Morning Moon Tools & Supplies Vintaj patina: carnelian, garnet, earth Ranger flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet heat it craft tool Vintaj metal reliefing block steel bench block rubber dampening block 8oz ball pein hammer 1.5mm hole punch plier flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Other water scissors paper towel Bello Modo Rustic River Finds Clay River Designs Materials List 1) Polymer clay happy Buddha 18”) Iris blue 1.5mm round leather cord 8”) Peacock C-Lon Tex 400 2) Porcelain clay green agate small chiclet beads 4) Green Czech glass 10mm coin beads Vintaj 4) 22.5x9mm spring green leaf 1) 42mm passion flower petal filigree 1) 36mm fern laurel 3) 28x10mm persica leaf 2) 1.5” eye pins 4) 4.25mm smooth 21ga jump rings 14) 5mm smooth 18ga jump rings 6) 7.25mm smooth 16ga jump rings 8) 9.25mm rib cable 15ga jump rings 1) 10mm smooth 16ga jump ring 2) 15mm smooth 15ga jump rings 1) 15mm classic lobster clasp 6”) 20 gauge artisan copper wire 2”) 22 gauge artisan copper wire Tip: To create filigree wrapped pendant, use your hands to form the leaves of a fern laurel fastenable to the shape of the clay Buddha face. Hold the pieces tightly together and back them with a passion flower petal filigree. Use a chain nose plier to fold over petals of a passion flower petal filigree to the front of face, crimping down and securing filigree to the outer edge of fern laurel. 44

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