Sunset Trail Earthenwood Studio Rustic River Finds Sea of Glass Tools & Supplies Vintaj Patina: carnelian, garnet Ranger flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet heat it craft tool Other water paper towel Vintaj metal reliefing block steel bench block rubber dampening block 4oz ball pein hammer 8oz ball pein hammer 1.5mm hole punch plier black extra-fine tip Sharpie flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Vintaj Materials List 58) Czech glass rondelles 18) Czech glass rounds 1) glass seed beads mix 1) Porcelain birdie trinket 1) Red Borosilicate glass bead with a 1/8th hole 1) 7mm rhapsody medallion 1) 47mm rose jay 1) 59mm clover petal filigree 1) 8mm foliage bead cap 2) 1/4” nail head rivets 1) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump ring 13) 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 1) 15mm smooth 15ga jump ring 1) 2mm tube crimp bead 33”) 19-Strand bronze flexible beading wire Tip: String a variety of seed bead colors, sizes and shapes, mixed with Czech glass round and rondelle beads in a continuous pattern. Cover crimp bead and a portion of the back of the necklace with 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings for added dimension. 46

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