THE BACTERIA WAS EATING THE SKIN AND MUSCLE OFF MY LEG A ment’s Control homes nis are super ts with hicago, ple for on and fter a routine visit, where he was found to have varicose veins, Arlindo was advised to have a simple vascular procedure on his right leg. Two days after the surgical procedure, his leg began to swell, but he ignored it and did not return to the hospital. It was not long until the symptoms got worse. Fever, shortness of breath, and a lot of pain in his right leg caused his wife to take him BEFORE: Doctors thought amputation was the only option to the hospital. He was hospitalized suspected a "My skin felt with pulmonary embolism, but it was something more serious. like it was tearing and my bones being crushed, the doctors did not give me medication because they did not know the cause of this suffering," he says After three days, they discovered that he had caught three "My wife was informed that I would be operated on immediately, because the chance of me surviving was less than 10%. They asked her to communicate to the family because they did not guarantee my return," he recalls. "I was sure that would overcome this situation, so we clung even more to God and types of hospital bacteria and things got worse for Arlindo, because he received the news that one of the bacteria was resistant to antibiotics. bathing them daily with chlorhexidine in order to avoid, what has been called a ‘serious global health threat’. If you are at the point where there is nothing else you can do, then it’s time to do what the people on this page did: Call out to God with faith. Read their stories and be inspired! was hospitalized ivorce, urned he was essive. going aw the fe and me. for ospital erium. half at nd my ood. I again and put in isolation. I forbade my children from visiting me but my daughter kept telling me to not lose hope and hold on to God; that I would recover. Whenever I heard what she said, I prayed. After being discharged, my daughter convinced me to go to church. I began to make the chains of prayer, to anoint myself and to drink the Blessed Water. Today I am healed! I was supposed to be dead but here I am! AFTER: Bacteria gone and skin graft to save leg prayer," he says. As his leg had a large open wound, he was still at risk of infection. But with the help of new specialists he managed to his leg. He was cured, his leg stabilized, so he received a skin graft on the spot. Everything went well and after 74 days of hospitalization, he discharged. "Sometimes happen in our lives that are difficult to understand, but God was situations reco has always been with me, in good times and in bad times. At no moment did my wife and I stop believing or does his activities normally and has a faith that’s more solid than before.

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