FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS DO I NEED TO COMPLETE IWI AND HAPŪ AND REO STUDIES? Yes, iwi and hapū and te reo are two of the three components that make up your qualification at diploma and degree level. There are variations in certain qualifications where proficiency in te reo is required but this will be discussed with you during academic counselling. Researching your iwi and hapū and te reo Māori studies add benefit to the knowledge and skills you acquire through your chosen specialistion. WHAT LEVEL OF COMPUTING SKILLS SHOULD I HAVE TO STUDY AT TE WĀNANGA O RAUKAWA? While we have staff who can assist you develop and hone your skills, you should feel comfortable using the Microsoft suite of programmes including Word, Powerpoint and in some cases Excel. Iwi and hapū and reo studies are completed in the online space through weekly activities and include written assignments and online activities. DO I NEED TO ATTEND KURA TAUTOKO? Kura tautoko is not compulsory but is an opportunity for you to take some time away from whānau and work commitments in order to complete your studies. During this time our campus and sites are open with academic staff and services available to support you in your journey. CAN I BRING MY CHILDREN TO NOHO WITH ME? We encourage you to make the most of learning while you are attending noho or hui rumaki reo. Unless your child is breast feeding or you bring a caregiver with you, we encourage for yourself and your fellow students that you arrange childcare before each noho. DO I NEED TO MOVE TO ŌTAKI TO COMPLETE MY STUDIES? Noho are held at the Ōtaki campus or Manukau and Gisborne sites, depending on the course you are enrolled in. You may want to think about moving to, or near, Ōtaki if you want to study te reo full time. Students in the reo diploma and undergraduate degree attend classes Monday to Thursday at the Ōtaki campus, so it is best to live within daily travelling distance. Rentals in Ōtaki are in high demand, however, there are other towns close by. Ōtaki is located an hour north of Wellington and an hour south of Palmerston North. 28 DO I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK TE REO MĀORI TO ENROL WITH TE WĀNANGA O RAUKAWA? For the majority of our programmes, no - te reo is a component of all qualifications at diploma level and above. You do not need any te reo Māori to begin your studies except where profiency of reo is required for entry (eg teaching and postgraduate level). TIP: Our FREE online Poupou Huia Te Reo courses are an excellent way to get a headstart as well as develop your confidence in the online learning space. Te Wānanga o Raukawa

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