1 2 3 Materials List Place a rosemal bezel over a medium size opening on a Wooden Dapping Block. 4 Place a Wood Punch over the center of the bezel and strike with the flat end of a Ball Pein Hammer to dap. 5 Kneed clay to soften. Press the clay into the cavity of the bezel. Form the clay along the edges. 6 • 42mm Rosemal Bezel • 28.5x9mm Copper Open Leaf • 2” Head Pin • Anglesite Parado Jewelry Clay • Jet & Citrus Adirondack Paint Dabbers • Paper Towel • Renaissance Wax • Liquid Fusion Glue Necessary Tools • Wooden Dapping Block & Punch Use a copper leaf to imprint patterns along the edges of the clay. 7 Lightly press 3mm Metal Letter Stamps into the clay to spell out your message. 8 Use a head pin to create additional texture. Bake clay pendant according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 9 • 8oz Ball Pein Hammer • 3mm Letter Set • Conventional Oven • Paint Brush Helpful Tips Use a paint brush to apply jet and citrus paint. Remove excess paint with a paper towel. Use a paper towel to apply a small amount of Renaissance Wax to seal in the paint. The clay will slightly shrink during baking. Tap bezel against table to pop out clay and use dab of clear glue to secure. You can also use hollow back pendants & charms to create beautiful clay collages. Try adding color with alcohol inks for a vibrant look! 18.

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