Applying Onyx patina to hammered artisan copper creates contrast and appeal. Multiple layers and types of hammering create a one of a kind piece with handmade quality. Materials List • 33.5mm Copper Large Circle Blank 1 2 • Onyx Vintaj Patina • Paper Towel Necessary Tools • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block Use the round end of a 4oz Ball Pein Hammer to create texture and dimples on the surface of the blank. 3 4 Continue to add texture with the round end of the hammer. The harder you strike the larger and deeper the dimples. 5 • 4oz Ball Pein Hammer • Paint Brush • Reliefing Block Helpful Tips Use the rim of the hammer to create a few strikes and dashes over your textured blank. Use a paint brush to apply onyx patina to the blank. Use a paper towel to remove the excess patina while it is still wet. Use the dark gray side of a Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas of the blank. Buff and polish with the other sides. Use a Steel Bench Block stacked on top of a Rubber Dampening Block for your hammering surface. Hammer against concrete, stones, etc. to create a variety of textures. 22.

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