On a Journey 1 2 Use the white side of metal reliefing block to highlight the raised areas of fanciful bird. Tools & Supplies Vintaj metal reliefing block round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers steel bench block rubber dampening block 4oz ball pein hammer 8oz ball pein hammer 3mm letter stamp set flush cutter Ranger Beaducation Other Vintaj patina: onyx flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet screw down hole punch water paper towel creative connector 3 4 Use chain nose plier to grip the top of the wing and bend it toward you at a 90° angle. Use round nose plier to form a loop with the top of the wing. Be sure loop is completely closed to the back side of the bird. Materials List Vintaj 1) 42x31.5mm fanciful bird 1) 24mm beaded flower 1) 19mm six petal cut out altered blank 16.5”) 3.5mm extra fine oval chain 6”) extra fine cable chain 1) 24x11mm hook 8) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump rings 4) 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 2) 10.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 2) 15mm smooth 15ga jump rings 1) 1/8” nail head rivet Unicorne Beads C-Koop Beads Hardware Store 2) Lampworked borosilicate glass bead 1) Enameled copper 1-1/4 inch pendant 1) copper washer 54 Use the 1.6mm silver handle side of screw down hole punch to add a hole to the tail and head of the bird.

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