1 2 Trace the diameter of a framed scrollwork pendant on old newsprint. Use scissors to cut slightly inside the circle. 3 4 Turn the Melting Pot to UTEE setting. Pour a teaspoon amount of UTEE onto the craft sheet. Allow to melt. Materials List • 35mm Framed Scrollwork 5 • Old Newsprint • Clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) Necessary Tools Use Chain Nose Pliers to place the newsprint circle over melted UTEE. Allow UTEE to soak through the paper. 6 Use Chain Nose Pliers to place the framed scrollwork over the newsprint paper and melted UTEE. 7 Pour 1 teaspoon of UTEE in the center of the framed scrollwork to coat the top of the pendant. 8 • Pencil • Scissors • Melting Pot • Non-stick Craft Sheet • Teaspoon • Chain Nose Pliers • Metal Awl Helpful Tips Allow the UTEE to melt completely. Use Chain Nose Pliers and Metal Awl to carefully slide the pendant off of the craft sheet onto the Melting Pot surface. Turn off the Melting Pot and allow to completely cool. Use the Metal Awl to remove any excess UTEE from the loop. Once cooled you can remove any excess UTEE that is left on the edges with scissors and smooth the edges by sanding with the dark gray side of a Reliefing Block. 24.

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