About Vintaj Natural Brass Co. Vintaj Natural Brass Co. is a dream fulfilled of three women-sisters Wendy Mullane and Jeanne Holland, along with their close friend, Jess Italia Lincoln. Born with kindred spirits the three were brought together through their passion for jewelry design in a place offering natural beauty, history and inspiration-the small eclectic and art inspiring town of Galena IL. The spark ignited when Wendy and Jeanne were teaching jewelry design to a women’s group in their church in the spring of 2001. Playfully and artfully manipulating a filigree bead, Jeanne opened it and wrapped it around a glass stone. Wendy and Jeanne immediately realized the unlimited potential of what they now term “creative settings” and began to design together full time as Vintaj Design Studios. Not only did this venture give the opportunity for an income and creative outlet, but also it allowed time for the things they considered most important: raising their children and serving in the community. Wanting to share this opportunity with others like themselves, they began to explore the notion of offering their jewelry components to the beading industry. Impressed with Jess’s unique sense of design, creativity, talent and fervor, Wendy and Jeanne invited her to join them. Immediately applying her talents, Jess began implementing a campaign to reach beaders all over the world. (Sharing their unique products and innovative techniques by exhibiting in bead shows and being featured in books, magazines and key publications) Jess completed the circle, and through their combined efforts, Vintaj Natural Brass Co. was born. Three artisans, here to share the good fortune they’ve found through working together, as one, in the spirit of inspiration, friendship and harmony… About Vintaj components Eco-friendly ® Our process is eco-friendly. Vintaj natural brass, arte metal and artisan copper are not antique plated. They are nickel and lead-free compliant. Natural brass is solid brass consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc. Arte metal is a ferrite (iron) based metal. Artisan copper is solid copper. Hand Embellished Each and every Vintaj embellishment undergoes a meticulous, hand embellishing process. Due to the careful, hand process used on each Vintaj piece, every embellishment has its own unique color and luster. It is the subtle differences in color that give our product such depth and dimension. made in the usa We are proud to say that our entire natural brass, arte metal and artisan copper product lines are made in the USA. Discover our Idea Gallery & blog for even more inspiration at vintaj.com.

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