A Year of Change Arika Michaelis, Executive Director The Toledo Streets Editorial Team originally created January’s theme “A Year of Change” with the typical New Year’s resolutions and refl ections in mind. It seems every year there are varying conversation points either supporting or opposing New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, a brand-new year is seen as an ideal time to implement healthy habits and set goals that feel accomplishable within 12 months. On the other hand, why bother trying to become a new person overnight? Personally, I enjoy ringing in the New Year refl ecting on and celebrating the growth I’ve made over the last year. Then I consider what I might like the upcoming year to look like and set broad intentions from there. My intentions this year sound like “practice providing more space and grace for myself and people I love," “prioritize time for creativity," and “discover new ways to nourish my mind and body”. It is not lost on me that this theme comes at a very ironic time for both Toledo Streets and me. For those who don’t know: I am transitioning out of my role as Director of Toledo Streets Newspaper. The last two years at TSN have been some of the most infl uential, challenging, and exciting years of my life. And I would do it all over again, if given the opportunity. I sound like a broken record at this point, but I know for a fact that Toledo Streets meets people where they are, lifts them up and encourages them through their journey. That’s what we witness every day with our vendors and that’s what has happened for me. When I started at Toledo Streets Newspaper, I was met with a community that immediately welcomed me in. The staff, board and vendors created a space for me to learn on my feet. As time went on, I received advice and praise, respectfully. Other leaders working in the community provided me mentorship, guidance, and opportunities. And everything that I received from the community, I poured right back into it. This dynamic, the give and take of Toledo Streets’ community, is the reason Toledo Streets existed well before me and will continue long after I am gone. People fi nd a place of belonging here. They are loved for who they are and inspired to be better. I am grateful for all the people I have met and the lessons I have learned the last two years. And I am excited for the future of Toledo Streets Newspaper! To 2022 - A Year of Intention. A Year of Growth. A Year of Change. The Buck Starts Here Toledo Streets and its vendors are a powerful, community driven solution to the problem of homelessness. Our vendors earn their way out of their individual situations through a collaboration of journalism, local business partners and their own hard work. Use these four steps to be a part of the solution. Meet Vendors Buy a Paper Get Informed Take Action • Vendors -- the people who sell the paper -- are at the core of Toledo Streets' mission. Each year more than 70 indiviuals work as vendors with Toledo Streets. At any given time, more than 25 vendors are at work, in the rain, snow, or heat. Vendors play an active role in the management of TS, meeting regularly to discuss issues of concern and even serving on our board. • With the money made selling the newspaper, vendors are able to secure basic needs, independence and dignity, and work toward obtaining housing. Vendors buy papers for a quarter and sell them for a $1, keeping all income and tips for each sale. Toledo Streets tries to tie its editorial to three basic principals: • Inspiring Hope, Fostering Community, and Cultivating Change. We are a member of INSP, our global organization of street papers around the world which provides us with content relevent to social justice, homelessness, and street community around the world. • Donate to the organization and give vendors experiencing homelessness and poverty a hand up. It supports not only the paper but also issues throughout NW Ohio. • Volunteer your time and expertise and help the organization grow. • Share Toledo Streets with your network, and tell people about the organization. Page 3

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