1 2 Use the flat end of a Ball Pein Hammer to flatten a 15mm arte metal jump ring. 3 4 Use two pair of Chain Nose Pliers to straighten out and re-close the jump ring. 5 Materials List • 15mm Arte Metal Jump Ring • 1.5 inch Arte Metal Head Pins (3) • 12.5mm Copper Acorn Bead Cap • Lucite Flower Necessary Tools • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block Use the round end of Ball Pein Hammer to flatten ¼ inch of the end of an arte metal head pin. 6 String three flattened head pins through a copper acorn bead cap and lucite flower. 7 Use Chain Nose Pliers to bend each flattened end away from each other creating a fanned look. 8 • 4oz Ball Pein Hammer • Chain Nose Pliers (2) • Rosary Pliers Helpful Tips Use a Steel Bench Block stacked on top of a Rubber Dampening Block for your hammering surface. Use the Rosary Pliers side cutter to trim the straight end of the center head pin to approximately a ¼ inch above the bead. While holding pieces tightly together, use the Rosary Pliers to form a simple loop on the center wire. Continue to use Rosary Pliers to create curls with the remaining two wires on each side of loop. 26.

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