Plant your Roots Ranger Sizzix Beaducation Tools & Supplies Vintaj patina: citrine, marble, verdigris, jade, moss, lapis, earth Vintaj glaze flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet Vintaj BIGkick Celtic Weave: DecoEmboss Die Kismet letter stamp sets 6mm letter stamp set Vintaj metal reliefing block steel bench block rubber dampening block 8oz ball pein hammer 3mm letter stamp set 2 chain nose pliers Other 1 2 letter imprinting 3 water paper towel 4 Place blank onto a steel bench block & rubber dampening block. Strike the stamp with flat end of hammer. Use a variety of letter stamps for a unique font combination. Turn the blank over and gently flatten out any curves from letter imprinting. Apply a mixture of marble & citrine patina in small sections over a stamped word. Use a paper towel immediately to remove wet patina from raised areas. Repeat until you have all your words coated with patina. 34

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