1 2 3 Measure a 1 ½” square starting at a corner of the canvas. Draw a smaller square ¼” inside the edges of the 1 ½” square. 4 Use Metal Shears to cut out the 1 ½” square. Cut four ¼” slits opposite each other at the corners to create tabs. 5 Along the edge of a Steel Block, use the flat end of the 8oz Ball Pein Hammer to bend the canvas on the line, creating a ¼ inch fold. 6 Materials List • 3”x3” Altered Blank Canvas Necessary Tools • Pencil • Ruler • Metal Shears • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block • 8oz Ball Pein Hammer Repeat step 3 for other side. Use Chain Nose Pliers to bend and fold in the tabs at the ¼” lines Fold in all four tabs evenly. 7 Use Chain Nose Pliers to fold in the middle section of the remaining flat tabs. Pull tab tightly and crimp down with pliers. 8 On top of a steel block, use the flat end of the 8oz Ball Pein Hammer to completely flatten the edges of the bezel. 9 • Chain Nose Pliers • Metal File • Reliefing Block Helpful Tips Use Metal Shears to trim off any overlapping metal along the edges where the folds didn’t meet up. Use a Metal File in the same direction to smooth any rough edges from using the Metal Shears. Use the dark gray side of a Reliefing Block to finish smoothing out the edges of the bezel. Embed a fastenable in Resin or UTEE to create the hanger for your Bezel. Tape corners before filling to keep resin or Clear UTEE from seeping out. 32.

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