Page 4 Scientific Programme Wednesday, 21st September 10:00 Pre-Congress Symposium (13:00 closing) Clinical utility of bone marker measurement in metabolic diseases. Under the auspices of the European Calcified Tissue Society 17:30 Opening Ceremony 18:30 Opening Plenary Plasma DNA: Driver of a revolution in molecular diagnostics for the clinic Denis Lo (HK) Thursday, 22nd September 8:30 Parallel Symposia Laboratory biomarkers of cardiovascular disease Diabetic kidney disease: Beyond albuminuria Therapeutic drug monitoring and phramacogenetics of immunosuppressants (under the Auspices of IATDMCT) 10:30 Coffee Break, Exhibition 10:45 Workshops 11:50 Plenary Personalized cancer therapy: lessons from laboratory hematology Jan Styczynski (PL) 12:30 Lunch Break, Poster Rounds, Exhibition 14:00 Plenary: Translational aspects of inflammation in atherosclerosis Magnus Bäck (SE) 14:45 Parallel Symposia Laboratory assessment of kidney function Trends in pediatric laboratory medicine WASPaLM: Molecular diagnostics in cancer management 16:45 Coffee Break, Exhibition 17:00 Debate I Vitamin D: To test or not to test PRO Roger Bouillon (BE) CONTRA Ian Young (IE) Educational Workshop: Training of laboratory specialists in Europe Training of Scientists Training of Medical Doctors 18:00 Exhibition Reception (20:00 closing) Friday, 23rd September 8:30 Parallel Symposia Dyslipidemia: New clinical concepts and diagnostic tools New diagnostic tools for infectious diseases Diagnosis of autoimmmune diseases 10:30 Coffee Break, Exhibition 10:45 Workshops 11:50 Plenary Promoting clinical and laboratory interaction by harmonization Mauro Panteghini (IT) 12:30 Lunch Break, Poster Rounds, Exhibition 14:00 Plenary Microbiome and disease Andre Gessner (DE) 14:45 Parallel Symposia Detecting age-related changes Clinical applications of genome sequencing Point-of-Care-testing: Methodology and Quality 16:45 Coffee Break, Exhibition 17:00 Debate II Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs): To monitor or not? PRO Lotta Joutsi-Korhonen (FI) CONTRA Grzegorz Grzesk (PL) Educational Workshop: Direct reporting, record access by patients and the role of laboratory in informing patients 19:30 Social Evening (22:30 closing) Saturday 24th September 9:00 Parallel Symposia Asian Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry: Pediatric endocrine symposium Biomarkers in neurology New trends in allergy testing 11:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition 11:15 Workshops 12:20 Plenary: Clinical application of companion diagnostics Jan Trøst Jørgensen (DK) 13:00 Closing Ceremony, Poster Prizes Warsaw, PL ◌ 21-24 September 2016

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