Parsonage Remodeling Page 3 Parsonage Remodeling! We are only a few months away from our new pastor Rev. Jana Green and her family from joining us at Wesley/Cavanaugh. They have decided to call Cavanaugh’s parsonage home. With that comes some necessary work to completed before move in day. Starting on Wednesday, April 6, we will begin working inside the parsonage. This project is NOT a one or two person job. Some of the work will be hired out to contractors, but the real work is in the removal of the flooring, deck renovation, painting, and baseboard removal. These items, the churches can help with. Helping in these areas will also save untold $$. The first days for demo work will be April 6-8 and April 11-15. We will have a roll-off dumpster during those days at the parsonage for demolition items. We will need a minimum of 6 volunteers each day during these days. I will send a request for volunteers for painting as those days approach where we will need at least one person per room and sometimes two depending on the size and scope of work. Please give your time for this worthwhile project. Chase, Jana, and Charlie will be appreciative of the work and love poured into the parsonage remodel. Please contact Chris Rink with any of the dates and times you are available to help. 479-997-5701 or at dcrink@gmail.com. “CHAZOWN” I have learned a new word just recently: “chazown.”Pronounce it “khaw-ZONE.” Its meaning is vision and comes to us from our Hebrew ancestors. Proverbs 29:18 Clearly and plainly states, “Where there is no ‘chazown,’ the people perish.” So I challenge you: do you have your own personal chazown? Do you have chazown for your family? What about chazown for Wesley and the UMC? Expand the idea of chazown to different areas of your life. Find and follow your chazown. - Blanche Wesley UMC Newsletter EASTER SUNDAY—Help us flower the cross and celebrate the resurrection of Christ! April 2022

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