1 2 3 Materials List • 20x18mm Queen Bee Connector • 29mm Arte Metal Blank Square (2) • 1/2” Nail Head Rivets (4) Use a Metal Awl to enlarge the holes of a bee connector in order to fit the diameter of the nail head rivets. 4 Lay the bee connector over two embossed arte metal blanks. Use a Sharpie to mark where you would like the holes. 5 Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to create holes over the marked areas. 6 • 20x14mm Embossed Keyhole • 18x14mm Woodland Leaf • 30mm Violet Sprig • 13x12mm Copper Teensie Nouveau Leaf • 18x3mm Copper Prairie Leaf • 29x14mm Floret • 7.5mm Pinwheel Washers (3) Necessary Tools Insert ½” nail head rivets through the back side of the blanks. Stack fastenables and charms onto the rivets. 7 Continue layering another fastenable, bee connector and washers on the rivets using the bee connector to join the two blanks. 8 While using a metal awl to hold the stacked pieces down tightly, trim the rivet to approximately 1/16”using Flush Cutters. 9 • Metal Awl • Extra Fine Point Sharpie Marker • 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block • Flush Cutter • 4oz Ball Pein Hammer Helpful Tips While holding the stacked pieces down, use the round end of a Ball Pein Hammer to mushroom out the trimmed rivet. Strike the rivet with the flat side of the hammer until flat. Repeat with remaining rivets to secure all of your pieces. Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add a hole to each corner of the top blank in order to add jump rings. Use a Steel Bench Block stacked on top of a Rubber Dampening Block for your riveting surface. 16.

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