Flowering Wisteria 1 Tools & Supplies Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick Flowering Wisteria: DecoEmboss Die metal reliefing block wood dapping block w/ punch Vintaj 1.5mm hole punch plier flush cutter round nose plier 2 chain nose pliers Once you have determined the design area, place the blank face up on the DecoEmboss die. Close the die on top of the blank. Place the die between the clear plates on top of the solo shim and platform. Crank it through the machine one time. dapping 1 2 3 Use the white side of a metal reliefing block to highlight the raised areas of the blank. Polish with the light gray side. 2 deco-emboss 3 Place embossed blank raised side down over a medium opening on a wood dapping block. Place a wood punch over the center of the blank and strike with the flat end of an 8oz ball pein hammer to dap. Move the blank up along the side of the opening in dapping block. Place the wood punch along the edges and continue to dap to smooth out and remove any creases. Use a 1.5mm hole punch plier to add a hole to the bottom opposite side of the pre-drilled hole in the embossed blank. 16

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