Fly Away With Me Tools & Supplies Vintaj metal reliefing block steel bench block rubber dampening block 8oz ball pein hammer 1.5mm hole punch plier flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Vintaj patina: quartz, garnet, carnelian, verdigris Ranger flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet heat it craft tool Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick Nouveau Roses: DecoEmboss Die Fine Feathers: DecoEtch Die Lowercase Handwriting: DecoEtch Die Other water paper towel Vintaj Materials List 1) 27mm token feather 1) 36x36.5mm skyward bird altered blank 1) 52x17mm feathered wing altered blank 1) 19mm tiny artisan star altered blank 2) 9mm square tag altered blanks 2) 7.5mm pinwheel bead caps 25”) 4mm petite etched cable chain 1) 3x2.5mm trade spacer bead 6) 1” eye pins 2) 1.5” eye pins 1) 2” head pin 13) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump rings 1) 15mm smooth 16ga jump ring Fusion Beads Lima Beads Beadaholique 4) Czech pressed glass 6mm turquoise round beads 2) Czech pressed glass day lily flower beads 2) Czech glass 6x9mm two-toned fire polished rondelles 2) Czech glass 9x14mm leaf beads Tip: To create lettered blank connectors etch small square tags & tiny artisan star altered blank with lowercase handwriting DecoEtch die. Apply verdigris patina to etched letters and wipe excess immediately. Repeat patina for better coverage. Relief wih the white side of the metal reliefing block. Use a 1.5mm hole punch plier to add holes to the bottom of the square tags & artisan star. 32

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