Materials List 1 • 44.5x32.5mm Harvest Maiden • Renaissance Wax • Paper Towel Necessary Tools • Steel Bench Block • Rubber Dampening Block Place an arte metal hollow back pendant on a Steel Bench Block and Rubber Dampening Block. Use the flat end of Ball Pein Hammer to flatten the pendant. 2 3 4 • 8oz Ball Pein Hammer • Reliefing Block Helpful Tips Don’t be dainty. Hammer both sides several times with a good solid blow each time. Turn pendant over to the back side and continue to hammer and smooth out any curves or creases. To highlight the raised areas of the pendant, use the white side of a Reliefing Block. Polish with the light gray side. Use a paper towel to apply a small amount of Renaissance Wax to protect from oxidation. 10.

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