Jess’s Studio The Perfect Design Space All artists and jewelry designers can agree that your space is creative chaos that only you can understand. I tell my husband, yes, I know where everything is, and yes, I do need all of it, and yes, a lot needs to be out so I can see it. My studio is a lofted space in our home. It has been evolving over the years. Now that I have compartmentalized stations, and plenty of storage it makes for the perfect design and work space. Dedicated Space I have a corner dedicated for metal embossing. I have a worn metal tray full of altered blanks and my Vintaj BIGkick machine, DecoEmboss & DecoEtch Dies are always out. For much needed extra storage, by husband installed 6 feet of base cabinets with drawers to hold my tools, directly below my work bench where I stamp, hammer, rivet and texture metal. In my middle drawer I keep my Vintaj patinas, non-stick craft sheets, plenty of metal reliefing blocks, a Heat it Craft Tool and alcohol inks. I keep all my melt art supplies together, the Ranger melting pot, project craft sheet, UTEE, a variety of embossing powders, ultra-fine steel wool, and some supplies. 3

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