Baroque Bangle Materials List Darn Good Yarn Fusion Beads 1) 2AB 6mm Swarovski crystal bicone 1) Cranberry faceted round pearl 14”) Cranberry recycled Sari silk ribbon yarn Vintaj 1) 67mm creative hoop 1) 25mm small circle altered blank 2) 2.5” pearl head pin 8”) 26 gauge wire 2) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump rings 2) 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings deco-etch 1 2 3 4 Sizzix Ranger Vintaj Other Tools & Supplies Vintaj BIGkick Baroque Filigree: DecoEtch Die Vintaj patina: marble flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet heat it craft tool metal reliefing block flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers water paper towel Once you have determined the design area, place the blank face down on the DecoEtch die. Create a Sizzix sandwich in the following order on the platform of the machine; solo shim, clear cutting pad, DecoEtch die, blank, second clear cutting pad. Hold onto the top of the machine and crank it through one time. Shake bottle well. Use a flat tip paint brush to apply marble patina to etched blank. Use a paper towel to wipe away the excess patina while it is still wet. Work in sections, reapplying and wiping where necessary. Use the white side of metal reliefing block to lightly highlight the raised areas of the blank. Polish with the light gray side of block. 62

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