Missions Page 6 Missions Farmers Market - As many know for the last several summers, Wesley in coordination with Cavanaugh has picked up donated produce from the Saturday farmers market and distributed that produce to Blessing Boxes around town. This has been such a great mission for each church and such a huge blessing to our community. We want this mission to continue, however, Carrie and Denver (our coordinators of this mission) are tired and in need of a break. We are looking for a coordinator at Wesley and one for Cavanaugh. The main duties include scheduling the volunteers on pick-up days and making sure they have the necessary supplies. If anyone is interested in taking over the coordinator job but has questions before hand, please feel free to contact Carrie. She will answer any and all questions you have. We typically start in June, so we need to get things scheduled and in place as soon as possible. Wesley UMC Newsletter Change Jars - Thank you to everyone who has brought in their spare change each month. We might be small but we are mighty. Aug & Sept ‘21 FS Children’s Shelter $263.94 October ‘21 UMCOR $135.06 December ‘21 Comm. Rescue Mission $96.46 January ‘22 Salvation Army $58.03 February ‘22 Wesley Blessing Box $260.61 March ‘22 Comm. Rescue Mission $150.95 April ‘22 Next Step Day Room $102.64 May ‘22 Hannah House $118.55 If there is an organization you would like to see our change jar offering go to please let us know. We like to keep it in our community or within our State. Backpack Bags - Thank you to everyone who has helped bag and deliver backpack bags this school year. Between Carnall, Cavanaugh and Beard Elementary schools, we provide 53 kids a week with weekend food during the school year. May 2022

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