Page 8 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 7, 2024 Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo’s Graduation Speech Following is the speech delivered by Malden High School seventh-year Principal Chris Mastrangelo on Graduation Day, June 2, 2024 N ow it is my turn. I promise that it won’t be long as I know you are all excited to receive your diplomas. As I was pondering on a potential topic for my address I Gerry D’Ambrosio Attorney-at-Law Is Your Estate in Order? Do you have an update Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney? If Not, Please Call for a Free Consultation. 14 Proctor Avenue, Revere (781) 284-5657 somehow kept coming back to regret. Weird, I know. I struggled to understand why, on such a joyous occasion, my mind was stuck on regret. To be honest, it really bothered me. With all that the Class of 2024 has been through, the challenges that they faced (personally and as a group), the accomplishments that they earned. Why am I stuck with regret? Together this group faced a pandemic, individually many dealt with personal loss and self-doubt. Sure, there was the expected anxiety of entering high school. But this was different. Slowly this group started to figure it out. They began to find themselves, discover who they were, and to chart their own path. But still…regret. The Class of 2024 showed their Tornado Pride by getting involved with class activities. They started new MHS traditions, such as the Sophomore Soiree and the BTS Fest. They raised so much money that their prom, cap and gowns, and other events were the most affordable in years. They stood up for what they believed to be right and pushed Chris Mastrangelo Malden High School Principal back when they saw inequity. I witnessed a student correct a DJ when he asked for all the “mothers and fathers” to join in with a group dance. Abby reminded the DJ that all families do not have mothers and fathers and they should not be excluded. I watched friends comfort their friend when she had lost a loved one. I had students walk into my office to protest a decision that I had made as they felt that student voice was not accounted for…and they were right. I have seen them show up for games, concerts, plays, extra help sessions, retirement gatherings for their favorite teachers. I even welcomed them to my own home as part of an epic Senior Prank played on me when Sammie, Gisselle, Erikah, and Ashley somehow made it to my house, with the help of my daughter, to make it appear that they had slept on the couches in my living room. Now as if this isn’t enough, I live 30 miles north and they were there when I came downstairs at 5:30 in the morning. I am so lucky to have gotten to know so many of you. Your stories are inspiring. Your passion is infectious. Your empathy for others is humbling. Your willingness to challenge yourself, face your fears, and grow is unmatched. Then it started to become clear to me. The regret that I was feeling. It was because I only had 3 years with you instead of 4. I missed an entire year with this exceptional group. Imagine how much more I could have learned from you. Imagine how the entire MHS community would have grown from another year with you. But this is where my regret turns to joy. The next stage of your life is filled with excitement and uncertainty. You will face challenges, but you are ready. You will face loss, but you are ready. You will face great success and you are ready. You will face the world and you are ready. I am excited for the world to meet you and realize what we already know. I just hope that the places you go and the people you meet get more time with you than I did. No matter where your path takes you, remember where the journey began. Remember the people that helped you. Remember the places you have been. Remember that you left a mark on MHS in 3 years that most did not leave in 4. Also remember that the people whose lives you have touched love you and care for you. I love you all and leave you with one final piece of advice… take on the world with confidence and strength and leave the regret behind. Class of 2024…Do well, Be well. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

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