Materials List • 52x17mm Feathered Wing Altered Blank 1 • Onyx Vintaj Patina • Paper Towel Necessary Tools • Botanical Flourish DecoEtch Die • Vintaj BIGkick Machine by Sizzix Once you have determined the design area, place the blank face down on the DecoEtch die. 2 3 4 • Paint Brush • Reliefing Block Helpful Tips Place the die between the clear plates on top of the solo shim and platform. Crank it through one time. Use a paint brush to apply onyx patina to the blank. Use a paper towel to remove the excess patina while it is still wet. To highlight the raised areas of the blank, use the white side of a Reliefing Block. Polish with the light gray side. Relief the reverse side of the etched blank for a double sided design. Create dozens of different designs from one die by placing the blank on different areas of the die. 8.

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