1 2 3 Trace the outline of a blank onto a black and white laser photo copy or high quality Epson Photo 1400 ink jet print. 4 Use a flat tip paint brush to apply an even layer of gold acrylic paint to the surface of the altered blank. 5 While paint is still wet, place the painted side of the blank inside the traced outline. Materials List • 50x32mm Victorian Silhouette Altered Blank 6 • Laser Photocopy (Reversed) • Gold Adirondack Metallics Paint Dabber • ICE Resin Necessary Tools Use a popsicle stick to smooth over the back of paper, removing any air bubbles. Allow paint to dry for a couple of hours. 7 Once completely dry, spray water from a Mini Mister over the paper backing. Be sure the entire surface is saturated. 8 Gently rub your finger over the wet paper. Start in the center of the blank, carefully removing it from the image. 9 • Pencil • Paint Brush • Popsicle Stick • Mini Mister • Non-Stick Craft Sheet • Metal Awl Helpful Tips Re-wet and repeat as necessary. Once the surface has dried it will slightly whiten again, leaving a cloudy finish. Mix equal parts of ICE Resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place blank on a non-stick craft sheet. Use a popsicle stick to apply resin to the blank, covering the entire surface. Allow to cure overnight. While mostly cured, use a metal awl to remove excess resin from the blank hole. Image transfers can also be sealed using UTEE and Melting pot.*See steps 4&5 on pg. 28. 6.

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