a casual relationship with established facts. Insert smiley face and fuhgeddaboudit! Postscript: Malden mourns, from Linden on the Saugus Branch to deep in the heart of Edgeworth... Bill Nelson, Jean (Tomasello) Condon, Margaret Hammersley, Francis Brown, Ciriaco Dello “Italian Gerry” Iacono, Rocky Brooks and Kevin McKenna. Only time moves on to the next scene, memories remain in the heart forever. —Peter is a longtime Malden resident and a regular contributor to the Malden Advocate. He can be reached at PeteL39@aol.com for comments, compliments or criticisms.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 21 OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE 20 gether in Malden. They shared many wonderful years until Dennis’s passing in 2020. Paula was a longtime active member of both the East Side Athletic Association, and the Moose Lodge of Malden. She enjoyed traveling and taking cruises to anywhere that had a beach. She also had a great love for animals, especially cats. She is survived by her sisters, Wendy M. Themea of Bridgeton, ME, Kim E. Flammia of Gloucester, Debra Pl Abramovich of Greenfield, ME, and Denise M. Gadbois of Gloucester, many loving nieces and nephews, and two great nieces. Paula was preceded in death by her husband Dennis “D.J.” James, and her parents, William and Ruth Willcox. Funeral services will be held at the Weir- MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home, 144 Salem St, Malden on Sunday, June 9th, at 4 PM, with visitation from 2 – 4 PM. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations in Paula’s memory may be made to the Northeast Animal Shelter. 347 Highland Ave, Salem, MA 01970 George Lemist Long-time resident of Malden. Passed away peacefully, surrounded by family on May 28th 2024 at the age of 77. The son of John and Marie (Laudato) Lemist, he was raised in Charlestown, MA. George graduated from Boston Technical High school in 1966. He was drafted and proudly served his country in the U.S. Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade 1967 -1969 during the Vietnam War. In 1972, he married Mary (Sullivan), and they remained happily married for the rest of his life. They settled in Malden to raise their two sons, Justin and Michael. A printer and bookbinder by trade, George would be better defined by his role as a dad and by his hobbies. He liked wood working and was an avid Bruins Fan. But most, he loved fishing, boating, and camping with his family and many friends in Maine at Kokatosi Campground, his cherished home away from home for 40 years. George is survived by his beloved wife, Mary Lemist, his son, Justin Lemist, his brothers Thomas Lemist and his wife Betty Ann of Carver, and Paul Lemist of Australia, his sister-inlaw Judy Lemist of New Hampshire, Clean-Outs! We take and dispose from cellars, attics, garages, yards, etc. Call Robert at: 781-844-0472 his brother-in-law Rick Bolz of S. Carolina, his daughter-in-law, Denise Berry of Michigan, and many other family members and friends. George was predeceased by his son Michael, his parents John and Marie, his brothers John, Robert, Michael, and his sister Annmarie (Bolz). Visitation for George was held at the Weir-MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home, Malden Tuesday June 4th followed by interment at Forest Dale Cemetery in Malden. New St. Anthony’s Flea Market 250 Revere St., Revere, Lower Hall Indoor Flea Market Saturday, June 8, 2024 from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Admission .50 Cents * Free with Ad Lot’s of New Vendors! New Vendors Welcome! For info, call Lynda: (781) 910-8615 CORLEONE CONTRACTING & MASONRY COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Concrete Flat Work New Fencing New Decks Block Masonry New Foundations Repointing 857-340-8852 Quality Professional Work GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Insured & Bonded. * Crack Repairing * Pot Hole Filling * Striping Handicapped Spaces * Free Estimates Tom’s Seal Coating Call Gary: 978-210-4012 ~ Help Wanted ~ Electronics Technician Full time / part time electronics technician position working for a family owned and operated company. Repairing and maintaining amusement machines, jukeboxes, etc. Work consists of shop time and work in the field. Possible overtime available on weekends. Experience in the amusement / gaming industry a plus, but not required. Send resume to jmagee@actionjacksonusa.com or call 1-800-356-6112 if you have any questions. 1. June 7 is National Donut Day; Brooklyn’s Manila Social Club’s Golden Cristal Ube Donut is the priciest donut (reportedly $1,200 a dozen); what is ube? 2. How are Toody and Muldoon similar? 3. Which has more gold: Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve Bank of NYC? 4. On June 8, 2002, who defeated her sister at the French Open tennis tournament? 