You are not alone D o not allow the circumstances that you are facing to make you become someone that you know you don't want to be. Times are hard right now; it's difficult; it's a very uncomfortable position that you are in right now, but remember one thing, nothing lasts forever. Hold your head up high and trust in God because He can deliver you out of this situation, regardless of your sentence, the time you have served or the time they want you to serve, God is able to change this around. Know that you are not alone, even though sometimes you feel alone, or feel abandoned by your friends, your family members or your loved ones, know we are here for you. We are here to stand with you side by side with you. - A message for the men behind bars from Pr. Quincy I was nervous about attending UBB, a little voice on the back of my head didn't want to go. A voice that now gets on my nerves, It's the devil. Anyway, the first time I went, I felt like someone honestly had my back. Like I met a new best friend, I loved the service Pr. Quincy gave. He invited me himself, that's why I went. That night I got on my knees, prayed and talked to God like a friend. I slept and woke up the next morning to pray again. I went for a walk enjoying this new feeling I felt, and I came in, my number was called, it was a visit from my mother. I haven't seen her since August, and It was a small gift from my Lord. Thank you, Jesus. I believe in God, I really believe he sent me a sign letting me know that good He will do if I believe and worship Him. I am going to a halfway house which UBB partners with. When I leave here and live as a soldier I came out four weeks ago. I started to attend the UBB in Clements Unit ever since they opened; April of last year. - Casey "The first time I met this man he was in prison, but God brought him here, to this altar. " - Bishop Bira. of Jesus Christ, and become a brother of UBB church and let my life be led by Christ. I will not give up. Thank you, God. - Anonymous Nourished Mind What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Nourish your mind by meditating on the bible to start your day. Spiritual War Keep yourself spiritually strong in order to fight any evil spirit that had any plans of attacking you in your mind, or using another person to cause trouble. Remember, you have authority. T imes are hard right now in the situation you are If you are always saying bad things about yourself in have made you do things that you have never done in life. You have to fight, to fend for yourself, in ways that you've never done before. But remember one thing, you were created by God, for His special purpose. He created you as a woman for a reason. So don't allow, the culture, the system to change your way of thinking or your way of living. Remember who you were before your family members, before your children. Remember the person you were before you were locked up, besides the life of crime you had, the criminal activities you were involved in. Apart from that, If you need someone to reach out to you, count on the UBB. your friends, before you were a woman. You had a lot of good inside of you and you STILL have inside of you today. Don't allow anyone or anything to make you change or to be someone that later on you will regret. Remember you are before God and before your children, they are looking out to you. And if you need someone to reach out to, you can reach out to the (UBB) - A message for the women behind bars, from Pr. Quincy then two things will end up happening: The evil spirits will hear your words and will make sure that you never conquer anything 1. 2. Overcomer Power Authority Men of God Women of God Prayer Fast Vow Spiritual warfare Challenge Special honest Blessing meditate Seeking You will only be taking steps backwards Use your mouth in a positive manner, to say good things and bless yourself. First, believe in God, but also believe in yourself. Tips from: www.Birafonseca.com

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