1 2 3 Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add a hole opposite the pre-drilled hole in an etched copper large circle blank. 4 Center the blank on the inside of the filigree. Use Chain Nose Pliers to turn in the petals of the filigree. 5 Continue to crimp the folded petals tightly against the blank until they are symmetrical and secure. 6 Materials List • 33.5mm Copper Large Circle Blank • 42mm Passion Flower Petal Filigree • 19x16mm Filigree Leaf Charm • 17x16.5mm Copper Watchful Bird • 7.25mm Jump Ring Necessary Tools Use a Metal Awl to enlarge the hole at the top of a filigree leaf charm to fit a 7.25mm jump ring. 7 Use the ring to attach a copper bird charm. Use the tip of Rosary Pliers to curve the wing on the bird charm. 8 Use Chain Nose Pliers to feed the curved bird wing through an opening near the bottom center of the filigree leaf charm. 9 • 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers • Chain Nose Pliers • Metal Awl • Rosary Pliers Helpful Tips Continue by crimping down the wing from the front of the bird to secure. Use Chain Nose Pliers to wrap the opposite wing around the edge of the leaf. Continue by bending and crimping from the back side of the leaf to secure. Get creative and wrap filigree around stones, found objects and pendants. For a unique look form filigree in an asymmetrical fashion. 20.

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