Plum Blossom Tools & Supplies Vintaj flush cutter chain nose plier Ranger Other Vintaj patina: topaz fine tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet paper towel water Technique used: patina, wire fastening Lisa Kan Vintaj Materials List 1) Lampwork glass botanicals floral bead 1) 14.5mm adjustable ring band 1) 6mm daisy bead cap 1) 3” head pin Tip: To embellish ring, stack a glass flower behind bead cap and string straight end of wire through small squarehole in the adjustable ring band. Pull open the ring band slightly to allow room for wire wrapping. Bend the wire up around one side of band to base of flower. Grip end of wire with chain nose plier and wrap tightly around flower base 1 ½ times. Use chain nose plier to help feed wire down through the small square-hole. Pull tight and crimp down previous coil with pliers. Bend wire on opposite side of band up towards the base flower. Continue to tightly wrap remaining wire around flower to secure pieces. Clip away bent end of wire with flush cutter. Tuck tail end into wrapped coils with pliers. 25 wrapped detail

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