5. Who created the world’s rarest vinyl record, which only has one copy: Wu-Tang Clan, The Who or Elvis? 6. What culture originated dirty rice? 7. On June 9, 1973, what American racehorse won the Belmont Stakes (and the Triple Crown)? 8. In “Moby-Dick,” what was Captain Ahab’s right leg made of? 9. What system of measuring precious metals’ weight has a name like an ancient city? 10. On what animal would you find a howdah? 11. On June, 10, 1692, what first “witch” was hanged after being pronounced of guilty of “Detestable Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries”? 12. What type of verse is also the name of an Irish city? 13. What sports player was nicknamed The Stilt and The Big Dipper? 14. What colorful bird is the state bird of seven states? 15. On June 11, 1979, what well-known actor – known as “The Duke” – who appeared in “Brown of Harvard” and first starred in “The Big Trail,” died? 16. What in a bottle is ullage? 17. June Cleaver was a character on what TV sitcom? 18. On June 12, 1939, the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown in what state? 19. Who have been the two divorced U.S. presidents? 20. On June 13, 1774, which of the Thirteen Colonies (founded by Roger Williams) became the first to ban importing slaves? ANSWERS 1. Purple yam 2. They are police officers in the TV series “Car 54, Where Are You?” 3. The bank 4. Serena Williams 5. Wu-Tang Clan (“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”) 6. Cajun (Louisiana) 7. Secretariat 8. Whalebone 9. Troy 10. An elephant (to sit on) 11. Bridget Bishop 12. Limerick 13. Wilt Chamberlain 14. Cardinal 15. John Wayne 16. The amount it is not full (like between a cork and wine) 17. “Leave It To Beaver” 18. New York 19. Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan 20. Rhode Island LOCALLY OWNED

Page 22 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Licensed & Insured Free Estimates Carpentry * Kitchen & Bath * Roofs * Painting Decks * Siding * Carrijohomeimprovement.com Call 781-710-8918 * Saugus, MA General Contractor * Interior & Exterior American Exterior and Window Corporation Contact us for all of your home improvement projects and necessities. Call Jeff or Bob Toll Free: 1-888-744-1756 617-699-1782 / www.americanexteriorma.com Windows, Siding, Roofing, Carpentry & More! All estimates, consultations or inspections completed by MA licensed supervisors. *Over 50 years experience. *Better Business Bureau Membership. Insured and Registered Complete Financing Available. No Money Down. AAA Service • Lockouts Trespass Towing • Roadside Service Junk Car Removal 617-387-6877 26 Garvey St., Everett MDPU 28003 ICCMC 251976 Frank Berardino MA License 31811 ● 24-Hour Service ● Emergency Repairs BERARDINO Plumbing & Heating Gas Fitting ● Drain Service Residential & Commercial Service 617.699.9383 Senior Citizen Discount WASTE REMOVAL & BUILDING MAINTENANCE • Landscaping, Lawn Care, Mulching • Yard Waste & Rubbish Removal • Interior & Exterior Demolition (Old Decks, Fences, Pools, Sheds, etc.) • Appliance and Metal Pick-up • Construction and Estate Cleanouts • Pick-up Truck Load of Trash starting at $169 • Carpentry LICENSED & INSURED Call for FREE ESTIMATES! Office: (781) 233-2244 We follow Social Distancing Guidelines! FIRE • SOOT • WATER Homeowner’s Insurance Loss Specialists FREE CONSULTATION 1-877-SAL-SOOT Sal Barresi, Jr. - Your fi rst call 617-212-9050 J.F & Son Contracting Snow Plowing No Job too small! Free Estimates! Commercial & Residential 781-656-2078 - Property management & maintenance Shoveling & removal Landscaping, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Carpentry, Framing, Decks, Fencing, Masonry, Demolition, Gut-outs, Junk Removal & Dispersal, Clean Ups: Yards, Garages, Attics & Basements. Truck for Hire, Bobcat Services. SPADAFORA AUTO PARTS JUNK CARS WANTED SAME DAY PICK UP 781-324-1929 Quality Used Tires Mounted & Installed Used Auto Parts & Batteries Family owned & operated since 1946 Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net $ $ $ $ Classifieds

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Page 23 MANGO REALTY INC. Let's make your real estate journey a success—schedule an appointment with me today! r real estate journey a succes LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME? Finding Your Dream Home: Meet Sue Palomba, Your Trusted Real Estate Expert CONTACT US FOR A COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS OF YOUR PROPERTY TODAY With an impressive 29 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sue Palomba brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to every client she serves. As a seasoned professional, Sue is passionate about helping families and individuals find their dream homes or perfect investment properties. Her personalized approach, coupled with a deep understanding of the market, ensures