Pastor Zeke Cont., Golf Scramble Page 2 Pastor Zeke Continued No church is required to vote on anything The UMC is still the UMC and churches wishing to continue being United Methodists will just keep doing and being themselves The results and effects of the launch of the GMC on May 1st is still unfolding Second, as your pastor, I have been and continue to be called and serve within the United Methodist Church and continue to do so. Third, I value the diversity of theologies and personalities within our church family and will do my best to lift up and nurture those within the church as a whole. Fourth, our focus will continue to be on the Gospel of Jesus and his command for us to love God and to love our neighbor as our self. This will be our focus and way forward. Lastly, let us not forget Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:24-27, where He reminds us of the solid foundation of the Gospel. Our church is built on the solid foundation of Jesus and that foundation holds true - in times of calm and in times of storm. Trust that mooring. And may all of us be known by our love - of God and others. Just as my dad knew exactly how to steer us to safety in the midst of a great storm, I believe God will guide us and steer us safe and sound to exactly where we need to be. And maybe, just maybe, we will also have a lot of fish to show for it! -Keep the Faith Strong, Rev. Zeke Allen Meet the New Pastor! Informal drop-in meet and greet with Rev. Jana Green at Cavanaugh from 10:00-12:00 We are collecting Change Jar donations for the month on Sunday, April 3rd. All donations collected will go to the: Next Step Day Room Wesley UMC Newsletter April 2022

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