NGĀ TOHU STUDY OPTIONS Poupou Certificate Poupou are certificate level qualifications. They are usually short courses or introductory programmes. Heke Diploma Heke are diploma level courses. Most of the heke at Te Wānanga o Raukawa comprise the first year of a degree programme. Poutuarongo Bachelor Degree Poutuarongo is the term for an undergraduate bachelor degree. The duration is usually three or four years of full time study and can also be taken part time. Poutuarongo Tāhuhu Poutāhū Poutāhū Postgraduate Diploma Poutāhū is the postgraduate diploma, usually one year of full time study or longer part time. Tāhuhu Master Degree The tāhuhu is the master degree, the achievement of an advanced level of research and study at postgraduate level. A master degree is two years full time study and may also be studied part time. Heke Poupou Te WāNANGA o RAukAWA quAlificATioNS AND levelS ARe bASeD oN The coNcePT of The 'WhARe'. 21 Prospectus 2020

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