Announcements Page 7 • Education Leader, Suzanne Gibson wants to remind everyone that both adult Sunday School classes have resumed studying the quarterly. The children also continue to study with Patrice Hulsey as their leader. • “THANK YOU” to all those who have provided lunch for the Cavanaugh parsonage workers. Work is moving right along! If you would like to help with this effort, contact Harley Strang, Blanche West or Chris Rink. • As our Lead Trustee, Harley Strang deserves a big “thank you” and pat on the back for over-seeing our buildings and church property. He lead the charge on getting the roofs inspected after our last hail storm and in getting the AC units replaced in the sanctuary. • Carrie Miller, Suzanne Gibson, Blanche West and Zeke all traveled to Clarksville for the NW District Charge Conference. Carrie Miller from Wesley and Renee Black from Cavanaugh will represent our congregations at Annual Conference held in Hot Springs this year, June 1-4. Wesley UMC Newsletter May 2022

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