Trailing Petals Tools & Supplies Vintaj metal reliefing block flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Ranger Vintaj patina: lapis, topaz Vintaj glaze flat tip paint brush non-stick craft sheet Other water paper towel Lisa Peters Art Vintage Meadow Artworks Lima Beads Materials List 1) Ceramic free-form flower cabochon 13) Hand colored acrylic flowers 21) Labradorite faceted round beads 8) 3mm crystal pearls antique brass Vintaj 1) 39x24mm woodland toggle set 1) 35mm violet petal filigree 2) 7mm filigree bead caps 3) 8mm foliage bead caps 2”) 3.5mm extra fine oval chain 22) 4.5mm flat ornate chain 23) 1” eye pins 8) 1.5 inch pearl head pins 8) 4.25mm smooth 21ga jump rings 3) 4.75mm smooth 19ga jump rings 6”) 18 gauge half round natural brass wire 18 Tip: To create wire wrapped toggle bar, place flat side of a 6 inch piece of 18 gauge half round wire along the flat back side of branch, left of center. Create a tail with the wire. Tightly wrap long end of wire one full revolution around the branch. While holding onto the tail of the wire, continue to tightly wrap it around the branch, towards the center. Complete 6 revolutions. Use round nose plier to form a loop with wire along the back side of branch. Continue to wrap the remaining wire around the branch 6 times. Use flush cutter to trim tail ends along the back. Crimp down and tuck ends of wire to finish branch toggle bar.

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