Crystal Cave Tools & Supplies Vintaj metal reliefing block 1.5mm hole punch plier flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Rustic River Finds Limabeads Materials List 1) Geode slice 3) Rutilated quartz tumbled nuggets 1) Smoky quartz 8mm faceted rondelle bead Tip: To create creative toggle, use a 1.5mm hole punch plier to add a hole to the center of leaf. String a 1 inch head pin through hole in the backside of leaf. Use a round nose plier to form a coiled loop on the front side of leaf. Turn leaf over to the back side. Use a chain nose plier to bend one of the small side leaves up and fold over until flat against center leaf, on a slight angle. Bend second small leaf up and over the previous leaf. Choose a geode slice with a smaller sized opening to function as the toggle ring portion of your clasp. Vintaj 1) 30x24mm triplasian leaf 3) 7mm flower petal bead caps 2) 8mm etruscan bead caps 1) 5mm square filigree bead cap 1) 6mm scalloped bead cap 3) 1” eye pins 1) 1” head pin 1) 2” head pin 2) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump rings 1) 10.25mm smooth 16ga jump ring 4”)5mm fine oval chain 52

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