1 2 3 Materials List Use a 3mm Letter Set and flat end of the 8oz Ball Pein Hammer to imprint your word. Apply onyx patina to color the letters. 4 Measure ¼ inch above the pre-drilled hole and mark with a Sharpie. Mark four holes per side of blank ¼ inch apart. 5 Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to create holes over your markings. You will end up with a total of eight holes. 6 • 23.5mm Copper Small Square Blank • 29mm Journal Page (4) • 24 gauge Copper Wire • Onyx Vintaj Patina • Paper Towel Necessary Tools • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block • 3mm Letter Set • 8oz Ball Pein Hammer Use the Sharpie to mark holes on an embossed journal page through the holes on the copper square. Punch holes. 7 Bend 6 inches of wire in half and string through two holes on the back right side of blanks. Lace wire through holes. 8 Pull wire tight with each weave. Continue to string the wire creating a criss cross pattern. 9 Helpful Tips Continue to create a criss cross pattern. Your wire ends should end up on the back side. Twist ends together. Use Flush Cutters to trim the twisted wire section to approximately ¼ inch. Use Chain Nose Pliers to flatten the wire down tightly against the back of the blank and tuck in the ends of the wire.. Use a variety of techniques from this book to create up to four unique pages with a variety of messages and treasures. 30. • Ruler • Extra Fine Point Sharpie Marker • 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers • Flush Cutter • Chain Nose Pliers

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