2 BILLION IN THE U.S. INFECTED WITH SUPERBUG 10 MILLION DEATHS A YEAR A study by the British government in 2016 predicted that antibioticresistant bacteria will cause more than 10 million deaths annually by 2050, that’s more deaths than diabetes and cancer put together! Today, 700,000 people die every year from antibioticresistant bacteria in the world. Since 1928, that antibiotics have been used to destroy bacteria had killed millions of lives. However, over the 70 years, bacteria have Blood just kept on coming out of me! When she was pregnant with her last daughter, Fernanda was diagnosed with lupus, a disease that has no cure. "With four children, my daily life was very limited; I was beforehand last become more and more the resilient to antibiotics and is still killing people all over the world. At least 2 million people in the U.S. become infected with an antibiotic-resistant bacterium each year, and about 23,000 die from those infections, according to always very tired, with a lot of pain in my joints. It got to a point where I got so depressed. The doctors never directly told me that I was a lost case, but I saw the expression in their eyes. I lived with the disease for about 12 years, constantly attacking my organs. On top of this, I had a husband who humiliated me, mistreated and betrayed me. I survived on my children's benefit allowance and the pension my father received, because I could not work. My federal governm Centers for Disease Co and Prevention. Hospitals and nursing h in California and Illion fighting against this bug by washing patient a special soap. In Ch staff are screening peop bacteria at admission life was hell. I ended up getting a div and my oldest daughter tu to drugs and alcohol. She very disturbed and aggre However, she started to the Universal and saw transformation in her life so began to encourage me was hospitalized pneumonia and at the ho I got infected with a bacte I I spent a month and a h home with diarrhea, and stools came out with blo

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