Precious Memories 1 2 Create a Sizzix sandwich in the following order; solo platform, solo shim, solo thin die adapter, clear cutting pad, black & white inkjet photo, raised side of Bezel Framelit face down over desired area of photo and second clear cutting pad on top of stack. Hold onto the top of the machine and crank it through one time. Simply remove the cut out photo circle from back of Bezel Framelit. Bezel Framelit 3 4 Using a blending tool & foam, lightly apply vintage photo distress ink to the edges of photo to create an aged look. Allow ink to dry. Apply a thin layer of matte waterbase sealer over inkjet photo. Reapply 3 to 4 layers on both sides of photo allowing to dry 15 minutes between layers. Resin 1 2 Apply glue to the back of the photo and place into the bezel. Use plier to gently push center and edges of photo down to secure into place. 57 Prepare the resin according to manufacturer’s instructions and fill the bezel.

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