1 2 3 Materials List • 40x30mm Marcasite Butterfly Decorivet Use Chain Nose Pliers to gently bend the prongs of the butterfly decorivet flat. 4 Apply pearl paint dabbers then, lettuce and raisin alcohol ink to create an opaque iridescent base. 5 Once dry to the touch, remove the ink from the raised areas using the dark gray side of a Reliefing Block. 6 • 40x23mm Copper Rectangular Bracelet Blank • Pearl Adirondack Paint Dabber • Raisin & Lettuce Adirondack Alcohol Ink • Clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) • Suede cuff Necessary Tools Set Melting Pot to UTEE. Place the decorivet on a piece of non-stick craft sheet. Cover with 1 tsp of UTEE. Allow to melt. 7 Use Chain Nose Pliers to carefully lift butterfly out of the Melting Pot. Set aside on a piece of non-stick craft sheet. 8 Allow to cool completely. To create a matte finish, lightly buff the surface with Ultra Fine Steel Wool, using a circular motion. 9 • Chain Nose Pliers • Reliefing Block • Melting Pot • Non-stick Craft Sheet • Teaspoon • Ultra Fine Steel Wool • Rosary Pliers Helpful Tips Use Rosary Pliers to gently bend the prongs on the decorivet back to their original position. Layer the butterfly over a copper bracelet blank and punch the rivet points through the suede cuff. Use Chain Nose Pliers to bend the prongs inward on the back side of the material to secure your decorivet. Be careful with the Decorivet prongs, bending them back and forth too many times can cause them to break off. 28.

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