Maldden alld a Vol. 33, No. 23 den -FREEYour Local News & Sports Online! Scan & Subscribe Here! AADD CTE OCAT AT www.advocatenews.net Published Every Friday 617-387-2200 E Friday, June 7, 2024 Malden High School graduates 423 with the Class of 2024 Picture-perfect weather graces the day as family and friends celebrate The 423 members of the Malden High Class of 2024 toss their caps in traditional fashion following the 180th Commencement Exercises at Macdonald Stadium last Sunday. (Advocate photo by Henry Huang) By Steve Freker T hey surely do not make many better days than the one that graced Macdonald Stadium on Sunday for the 180th Malden High School Commencement Exercises. Sunny skies and comfortable temperatures in the high 70s provided a picturesque backdrop to the afternoon with family and friends packing the stands as 423 members of this year’s Senior Class of 2024 were awarded their diplomas. This year’s senior class was one that withstood lots of adversity and challenges, including being freshmen when the oncein-a-100-years COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and caused them to spend basically their entire freshman year of high school at home in remote learning. Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo touched on this theme in his remarks to the Class of 2024 citing his only regret. “The regret that I [have], it was because I only had 3 years with you instead of 4. I missed an entire year [of in-person learning] with this exceptional group,” Mastrangelo told the seniors Sunday. “Imagine how much more I could have learned from you. Imagine how the entire MHS community would have grown from another year with you.” The Class of 2024 persevered, however, and rolled to Sunday’s “finish line” in strong fashion, the Malden High principal acknowledged. “[Today] is where my regret turns to joy. The next stage of your life is fi lled with excitement and uncertainty. You will face challenges, but you are ready. You will face loss, but you are ready. You will face great success and you are ready. You will face the world and you are ready,” Mastrangelo said. “I am excited for the world to meet you and realize what we already know. I just hope that the places you go and the people you meet get more time with you than I did,” he added, just before offi cially beginning the distribution of diplomas. Earlier in the ceremony, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, addressing graduates at his 13th MHS Commencement in the city’s top elected post, made it a festive greeting, replete with a noisemaker and donning a “Happy Birthday” party hat and passing out others to his stage mates – Mastrangelo and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ligia Noriega Murphy – before congratulating the Class of 2024. Mayor Christenson used a historical theme, tying the Class of 2024’s commencement into the city’s real-time 375th celebration of Malden’s founding. “Our community is making history this year with our 375th anniversary, and this year’s senior class of 2024 is part of it as the graduating class from Malden High School,” Mayor Christenson said. “Everyone here is part of the celebration and part of making history.” Superintendent Dr. Noriega Murphy also congratulated the graduating seniors. “This is an amazing class and you are all on path to great success,” she said on Sunday. “It has been a pleasure for me to get to know so many of you and congratulations on all you have accomplished.” Supt. Noriega Murphy and Principal Mastrangelo both made note of the exceptional academic performance of the Class of 2024. Nearly 100 members of the Class of 2024 are graduating with a Grade Point Average of 4.0 or higher (all A’s), while over 220 have achieved GRADUATES | SEE PAGE 12

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