10 MEDIA “ I lost my mother due to cancer when I was eighteen, that’s when I became depressed. I felt like I was at the very bottom I could possibly get because she was the one I depended on. I felt empty, sad and just felt that the world was ending for me. I got married very young, only a year after my mother passed away which only brought even more problems. We used to fight all the time, it wasn’t just verbally but physically. I felt worthless, that I couldn’t do anything right. When I came to this ministry, the pastor prayed for me. Everything that he was praying for was exactly what I was feeling. I remember I cried a lot. I felt peace as if a burden had been lifted. Today, I overcame depression and sought God even more. And now I have peace inside of me. I have a career, I’m a physical therapist and my own house. Everything is just so much better. - Joanna BishopBira birafonseca_ Bira Fonseca birafonseca.com/en/

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