that each client receives tailored solutions and guidance every step of the way. Known for her integrity, warmth, and commitment to excellence, Sue Palomba is the go-to choice for anyone looking to make their real estate journey a success. Schedule an appointment with Sue today and let her expertise guide you towards your real estate goals. Contact Us; 781-558-1091 infowithmango@gmail.com www.mangorealtyteam.com Mango Realty - Sue Palomba Reading, MA Gloucester, MA This home offers the main bedroom on the first floor with a full bath. 2 electric meters. This property is ideally situated in a prime location, close to Market Basket for all your grocery needs, and close distance to the commuter rail, making your daily commute effortless. Enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping centers and major highways, providing quick and easy access to the airport, as well as a seamless drive to downtown Boston. The perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. Call Sue at 617-877-4553 or email at soldwithsue@gmail.com. W Wt t H F Y We Want to Hear From You Saugus, MA Here’s your chance to own not one, but two beautiful pieces of land in the sought-after area of Saugus. This unique package offers endless possibilities for creating your dream estate or investment project. Nestled in the tranquil beauty of Saugus, each parcel comes with its own address and a combined price of $995,000. Don’t miss out on this incredible value! Call Sue at 617-877-4553 or email at soldwithsue@gmail.com. Welcome to your new beautiful home! This gorgeous year-round rental apartment has all the amenities you will ever need. Adorned with gleaming hardwood floors, elegant high ceilings and bathed in natural light. This well-maintained space exudes warmth and comfort. With convenient washer dryer hookups included, keeping up with laundry has never been easier. To maintain our standards, we require a credit score of 680 or higher along with references. Enjoy a pet-free and smoke-free environment, fostering a clean and tranquil atmosphere for all. Call Rosa at 781-820-0096 or email at soldwithrosa@gmail.com. Peabody, MA Discover the charm of this delightful 2bedroom haven, featuring gleaming hardwood floors and abundant natural light throughout. This pet-free, smokefree retreat offers convenient washer/dryer hookups and requires a 680+ credit score with references. Call or text Rosa Rescigno at 781-820-0096 or soldwithrosa@gmail.com. Saugus, MA What's your dream home feature? Is it a cozy fireplace for those chilly nights? A spacious kitchen perfect for your inner chef? Or maybe a stunning backyard oasis for summer barbecues? Visit us on Facebook at Mango Realty - Sue Palomba and let’s get the converstaion started on our comment section. You can also send us a text or call us at 781-558-1091 or send us an e-mail a infowithmango@gmail.com. Let's start a conversation and get inspired by each other's dream home visions. Plus, who knows? We might just have the perfect property that matches your wishlist! Incredible opportunity for investors and developers. This long standing confirmed pre-existing licensed commercial fishing pier / residential property abuts the Saugus Waterfront Mixed Use Overlay District (WMOD). The current owner is now petitioning the Town of Saugus to have this prime waterfront location entered into the WMOD. The current use of the property includes boat storage and residential use with a permitted accessory dwelling unit. Rockport, MA Nestled in the heart of Rockport’s Cultural District, this quintessential seaside New England home offers a blend of historic charm and modern convenience. This 3 family residence boasts 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, making it an ideal retreat for multigenerational families, a lucrative investment as a short-term rental property with a proven track record, condominium conversion opportunity or an owner occupied residence with 2 income producing units. Revere, MA Immaculate 1-bedroom apartment with ocean view in a well maintained building, $2,250.00 monthly rent includes heat, h.w., a/c, in unit laundry, and 1 off-street parking spot. Pet friendly (small pet). Close to MBTA. Monthly rent $2,250.00 - call Peter 781-820-5690. Providing Real Estate Services for 17 Years Servicing Saugus, Melrose, Wakefield, Malden, all North Shore communities, Boston and beyond. Joe Duggan, Broker/Owner Ronnie Puzon, Broker/Owner Lisa Smallwood Lori Johnson Dragana Vrankic For a free home market analysis, contact us today. Pat Torcivia Lucia Ponte Michelle Luong Dale Brousseau Annemarie Torcivia Michael Foulds Diane Horrigan Buy. Sell. Join. Tenzing Rapgyal 781.231.9800 Joe Scibelli Justin Dedominicis TRINITY REAL ESTATE | 321 MAIN STREET| SAUGUS, MA| VILLAGE PARK TrinityHomesRE.com


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