simple loop - round nose pliers coiled loop 1 2 1 2 Cut the straight end approximately 1/4 inch above the bead. Use the round nose pliers to grip the straight end of the eye pin, pulling it toward you to form a 45° angle. Continue by turning the eye pin away from you until you’ve completed one full loop. Stack pieces onto a 1 inch head pin. While holding the stacked pieces tightly together, use round nose plier to grip the straight end of head pin, pulling it toward you to form a 45° angle. Turn the head pin away from you with plier to start coiling the wire (keeping the angle). Continue turning the wire until you’ve completed 2 full revolutions of a coiled loop, achieving plenty of tension on the bead. simple loop - 1-step looper While holding 1 beads securely against the loop, string straight end of 1.5” eye pin through the side of 1-step looper; below the metal peg, above the cutter and through the hole in the back end of the tool. Push eye pin until the bead rests on stopper. 2 3 Squeeze handles firmly to cut the straight end of eye pin. Remove cut wire and gently bend the end of the bead back slightly to straighten loop. Release handles and remove bead link from metal peg. 10

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