WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STUDYING HERE AND GAINING A QUALIFICATION ELSEWHERE? Mātauranga Māori flows throughout every qualification offered at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, so no matter what you are studying you are also gaining knowledge that our ancestors held and lived by allowing you to develop your senses from a Māori world view. WHAT CAN I ExPECT AT HUI RUMAKI REO? The skills you gain in the online environment are transferable in whichever sector you choose to work in. Iwi, hapū and reo studies will allow you to develop personally and set you apart from others competing in the same work space. Our aim is to produce graduates who are Māori in the way they think, act and behave and who will pass the mātauranga on to future generations ensuring the survival of us as a people. The success of one graduate is the success of another whānau, hapū, iwi. You will attend hui rumaki reo twice a year, once in semester one and again in semester two, giving you a chance to put to practice what you have learnt in the online space, and complete any oral assessments. The first hui rumaki reo can be quite an overwhelming experience, but you will not be alone. You will start with an introduction to the protocols and expectations and get to know your fellow students from across programmes before going into full immersion that evening. You will be given resources to assist you during this time. Te Wānanga o Raukawa has held immersion hui for over 30 years so you can be assured you are in good hands. Each day begins with karakia and mōteatea then you will move in to year group classes. There are also work groups and a whole range of fun activities that allow you to practise your reo while developing lifelong friendships. While hui rumaki are challenging and will take you out of your confort zone, it is an experience our students often miss and enjoy when the hui is over. TIP: Ensure you complete all your online activities prior to hui rumaki reo, this will give you the best advantage and allow you to concentrate on the learnings each day. HOW LONG ARE THE NOHO? For the majority of qualifications, you will attend residential seminars or noho throughout the year. Most noho run Friday to Sunday with the exception of the teaching programmes who include week days in their noho schedule. You will also attend 1 hui rumaki reo each semester. Hui rumaki reo are 6 days long from Tuesday to Sunday. During noho, you will be accommodated on site with all meals provided. Depending on your chosen specialty, you could travelling to noho six to ten times a year for both specialty and hui rumaki reo. WHAT IS A TOHU? At Te Wānanga o Raukawa, qualifications are called tohu. 29 Prospectus 2020

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